Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

One thing about being in the ministry is a lot of holidays end up on Sunday it seems. I have always wished Father's day could be on a different day for Matt's sake. We have even done it on a different day some years. But that is the road we are called to walk on and we just have to make the best of it. :) The kids always like to make sticky buns whenever it is a day to celebrate someone...moms day, bdays or dads day. They get up and make them as a team all by themselves. Lauren is in charge and usually all goes long as they listen!! And they always taste really great! My mom taught them how to make the buns over time and they have pretty much perfected it! So we got up early to make Matt his sticky buns...of course he was already gone by the time I woke them up at 6 am. They made the buns and we got all ready for church and met him in his office at 7:45 am. Here is a pic of him eating his sticky buns!!

We couldn't wait until after church to give him his let me tell you about this gift. Matt and I have always been the type that we don't get gifts for each other usually. When we first got married we were so poor that we couldn't afford too, and then over time, we just didn't do it. But every once in awhile we just find things that we really want to get each other and go for it! He has really needed some new sunglasses for a long time. He isn't one to spend money...ever...and especially buy something nice for himself...but having nice sunglasses is always something he loves! He had a nice pair of once and they got stolen at TAG, then last year he had a nice pair again..laid them on the side of the pool while cleaning it and our dog chewed them up! Poor Guy!! Last week I noticed him looking at some on craiglist...I tried to get them, but they sold to fast. So I started to pray...ok Lord, you know this is a lot of money for us to spend on something and Matt would never spend that kind of money on sunglasses (neither would I) and I needed him to help me figure something out! I waited and waited and finally around 5:00 pm Sat night, a good friend of Matt's works at a place they sale them, I called him, he said I will give you 40% off...come get some. The kids all agreed to pitch in $10 of their own and glasses!! We were all so excited because we knew he would LOVE them!! So here he is opening them and then wearing them with the kids...

Even last night he keep saying I love these glasses...thank you so much. That just makes me feel so good to know I made him happy! See I am a gift giver! I love to give gifts to people! I can't hardly wait when I get someone a good a kid! Matt truly deserves nice things. I just felt like he has been working so hard on our deck and around the house that he totally deserved something to show how much we appreciate all he does.
His dad, Gary and his step mom Marilyn came in town to hear Matt preach yesterday and stayed to have lunch with us. We were so glad to have both our dads here. This is Matt and his dad.

This is my dad & I. We are so blessed to have him with us this year. Last year...wasn't so good for him and his health. But God is so good to us and His healing power amazes me still every time I look at my dad. I am thankful our relationship is so different now. Make sure you read his shirt.

Ok...this funny...but sweet too. The whole time we are at my moms (which is down the street) Jaden wanted to go get our go cart...because he has made Matt a sign on it. Well we are outside and next thing I know Jaden is coming down the street with this sign attached to the go cart. It is waving in the wind! It was so funny! It is a piece of paper on a stick, duct taped to the go cart...that says Happy Fathers Day. He totally came up with all by himself and I had no idea he was doing it! He is a good gift giver too...trying to train him up to be a good husband someday! LOL! But seriously...Jaden worships Matt. He wants to be just like him and thinks his daddy knows everything. I love that...I love that Matt is such a great dad. The girls love him so much too. He is so good with them and the love and respect him so much. Thank you God for giving me a great husband and dad for my kids. So blessed!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Henryetta...I'll go...

Last week my mom asked my sister and I to go with her to Henryetta...her hometown. I wasn't big on the idea because I just had so much to do, but I knew it would mean so much to my mom if we would we did...Christy, Kenzie and Brooke and I went. My Aunt Debbie, my mom's sis, still lives there in the same old house. She lives a totally different life style than my mom raised us in and you probably couldn't meet 2 sisters so completely opposite. I have so much to say about it all, but should probably keep it to myself in fear of someone getting the wrong impression.
A little background about my mom...she was raised in a very poor environment, her dad was drunk all the time and once even came in with a gun threatening their family. I remember we would meet him in hotels as a young child...few and far between...he had usually been drinking and we couldn't stay long. We were never allowed to be alone with him...he never came to our house that I can remember and would never attempt too for fear of my was clear he was not welcome. My Grandma on the other hand was one of the most amazing women I know. She was beautiful and loved me so much. I always felt so loved when I was with her. They were divorced long before I was around. She had filed for divorce over 18 times before it happen. I still miss her after 21 years. Someday i will blog just about her and tell you all about her.
But my parents married when my mom was 16 and my dad was 19. So young...who would have thought they would still be together after 40 years!! She left Henryetta and made a life for herself with my dad. When we go to Henryetta I feel like we are stepping back in time...
I just want to share a few pics of my aunt and her family. This is her daughter Jenny and her kids.

My mom is on the right and her sister is on the left. Debbie actually younger:

This is my daughter Brooke and my great aunt Reva. Reva is my Grandma's sister. I haven't seen her since my cousins funeral a year and half ago. At the funeral, she came in and I heard her voice...and cried like I haven't cried in a long time, her voice sounded so much like my grandmas. I had no idea it would effect me like that...hearing that voice, it was like I couldn't control it and I didn't realize how much I had missed my Grandma until that moment. Today Brooke was sitting next to Reva and Reva grabbed her hand and just held onto it. She teared up and said how much Brooke reminds her of my grandma and how much she missed my grandma. Which Brooke's middle name is grandma's first name. It was a sweet moment...worth the trip. Thank you Jesus.

Today meant a lot to my mom and I was glad I went also. It is great to see family I haven't seen in a long time..reminds you of how much you are loved and how much those relationships mean to you. Thank you Lord for Family. Take time to see those you haven't seen in a long time.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Remembering Uncle Gene

My Uncle Gene passed away this morning at 12:20 am. He had a massive stroke on Friday and never regained consciousness after that. He was on life support for a couple of days until his other boys could get here from Florida. On Sunday around noon they took him off of it. I will never quite understand this part of dying. I have watched several loved ones die like this over the last few years...non responsive...taken off the breathing machine and last for awhile. They told us Gene was brain dead basically on Sat. and there was no hope for recovery and if he did wake up he would be a vegetable. I really don't know how I feel about all of this...when the dr. tells you they are brain dead, can they hear you? Do they know you are there? Why does he keep breathing for 3 days on his own. I was there on Sat. night before they took him off the machines...I talked to him...he squeezed my hand...I tickled his toes...he moved and jerked back. We would tease him and his blood pressure would go up. I just don't know and I guess it isn't for me to know all of these answers. I would like to think in my heart that he heard all of us telling him goodbye. But I don't really know for sure he did. It's hard to say good bye to people you love. A couple of week ago when we went to Branson to stay with my aunt he actually was there too so we got to spend the weekend with him. I sat and visited with him and found out we share a passion of taking pictures. He had a nice camera there too and we sat on the porch and he took pictures of the humming birds that came on the porch...then the sunrise that morning too. We had a good visit...I am so thankful for that time. I would have never guessed I would be saying good bye for the final time in just a few weeks. My aunt (his wife) died about 5 years ago, he has been so lonely since then, but he was very involved in his grand kids and kids lives. He will be extremely missed by them. He was a ornery, funny, caring man, loved to travel too. He and my aunt traveled all the time before she got sick. He had been living with my cousin Lori since her husband died in Sept. He was at her house when he had the stroke. Please pray for Lori, she has lost her mom, her dad, my grandparents and her husband in the last 5 years. Recently they found a mole on her eye that was cancerous. She is suppose to have surgery soon. She has just had a lot to handle and needs strength to get thru this. Gene has 6 kids...3 girls and 3 boys, they all need your prayers right now. I would also ask you to pray for Matt as he will be doing the funeral on Thursday.
Anyway, thanks to all of you who have called and emailed or facebooked your love and support during this time. I am so blessed to have an amazing family and a ton of incredible friends. This has all been a reminder that it could be over any day for you or me. And girlfriends when it is my turn...NO SADNESS!! Today I was thinking about the word funeral...notice the work FUN in there...that is what I will be doing having fun! So that what I want my FUNeral to God!! Hug and love on your family as much as with no regrets! I can't wait to see Jesus...Can you?

Here is a picture of my uncle Gene and his daughter Amy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My little missionary in training

Our middle daughter Brooke...she has never been shy. She would perform for anyone at of the best gifts we ever bought her was a karaoke machine. Loves it and sings on it all the time.
Well, I am beginning to see where God is going with all this talent and charisma. Her Wednesday night class at church made 100 pb & J sandwiches today, decorated brown sacks, put cards in them telling them Jesus loved them...put an apple and chips in there too. Here is a pic of them making them...

We loaded all the food that our church raised from Fight Night...Brooke climbed in the cart and got all the food we couldn't reach...again...not afraid..

Here is the whole group!

We went downtown to the YMCA today. Her teacher Stephanie Lietzke works at Rejoice and she heard that they go down there every 2nd Sunday and give out lunches and water to the homeless so she planned this trip for the 5th grade class. We passed out the lunches...I watched Brooke and she was just a natural. Doesn't know a stranger.
They park their bus there and just start handing out the bags of food:

I was trying to be sensitive about taking pictures...I didn't want to offend the homeless people. But I really wanted to take a pic of Brooke with them. I sat in Steph's van and took a few.
Even got a visit from a Cop who had arrested a Gag member and used him as a lesson...She wanted to go inside the Y and give more Steph L. takes her in there. Then we had extra sacks and walked (which was about a mile or more round trip) to the Day Center and Salvation Army on the out sandwiches...Brooke wanting to be the one to give them...tell them we are praying for them and that Jesus loves them. She absolutely amazed me with her zeal. Steph L. and her would make a great team really...not afraid...always ready to reach out to the lost and hurting. She met a woman on the way...who is still on my heart tonight...her name is Vicki. She is living in the Day Center, just pray for her please. After we left there we went to John 3:16 and gave them the food our church raised during our FIGHT NIGHT...which is kinda like VBS. While we were waiting, we found about 10 sandwiches in the van in a sack...what does that Brooke do..gets them...jumps out of the van and starts passing them out to the complete strangers...that honestly...were scary in looks...mostly men. I was praying for protection. We ran out of sandwiches...and she time we are making twice as much to take...that's twice as many people help mom. I was so proud of this girl of mine. God has given her an ability to speak to people without hesitating or judging them. I love when our kids teach us and remind of us of a Child like faith. So we will be going back soon. I was so thankful God put this on the heart of Steph and Suzan her teachers. It was an amazing day! Can't wait to see where God leads my Brookie!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Garden

My Grandparents used our land for a huge garden most of my life. Gardening has always been a passion of mine. My Grandma Dickey (mom's mom) always had an amazing garden. I used to go stay with her and help her out. I loved my time with her. She was everything you would have wanted in a grandma. I swear she had a green thumb! She could make anything grow! Same with my grandpa Stout! There have been some summers that our garden didn't go so good...but this seems to be doing great so far.
Here is what it looked like before we did anything:

Here is the mulch pile that we got for free from the 56th street tree place..(don't know the name) And yes...I pretty much shoveled this whole thing onto the sweet husband came home in time to help me finish!!

Here is after we put it on:

Here is Jaden in front of the corn...thought we would see how it compares to him in a month or two! He and his friend Baylor helped us plant it!

The whole thing:

Update on Deck

A month or so ago...Matt was taking apart a deck and cut his hand and had to have stitches. I am glad to report he is doing great...but still sore. At that point our deck came to a stop because he couldn't work on it. Here is a pick for you of what it looked like: It isn't a great was taken with an old camera!

And I have no clue what to do!! But this past weekend we started working on it again. I don't know about you..but I am a visual person. When Matt tried to explain...bless his heart he big this sucker would be..I just didn't get it! Now...I do! Here is a picture of how far we have gotten on the deck. IT IS HUGE!! I love it though. We have been so blessed with this pool and we would love to have people over and when this is finished we will have room for them! And it won't be dangerous for their children to get in our pool once it is finished. I can't wait! Matt absolutely amazes me with his ability to make things. I could never figure this stuff out like he does. I appreciate his talents! But just like everything in our takes working together to get it done! So yes...I have nailed and screwed in so many things myself..along with the kids! We do it together!

Here are the little details we are working on:

We are hoping to be done by this weekend. I don't know if that will happen...but we will try!! :) It will be awesome!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The 5 star accommodations!!

Here is the inside of the 5th wheel! It is amazing!!
This is a pic of the kitchen:Yes, a microwave, stove, fridge, sink just about all you need!!

Here is the living room/dining room: The couch turns into a full size bed..

This is looking from the kitchen to the "Master Bedroom"

The Master Bedroom: Our Penthouse :) It has plenty of closet space and drawers, a TV and a vanity area.

The Bathroom: It's bigger than it looks in this pic. There is a sink and mirror on the opposite wall.

Ta Da!!! The cleaned up version!

This is for you go!

It looks brand new!! of the inside!!

SIx Unimportant things that make me happy..

Well My dear Friend Nicole is the queen blogger and she is making me do this!! LOL! I am not so good at these things...but here ya go...this is just for Taulman Times!!! I kinda feel like this is a confession of my sins or something!!

1. I love to sit and eat chocolate and drink a Dr. Pepper at some point during the day.

2. I love to garden and plant flowers, it makes me feel connected to my grandparents...both sides.

3. I love to watch Young and the Restless and I don't like to be bugged while watching it.

4. Cereal for supper.

5. Hot bubble baths...I take several a week.

6. I love to take pictures and would love to have my own photography studio some day!

I am Tagging:
1. Nicole
2. Liberty
3. Kristina
4. Sheri
5. Hannah
6. Liz

When you do it, mention my blog, post your six things and tag six people.

Power Washing the Outside...

So we drove it home without wreaking it or killing anyone. One of the main issues is all 3 kids have to sit by each other in the truck...we might consider tying one to the top..:) think I'm kidding...I did check to see what states it's legal for them to ride in the 5th Wheel. Ok ok...I won't do that! But you would be amazed that there are some states that let you do it!
The 5th Wheel has been sitting under the trees for awhile so I had to power wash the is what it looked like before..

There was this green stuff on it:

Here it is parked in our driveway...My Aunt called me Trailer Trash!!

The other side:

So I power washed it and I will post the clean pick! My parents let us use their power washer...which I love that thing!! I power washed my porches, the house...heck if I could bring it inside and power wash the inside I would!!!

RV trip "Take One"

My main purpose in starting this blog was so I could blog our family RV trip this summer. So here is the first official post on the RV trip. My amazing Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Tim are letting us use their 5th Wheel on our trip and Matt's dad and stepmom are letting use their truck to pull it with! How blessed are we??? WOW!
So as soon as school was out we headed to Branson to pick up the 5th wheel. Here are some pictures I would like to share with you. This is where is was parked at their campground in Branson:

Here is a picture of Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Tim with the kids in front of the 5th wheel.

Here is the Truck that Matt's Dad is letting us use...we could run over anything in this sucker! It's a nice truck!

This is the whole package! Looks great!

Rhonda had some Gnomes at her Campground...but now they are going on our trip! Haha! We stole your Gnomes!!

We made a sign to send to her when we got home...

Next...clean and get it ready!! We can't wait to GO!!