Sunday, November 20, 2011

WOW! This past week has been amazing!! I was thinking maybe I should just do a weekly update. I have a bloggy friend who does that & I have always enjoyed her once a week blogs! We will see how it goes.
No promises!!

We have been in the midst of football since August 1st. It always amazes me how we go from sweat pouring down our faces, butt sweat that makes you feel like you have wet your pants & you have to go home & change clothes because you might as well of jumped in the pool you are so wet! Have I mentioned that I sweat? I do. It's gross.

Anyway...we have been on the same team for 5 years now & they have won their division 4 out of 5 years...undefeated each year...went to the championship game 3 years now. But have never won the Championship game...until this year. IT WAS AWESOME! We love our football team, we love the coaches, the parents, the team...everything. We all work together so well. But last Saturday night...18 boys won a championship...that they have worked so hard for. I was so proud of my #66. The whole family came to watch. Nana & Papa, Grandma & Grandpa Z. Grandma & Grandpa Thomason, Aunt Christy, Kenzie, Danielle...He has his own fan club!

On got even better. Matt spoke about baptism & we had
24 people get baptized on Sunday morning. They keep coming & coming. 
Praise the LORD for changed lives!! That's what it's all about!!

Matt & I started a young married small group a couple of months ago. I love this group. They are so freshing & innocent. 
They bring JOY to my life & refresh my love for Matt.

I'm proud to announce we have a new member of our family. 
Her name is Peggy.
She is 7 weeks old.
She is black & pink. a PIG.
She is so SOME PIG!!
Lauren gets up early in the morning & feeds her then checks on her several more times
after school. I have to admit...never thought I would have a pig...but it's fun. 
Lauren will show her in FFA this year. I have a feeling she will do incredible.
This is right up her alley.

Life has calmed down a bit since football ended this week. We are staying here for Thanksgiving this week. My moms dressing is to DIE. FOR!! I am not kidding you!!!!!!!!!!!!
My family is BIG so we have lots of food & eat until we want to bust. 

I have taken 2 more photo shoots since last. I will share a few of my favs for you.

I am having a blast with this new adventure. 

Thankful for so many blessings this week. 
Happy Thanksgiving. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's going on??

I sure do miss posting on here. I miss reading your blogs too.

Life has changed a lot at the Thomason household this year.

Working full time, starting my photography business & being a wife, mom & everything else that goes with my life...I have had to pick & choose what I will take the time to do. Unfortunately blogging is not a priority for me right now.

Jaden's team has went another year undefeated & we are heading to the Championship game on Saturday. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal to most people, but to get to the final 2 out of about 50 or more teams is a BIG DEAL to a 5th grader. We are part of an incredible team with Christian coaches that love the game & love our boys. I miss it when it over...but I will be glad to have my boys home at night & sit around the table for dinner on a more regular basis.

Lauren is getting her hog maybe tomorrow. I can't wait. FUN! She is really involved in our youth group & FCA. She amazes me. I love that girl. She is who she is & doesn't give into peer pressure. She is a leader.

Brooke has a solid group of girls that she hangs with a lot. I love all of them. I am so thankful for her spirit & love for life. She seems to be losing that little girl look lately..BOO.

My job is going great. The things I see & hear in that office are CRAZY! I am amazed at some of these parents & the lack of control they have on their kids in the 6th grade. I have seen the good, the bad & the down right ugly. But in the midst of all of it...I have seen mercy, grace & love shown. I work with some fabulous people that love the Lord. I have made a new friend in the other secretary. She is funny, wise & kind.

I must admit...keeping up with life at home & working has been a bit of a challenge for me some weeks. I have an amazing husband who pitches in & helps or I would be a basket case for sure.

My kids have adjusted well to me working. I think me easing into subbing a lot helped us transition a little easier. I seriously have great kids when it comes down to it. I know...I might be a little bias...but shouldn't I be? I really don't deserve to be their's only by the GRACE of GOD that I am their mom. They are way better kids than I was...for sure. AMEN.

Lots going on...I am still here. Just fewer & farther apart in the blog world.
Love you all.