Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Father Day!

We left for camp on Fathers Day so I'm a little late on posting our Fathers Day!!
On Saturday...we baked my dad a coconut pie...I've heard it's the best...but I don't like coconut so I don't eat it...
Matt is a Pastor so we took the party to his office on Father's day morning since he was preaching. My man..he is a simple man...he wanted a nice tape measure because...well...his broke. So we got him a nice big one & Lauren is holding the tiny one we found for fun. And...he hasn't had a garage opener for YEARS...because..well...he is too cheap to buy one for $40. But while at Lowes...I found one that was on clearance for $20 because someone returned it and the package was open!! WOOHOO!! SCORE!
He was impressed I programed it for him..btw!!
And the kids made sticky buns for him...all by themselves & they are yummy!! 
Brooke painted him some pictures


Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well...I have wanted an iphone for awhile...but the data plan was not something we could justify spending money on each month. But with the new iphone coming out At&t came up with a cheaper data plan and so that opened the door for the opportunity for me to get an iphone. For $5 more a month...we could make it happen. So @ 5:00 this morning Matt & I woke up & sat in line for the new iphone. My plan was up so we were able to get it cheaper...but being the super amazingly nice wife I am...(said with sarcasm)...I let him have the new 4G and I am getting his 3GS I am totally ECSTATIC about!!! I don't need the new one like he does for work. I am just glad to have an iphone...:)

So all you iphone experts out there...any advice...hints or whatever you can help me out with...COMMENT!!!!

I'm trying to figure it all out!!! SO EXCITED!!! I's just a phone...but I feel like a teenager or something. LOL!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Back in Action!!

SO...I came home on Friday...exhausted...but filled up with the joy of the Lord.

 And we have been running since then I tell ya!

 I haven't had time to update at all and go visit yet..but tomorrow that is my goal!!!

Here is the amazing group of Jr. Highers I spent the week with...
My girls & I

Monday, June 21, 2010

Blog Break

I am hanging out at  Church camp this week....see this post. 

I don't have access to email...ok...for just a few minutes I do... on my sister's computer while I'm at her's probably a good time for me to take a nice little break from the internet. I could quite possibly be an addict. Sad huh? :)

But until Friday....I say...have a great week!!


Saturday, June 19, 2010


Cyokamo is our church stands for 

That's where I will be next week...I love camp. God does all kinds of work on these kids hearts...(me included)...during this week. I grew up going to this camp and as a youth pastor's wife for 15 years I spent about a month out there ever summer. It's like a second home to me & my kids. Very special moments & memories are captured in my heart & mind as I pull into the camp. I will be driving a van load of kids up there. It is so hard for me to believe my girls are in Jr. high & will be there all week with me. WOW! I remember pushing them in their strollers as babies across that camp!! Ok..I might move on!

I have seen kids develop a relationship with Christ & lives changes during a week at camp. I love to watch the kids bond together as a group throughout the week. Totally connects them to the the sponsors & to God. I am a huge advocate of church camp....simply because I have seen how it can change your heart. As an adult, I encourage you to go....even if you can't handle camping...YOU CAN DO IT!! You will come home changed & challenged in your spiritual walk. I know not everyone loves it like me...that's ok...we all have our passions. I sleep in a camp food...take a shower with the blog world...
and too...
worship with Jr. Highers...see God change relationships...a shoulder to cry on...lots of hugs..laughter...and see my girls connect to others & God. 

I will miss you my blog friends, I will see you next Friday .  If you have something life changing happen this week please email me & keep me in the loop so I can be praying for you. Pray for my heart, my influence, that I can get some sleep so I won't be cranky, my hubs & son back home, safety, & that God will get all the Glory for what is going to happen at camp!! 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Badda Bing Badda BOOM...even the little things!

I am the wedding coordinator at our my job! 

Recently we purchased some new tablecloths for weddings...another little desire of my heart that God provided thru a conversation with a sweet lady in our church. But that is not what this blog is about really, but it is one aspect of it.

Saturday we had a wedding at the church & I am responsible for taking the tablecloths home & washing them. Honestly...I don't mind doing them. But as time goes on & we have more weddings I have struggled with the wear and tear on my washer & dryer...30 plus tablecloths is a lot of loads! So I thought...we have a couple in our church that has a dry cleaning service...I should ask her what she would charge to do them. Umm...and Shelly (which is a friend of mine from HS) @ Water Stone Cleaners about $1/ tablecloth...I was like WHAT did you just say? HOLY COW!! And they will pick them up from the church and deliver them once they are clean. I was speechless...WOW!! That was such a blessing!!

Yesterday they delivered the TBC and they look amazing!!! WOO HOO!! The only thing is...I was suppose to have 28...and I had 27. So I called and guess had fallen off the hanger & they are re-washing it and will deliver it on Monday. Talk about customer service done right people!!! I was VERY impressed with them! Use them for your dry cleaning!!! this just gets better really. See...I have 30 TBC & I was still missing 2 after the wedding. I searched all over the church. Called the mother of the bride...Pam... and asked her if the caterer had used any...
(SIDE NOTE: Salsa Noches did a salsa bar at the wedding...OUTSTANDING so if you want that at your or any gathering...let me know. ) and Pam said "no" she didn't 'think so.  Again...I was so baffled...sick...worried...woke up in the night and thought...I can't believe I have lost 2 brand  new TBCs!!! Really!!

So...I prayed when I was awake @ 4:00 am because my children had been camping and decided to come inside....another story... " me what I have done with those TBCs. I can't remember where I put them. I will feel so bad if they are lost...if someone has them...please let me figure it out!!"

Are you ready? This is where I wrap it all up? I know...finally right? I go to the chiropractor at 8:30 this morning. And Zena from Salsa Noches sits right next to me. We strike up a conversation...I say.."you didn't happen to use a couple of our TBCs at the wedding?" Zena: "Oh yes...I put them in the kitchen". I was like GET OUT! You are an answer to my prayers this morning!!! I have never seen Zena at the chiro before and that day...God brings her in those doors to answer my prayer about the TBCs
Badda Bing Badda BOOM! He cares for the little things in our lives....even tablecloths people!!!

I tell you this little silly Tablecloth story simply to tell you..God loves you. He cares for the little concerns  that seem like a big deal to us at the time. Trust to Him. He knows I would have worried & looked about this for awhile so he took care of it for me quick!!

3 blessings:
1. Provided new tablecloths
2. Water Stone Cleaners
3. Put Zena in my path

Have you experienced His blessings thru a simple little prayer lately and know he provided for you?

Thursday, June 17, 2010


So I've been a minivan driver for 12 years now. But that will all come to an end this summer most likely. This video makes me want to rethink our decision...LOL!
Enjoy...oh and scroll down & pause my playlist first to enjoy..

So Long Insecurity

So Long Insecurity...yep I've been reading that book for a month now and yes I'm about half way thru...because you know I am a SLOW reader. 
But wow...I think I have highlighted so much. I have heard from everyone who has read or is reading this book that they feel Beth wrote it specifically for them....ME TOO!! I would like to talk about a few roots that I have buried so deep in my insecurities...beware...I think I need to rent a backhoe. 

I think I might have found my deepest root...Pride. Yes...being Prideful...pretty sure I am full of it. 
See...I try to fix things...fix situations...fix people...I truly have a passion for helping others thru things. I didn't use to...I was scared too. But as a PW I have learned that people naturally come to you for answers and expect you to have the them. Yikes!! ME...insecurity sets in! But I can't tell you how many times God tells me...stop trying to fix something that insists on staying broken. You can't fix it...only God can...but we have to allow him too. But wait...that's my job GOD...yep...PRIDE!

I am learning that I put a lot of stock in relationships...which eventually there are blowouts. "In our pursuit of GOD vested security, the only relationships in your life that will suffer rather than improve are the significantly unhealthy ones. Those that are unhealthiest might not even survive at all-and maybe they shouldn't." When a relationship could quite possibly be for our best. That is hard for me, I don't like relationships to end...I want to be liked. Why? Simply put...PRIDE. God knows what's best for me...listen to HIM. Relationships are good...we need them...but when they become unhealthy...we need to realize it's time to let them go. 

Fear of many of us struggle with that? I have went thru times when I have been rejected and I can fall into self pity mode. No one likes me...I'm not worth fighting for...wanting..loving...keeping..but GOD says
I have chosen you & have not rejected you. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your GOD. Isaiah 41:9-10. 

These are just a few issues that GOD is revealing in this book that I have my fingers tightly wrapped around & I need to pry my little fingers loose and let go of them. Will I do it overnight...NO...will I struggle...YES! But I will call on HIM when I feel these issues taking over my JOY & my life in HIM. I need to stop looking for myself in man and look for myself in GOD.

"God uses change to change us." 

Have you read this book? Do you struggle with Insecurity? 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why I "Count it all JOY" Wednesday!

My bloggy friend Angel is hosting a new "meme" (which I don't know what meme means if you could tell me I would appreciate it...LOL) called "Why I count it all JOY Wednesday". I thought I would try it today. I love celebrating our JOYS & our victories!!

I am filled with JOY because my sister & my niece came into town this week & I get to spend some time with them!

I am filled with JOY because last night we had our 3rd Pastor's wives mentoring meeting at my house & we sat by the pool...ate homemade ice cream with fresh fruit & had such an encouraging filled time together. I love these girls & I know this is what GOD has called me to do right now in my life!!

I am filled with JOY because I have the most amazing husband who has been working so hard on tiling Lauren's bathroom this week & trying really hard to complete this project of ours!!

I am filled with JOY when I am sitting on our deck & my kids are giggling together swimming in our pool. I love having our's the best family entertainment in the summer!!

I am filled with JOY because my bloggy friend JOY just found out she was pregnant after trying for so long!!

I am filled with JOY that GOD has placed so many people in my life that are encouraging me to become the woman of GOD that he has called me to be!!

I am filled with JOY to be a part of the Summer Health Challenge at our church!

I am filled with JOY because I am going on a date with my Hubs tonight to celebrate our 17th Anniversary...FINALLY!! 

I am filled with JOY for so many reasons....but mostly because GOD loves me for who I am & He shows me grace & mercy daily. 

Come on...join me & many others on Wednesdays to celebrate our JOYS!!
Be JOYful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Please share atleast one JOY you have!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Health Challenge

Our church kicked off the "Summer Health Challenge" last Thursday. One of our members David Steward had a vision of helping others become better stewards of their health. David has went thru this process in his own life & knows the benefits that comes from seeing it through.

At the first meeting we all weighed measured & received a Challenge Binder. In the binder there is daily scripture & a place to journal about your thoughts. Recipes & a food journal to keep track of what you eat. We had 150 people there to hear Sean Algaier's testimony!

They have established accountability mentors for each of us. We will have Saturday morning classes at the church taught by certified aerobic instructors. They have developed training groups for beginners all the way up to advance exercisers! We will be hosting a 5k at the end of the challenge and the proceeds will go toward missions. At the meetings we will have nutritionists come speak to us about how to make healthy choices for our family & ourselves.

Why am I doing this challenge? Because one of my goals is to become healthier both in my spiritual life & my physical life and this challenge combines both. God calls us to take care of the body he gave us. One of the main thoughts of the night was...this is not a's a lifestyle.

What's really crazy is our whole staff over the last year has really gotten into living a healthier lifestyle and we have so many of our members are certified teachers at our local YMCA. God has put it all in place & I think we will see so many blessing from our members taking this step to take care of their bodies.  Come join us in the challenge if you want! Here is the blog & information.

"Since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates the body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God." 
2 Corinthians 7:1

Monday, June 14, 2010

FX=Family Experience

It was apparent when we moved into our new building a couple of years ago that the way we used to do VBS wasn't going to work. So our fabulous children's ministers created an event geared toward families after attending several "Orange Conferences". I must first I was skeptical...I loved how we did VBS...but focusing on't disagree with that!!

Now we have FX for 4 nights during the week in the summer. I have to say...this year...was the best yet. I would like to brag on our children's ministry for a moment...honestly...I feel like we have 3 of the best ministers around. They love the Lord & have a passion for his kingdom work. My kids love each of them & love going to church. So...James...Aaron & our newest hirer...Josh...thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for truly loving the Lord & our showing it by providing a way for families to come together and worship our Lord & grow in His word.

Thought I would like share our week in pictures...BTW...found out a cool way on Iphoto to share these little post cards so I don't have to post a million pics!!!
Here is the stage...each night they have a's fun...exciting & filled with the word of God. They have a team of kids who lead worship! This week our virtue of the week was "Patience" needed that people!!!
Game Night...this balloon guy made all of these fun games!! See that cute mom & daughter on the bottom left...that's Keri & her sweet daughter...she is one of my followers I love!!
Ms. Pam Gave Jaden all these gumballs to see just how many could fit in his mouth!!! LOL!
And yes...we got slimed!!! You can buy tickets for $1 for your family to get slimed. Well....Jason Haynie decided to buy $20 worth of tickets for the Thomason we GOT IT! Luckily it was the same night as messy night at FX so we were able to just be dirty all night!!
Can you tell I am so excited?? They have a slime machine that one of our members's pretty cool actually. 
Messy night...shaving cream...a chocolate slip n slide...dunk whip...and much more!! This is the night I hurt my shoulder by trying to be a big kid...but it was FUN!!
These are some of our good friends we got dirty with!! Love you guys!!

So that is what we did each night last week. Loved it!! Love worshiping with my kids! We are so blessed to be a part of this ministry!! 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wrap it up!

Well...I have been a tad bit preoccupied this week & haven't had time to blog or go visit my bloggy friends...for that I apologize if I have missed any fun...sad...or exciting news from you all. But it with the kids home....something gotta give & blogging was it this week for me...

Too...Wrap  it up in a we go!

Sun-Thursday nights-spent at FX- Family Experience @ our church. I will blog about it soon because...yes...I got slimed. :)

Tuesday- while at slime night...I fell and hurt my shoulder...could barely type on my arm was numb and I didn't sleep well for about 3 nights..until my cousin gave me some Lortab!!! LOL!

Thursday-went to our Summer health challenge at church!! Great things happening there!!

Friday-mowed & then had a wedding rehearsal!!

Sat- Ran 3 miles for the first time in 2 weeks....almost died...came home to shave my legs...while shaving the back of my legs...hurt my hip somehow....I'm falling apart people!!

Wedding for an outstanding young couple...Congrats Abigail & Tyler!!!

Anyway...lots going on...not much time to blog. But I promise to visit soon!! Hope all is well for you!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summertime Devotions..

Routines...I like them...I thrive in routine environments. But I do like the relaxation & non scheduling that summer brings along with it. Sleeping in...breakfast @ 9 or 10 am for the kids...lunch...well...whenever. I have one that can't sleep past 7:00 am...another one that isn't far behind that and then Brooke will sleep until noon if you let her!! 

Swimming...playing...TV...reading....all kinds of things to take up our time during the day.

One thing I always find myself struggling with in the summer personal time with God. It's hard to be alone with 3 kids and usually several of their our house. Last year I started making everyone go to their rooms & read for 30 minutes alone once a day. That helped tremendously in me being able to have personal time with God.

I am reading thru Isaiah this summer because I will be going to BSF again this fall & we are studying the book of Isaiah. WOW! That is gonna take me on a journey!!

In church on Sunday Charlie challenged us to BE the church no matter where we are or who we are with. And along with that he challenged us to BE at church this summer and not take a break from God in our personal walk with him either. I love our church....blessed to be a part of the body of Christ!

I pray we all spend time alone with Him daily. Encourage those around you too. 
Do you have a specific time or way that works for you now that the kids are home? 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Last day in PCB..

I thought I would go ahead and wrap up our trip today. By Thursday we were all burnt to a crisp so we decided to take it easy around the condo...Look at Matt...relaxing with his iphone...
We ended our week with one of my favorites...crab cakes & sweet potato pie @ Calypso..OH MY...
While waiting on our food we played pinball..Jaden tells us he has never played on a real machine before...LOL..He loved it. 
We headed over to Seaside to Heavenly's Ice Cream. We have heard all about it..and it lived up to it's name. The ice cream was super yummy!! Look at this big one!
Probably one of my favorite parts of the week was getting to see this girl right here...Sami. 
Sami was in my small group during HS. She is the first person I ever had the blessing of baptizing. She moved her from Argentina several years ago & God has & is still using her in a huge way. She is in Destin, FL for the summer on a mission. They teach them how to spread the gospel then send them out to the beaches & the community to witness to others. I am so proud of Sami. 
Seaside is a quant little town. Love it. I could live there. No doubt.
We waited until the sun was going down & went to swim in the pool & hit the beach one last time. The waves were huge so Jaden & Matt took the boogie board out one more time.
To cap off our week we went for one more walk on the beach at night looking for crabs. 
Sunsets on the beach is something my eyes will never grow weary watching. God's incredible scenery takes my breath away. He is the true one can ever replicate this.
WE are so thankful for our time at PCB. It is an absolute blessing for us to be able to take this all in. I am so grateful for the people in our church that are so generous & let us use this for the week. We always made fun & precious memories together. Very blessed.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Celebrating 17 years of Marriage...

17 years ago I said "I do" to my sweet man in front of our family & friends. We were a mere 20 years old. WHAT...were our parents thinking letting us get married so young..??? Because the thought of my daughter getting married in less than 7 years...FREAKS THIS MOM OUT!! LOL!
Look at us...we were so clueless...I mean so happy...:) is only by God's grace & mercy that we have made it thru life together. We both just needed to grow up we did it together as a couple. You know they always say opposites attract...and that's us for sure in a lot of ways...but what binds us together is our love for Jesus Christ & our desire to serve him. I always think it's good for a couple to be opposite in some ways..
.keeps it real & pushes the other to grow! 
I saw Matt on top of a mountain in Colorado @ Youthquake. It's a trip that our youth groups took together. He is from Stillwater & I am from Owasso & our churches would frequently go on trips together. For was love at first sight pretty much. took him awhile to fall under my red-headed spell...:) He was shy with girls & kept his distance...just watching & observing. I was the wild red head that needed to be tamed and as time went on God worked on my heart & lead me to full time ministry. 
We both "ended up" at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO where we became instant friends & hung out with the same crowd. I have told the story about us before so I won't go there again. But we started dating our Jr. year in October...engaged in February...married in June.!

So here we are...17 years later...3 kids & serving God in His church. We are blessed more than we could have EVER imagined. Matt is my best friend...he listens to me...encourages me...loves me with an unconditional love...sees the good in me...he's trustworthy...faithful...makes me feel sexy...patient with me ( I require a lot)...adores me...there is no one else I would rather sit next too...hug...grow old with...and call my Husband. His love for the Lord is authentic...he truly lives it out in his daily life. 
Besides...He is just so darn cute!!! 
Happy  17th Anniversary Matt!!
I Love you

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Joy & I are featured on Leading & Loving it!!

Go here to see what Lori posted about our meeting!! So excited!!

Thanks Lori for featuring us on L & L it!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PCB Day 4

This is how I start off the morning here...breakfast & coffee on the balcony...
I'm gonna miss the view next week...
Then the sand smoothers come by...Jaden's dream job...he & his best bud Baylor are gonna move here some day & do this...hopefully they will have a nice house for their moms to come stay in!!
Today we headed to St. Andrews Park to see the Jettys. Never heard of them until this week...
It's a long pile of rocks that you can climb out into the ocean. Doesn't look very far...but when you climb  the whole is!!
Lauren really wanted to do it...and since one of my goals this year is too..HAVE MORE FUN...I went with her. It was scary in some places...but we did it and it was worth it!!
They all scuba dived almost all day also. Those pics will come from the underwater camera when I get it developed.
The kids with the Jettys..
Had a little picnic...
Went looking for Alligators...but didn't see any!!
Then we looked up and say this amazing rainbow around the sun. I tell you what was a sight to behold. This picture does not even begin to show you how beautiful it was! 
I felt like God was looking down on us thru this big eye ball in the sky or something. I keep waiting for the trumpets to sound!!
St. Andrews Park was a great day. But we are burnt like bacon!! It has been really hot...good...but hard on the skin!! We have been using 50 sunblock! I forgot the tops of my feet & the back of my legs today..OUCH! I know...I are feeling so sorry for me huh? LOL I don't blame you really if you want to smack me while I'm sitting on the beach...:) 
We took some family pics...I need you to tell me what you think. I will post them later. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

PCB Day 3

And that my a breakfast of champions!!! We don't buy stuff like this much at our house so Jaden is taking it all in. He is also fascinated with these wine glasses. It makes me smile. 
And before too long he is out on the beach doing this...he snorkels constantly and brings his treasures up to show us. Just excited about the last one as he is about the first one he catches. Infact, the only thing sunburn on the poor child is the top of his head!! 
This is our little "fort" for the week. Notice the movie star under the umbrella there...Ms. Brooke
Matt & I...:) He makes me smile..
Later we had a little pedi on the & purple toes for Brooke!
We walked along the pier by our condo.
The girls having fun
Our Condo
Ended our evening shopping @ Pier park & eating @ Five Guys...nothing like a good O burger & fries to top of your day at the beach!!

I took a few pics of the ocean tonight on the pier. I could honesty just take pictures all day out there. God's love is so wide & so deep for us. The ocean just captivates me.