Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Garden

My Grandparents used our land for a huge garden most of my life. Gardening has always been a passion of mine. My Grandma Dickey (mom's mom) always had an amazing garden. I used to go stay with her and help her out. I loved my time with her. She was everything you would have wanted in a grandma. I swear she had a green thumb! She could make anything grow! Same with my grandpa Stout! There have been some summers that our garden didn't go so good...but this seems to be doing great so far.
Here is what it looked like before we did anything:

Here is the mulch pile that we got for free from the 56th street tree place..(don't know the name) And yes...I pretty much shoveled this whole thing onto the sweet husband came home in time to help me finish!!

Here is after we put it on:

Here is Jaden in front of the corn...thought we would see how it compares to him in a month or two! He and his friend Baylor helped us plant it!

The whole thing:

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  1. wow! how awesome!! you seem to be following in their footsteps :)

    I just picked my first little and I mean little handful of green beans. I pretty much lost everything else except bell pepper and tomato plant :(


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