Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Secret Dream of Mine...

Do you have a little secret dream that very few people know...

I do...

What is it?

Well...I would like to open my own business one day...
(yes you all know I would like to be a photographer...that isn't a secret)

I would call it...

"Milk n Cookies"
(and who knows...this might already be an idea that someone has turned into a business)

Here is how it goes

I would have multiple types of dough already made for you

Chocolate chip...sugar...peanut butter...etc...

All the toppings & ingredients you could imagine

gummy bears...sprinkles...oreos...nuts..etc...make it crazy!

You come in...pick your dough....add your toppings...mix it in a bowl.

2 options..
.take the dough home with you....
or I would make the cookies right there...

The cookies come hot out of the oven...and you get a glass of milk to dunk them in. 

WOULD That not be the funniest place EVER???? 

See...I am a mean chocolate chip cookie maker. 

I don't mean to brag...but seriously...it's something I am known for. 

People love my cookies. So I make them A LOT!!

Anyway...why don't I do it???

Well owning my own business in this season of life would be too much. 

I would have to give up to much time with my kiddos for it &
 I am not willing to go for it right now.

But maybe...just maybe someday...

So How About You? Do you have A Secret Dream that you want to share with us?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Wreckers...#2

Runaway Calendars

Do you feel like your calendar is running your life?
 We were challenged yesterday @ church to combat
 Hurry Sickness: 
1. Stay in the Moment: 
Luke 10:42 is the story of Jesus coming to visit Mary & Martha...
"Mary has chosen what is better" 
Mary was in the moment....are you?
I confess I'm one who is always ready to move onto the next thing. I plan ahead...I worry about what's coming next. I want to make sure everyone is comfortable...have a great time...instead of stopping in the moment & enjoying it. I will say I have grown in this area...I am trying really hard to not let myself get ahead in my thoughts & bathe in the moment God has given me. I am married to a guy who "stays in the moment" and he has taught me a lot about "chilling out". 

2. Own Your Choices:
Luke 10:41 You are worried & upset about many things
We make choices that lead to hurried sickness. We make the choice to put our kids in sports...activities...organizations...etc. When you have 3 kids...that can add up real quick!! 
We set our own calendars...we are in control, but yet we let it get out of control. 
Clear a weekend & just spend it with your family & if that means leaving town..do it!
Once a week Matt & I sit down and go over our calendar & make sure we know what the week ahead looks like & if we need to take some things off that calendar...we do. If we know it's going to be a busy week...we prepare for it. 

3. Set Unchanging Priorities:
Luke 10:40 Martha was distracted...her priorities were different than her sisters. 
Your calendar reveals your priorities. When you look at what you spend your time doing...it reveals what's important in your life.
 Our first priority? 
Our relationship with God
When that is first...it sets our calendars & sets our priorities in the right direction.

These are just a few things that Charlie brought out yesterday in his sermon. I appreciate his heart for families and speaking boldly to parents about what their priorities are & keeping us in check. I know it has made us take a look at what our calendar is filled with and what are we teaching our kids is important in our lives. 

Take a look at your calendar & make sure you are not suffering from
Hurry Sickness in your family. 

Friday, August 27, 2010


One of my PW's Brandi Wilson & her family were recently featured in the new Taylor Swift Video. Brandi & her husband Pete started a church in Nashville, Tennessee called Cross Point. They are the couple in the video playing the parents fighting in the background & their boys are in it also as Taylor's kids as she gets married in the video. It is just precious! I haven't been able to meet Brandi face to face yet and hug her neck, but I am hoping that happens in October at Catalyst. I can tell by her blog & from following her on Twitter that she is an amazing woman of God that loves her husband...her kids & has a passion for Ministry. She is on the Leading & Loving it leadership team also. So enjoy Brandi & her family in this video. Those boys will make you get all sappy and want to cry at the end. Good video. Congrats to Brandi & her family for being able to take part in this opportunity to show others a Godly family. So excited for you!! Can't wait to meet you soon!!



Thursday, August 26, 2010

Got Weeds?

No...that's not a Jungle...


I know...sad. 

Usually I have more veggies than I can eat & have to give them away. 

Not this year...I'm the one begging for fresh veggies from others.

There is no "fruit from my labor".

Too be honest...I had a feeling I wasn't going to have a "harvest of plenty" this year.

As we tilled up our dirt...it was horrible. 

Clumpy...lumpy...if I threw a dirt wad at you...I could knock you out because it was so hard.

But I planted the garden anyway...& hoped for the best.

As the summer went on...I spent very little time out there.

I didn't stay up with the weeds...AT ALL. 

They took over...what seemed to be overnight.

This makes me  think about so many of our friends who are struggling in their marriages right now.  My heart just aches every time I hear about an affair...or a spouse leaving...or just when you sit next to a couple and you can feel the tension & sadness inside them. It seems like it is all around us right now. Families struggling to stay together. Just like my garden...it's not overnight. It's a slow fade...little by little life gets in the way & you find yourself in a situation you swore you never would be in. Matt & I are becoming more & more in tune with watching for the warning signs in our family & friends. Praying we can encourage them...keep them accountable & help "pick the weeds" out of their marriage. 

I feel so blessed to have the life I have...a husband who loves God...& loves me.
 We work daily to keep our marriage focused on Him. 
Please do not think I have "it all figured out" or we are "perfect"..by no means. 
But we are building a hedge around our marriage so no enemy can invade. 
I give all of you full permission to hold us accountable in our marriage. 

I know this is heavy today. Just weighing on my heart. 
Please...pay attention...get help if you need it...don't let your "garden" be overcome with weeds & quit producing "fruit"in your marriage. 

And my garden...yea...it's sad...but it's my fault. The weeds don't pick themselves. 

Above all else, Guard your heart for it's the wellspring of life.
Proverbs 4:23

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why I Count it ALL JOY Wednesday!!

If you would like to spread some JOY...
Join my friend Angel in "Why I count it All JOY Wednesday!

What filled me with JOY this week?

Because tonight our church having our fall kick off with a 
Back To School Bash! I am so ready to get back to worshipping with the teens!!

I am leading a new small group of  HS girls this year...oh how I've missed it.

The weather has cooled down & it is so refreshing!

That God is working thru some things that I need to let go of in my life & 
giving me scripture to show me His will. 

God loves me...for who I am...not who others want me to be. 

For a sister who is so generous...even though she has other things going on.

That there is no where I would rather be then with my family.

Stone Canyon Launch was an amazing God success!!

My dad went for his Liver check up in OKC on Monday and all is well 
& they don't want him to come back for a year!! That is a miracle!! 

For people around me that encourage me as a PW &
 love the church with a passion that God has given me. 

My convictions on things...though the world would disagree or justify it.

And lastly...the "Home Wreckers" series at church...so many couples/families need this right now. 

You will go out in JOY and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.  Isaiah 55:12

Hope your day is filled with JOY!!! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Launch Date: Complete

We opened our 2nd campus on Sunday...

I was totally blown away with all the volunteers that came to make this possible. 

Turning a school into a "church" is not an easy task. 

It takes many people...with a heart for God's kingdom work to make it happen.

But they made it look "easy peasy" if you ask me. 

Though I know it wasn't really. 

Check out this stage....
Now...see the people fill those seats..280 people to be correct!! WOW!!
Our Campus Pastor Bobby & his wife Liz with their kids Brady & Dawson
on the Launch day...
Just starting their journey in Ministry & have a heart for the lost & a passion for God's church. I can't tell you how much joy they bring into our lives. We love their family
Everything went great for our first day. Lots of prayer & planning come into action that day. 
Meet lots of new people & watched God's vision unfold before my eyes. 
What goes up...must come down...
The stage is gone within no time.
All the welcome signs...chairs...tables...everything all boxed up and rolled out...
Ready to see where God is gonna take His people @ Stone Canyon. 
I love God's church....I love His people.
Launch date Complete...now the work begins. 
To obey Christ by helping others Know...Love...Serve & Share Him.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Launch date...2 days away.

One Church Family....Two Locations...

It's been a more than a  year of planning & praying...lots of praying!!! 
But we are only 2 days away from our Stone Canyon Launch Date. 

I am still in Awe of how this all came together & God's timing is always the "right time".
There so many little details & huge details that He took care of for us. 
One HUGE detail was hiring a Campus Pastor & 
God absolutely has the right person in place for Stone Canyon. 
I would like to ask you to pray for Bobby & Liz Reed & their two precious boys Brady & Dawson. 
Bobby was raised in our church & felt the call to ministry tugging strongly on his heart. He quit his job out in the business world & has been an amazing leader for this Launch. His wife Liz...well she is da bomb. She compliments him so well & has jumped right in there with him in following God's leading in full time ministry. 

Our church is 104 years old...this is something we have never done before...lots of unknowns...lots of change. But it is all for the Glory of God & reaching the lost. Stone Canyon is going to allow us to reach the lost in ways we never dreamed possible. 

I am personally so excited about this Launch...Why? I love seeing God's people take action and change the world. I get so pumped when I hear how God has opened doors & allows us be a part of His kingdom work. I know thru this campus many lives will be reached for the Kingdom! 

So join us this Sunday, August 22nd @ Stone Canyon @ 11:00 am. 
And I ask each of you to pray for Bobby & Liz & our entire launch team!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School 2010-2011

Welp...it's official....I have an 8th, 6th & 4th grader as of yesterday...

Take a look at these good looking kids...
Their outfits fit their personalities to a T!
Lauren...8th grade...animal lover...not a girly girl...doesn't like drama...few close friends...
Brooke...6th grade...a little sassy...little more girly...fix my hair kinda girl...has a group of friends...
Jaden..4th grade...football player...acts like an old man...we call him Kidpa...few good friends..
I always take their picture in front of the school..Lauren refused...(I don't blame her) but as she got out of the car I rolled down the window & yelled...LAUREN...she turned around thinking she forgot something only to see me with my camera...I didn't get it in time..LOL!
Brooke will still let me take hers...
And here is Jaden's teacher...Mrs. Brothers...just for fun she let him hold the chicken...:) 
They all had great first days. Lauren's was a little rough...but I will blog about that some other time. Let's just say...being a Jr. high girl...it can be a tough time. We all remember that time period in our lives. Especially one who isn't willing to conform to the "typical" girl look & attitude. But I am praying her day is better today. I know God will honor her faithful heart. 

In our town once you hit 6th grade...each grade has it own building/Center. I like the separation! 
Lauren's 8th grade center has over 700 kids...Brooke's 6th grade class has 730 kids...WOW! That's a lot of kids in one grade! The difficult part is their schools are spread across our town and can be tricky when you are picking them up. But it's worth it to have them separated.

I hope your kiddos had a great first day. I met with a group of moms at our church & prayed for our kids...parents...teachers & churches to start our year off. I have to tell you...I treasured that time. I know GOd is gonna bless our children & guide them thru this year. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why I "Count it all JOY" Wednesday!

It's Wednesday & you know what that means on this blog girls!!
Join my friend Angel with her meme

I count it all JOY that my kids are in an incredible school system with great teachers.

I count it all JOY that my kids like school & no one cried this morning on their first day!!
besides me as I dropped off my 8th grader..sniff sniff...

I count it all JOY that we are 4 days away from the Stone Canyon launch date!! 

I count it all JOY that I will be spending a few days at the lake with my sis & some friends soon!

I count it all JOY that some amazing moms came together & we prayed for our children...teachers & parents this morning at our church to get our children's school year started off in JESUS NAME!

I count it all JOY that God is working on me in some specific areas of my life to mold me & change me & that he has patience with me. 

I count it all JOY that I live in a great community with exceptional schools. 

I count it all JOY for the Home Wreckers sermon series that is staring at our church on Sunday.

I count it all JOY that I have such a cute husband...girls seriously..HE. IS. CUTE...even after 17 years of marriage I still have such a crush on him. 

I count it all JOY for the Rain yesterday & that my good friend Kenna sat on the porch with me & chatted for a couple of hours...thanks for the Starbucks girl. U R A JOY!

I count it all JOY for GOD's word & that we can freely study it. 

Hope ya'll have a JOYFUL day in Jesus Name!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home Wreckers

Home Wreckers...

That is the title of our next sermon series at FCC.

What do you think of when you hear that word?

So many things out there are threatening our families right now.

I truly feel like Satan is prowling around seeking to take down any marriage he can.

Especially Christian Marriages & Families.

I have a passion for saving marriages & families.  I know I can't go around with my super woman cape on and pretend like my life is all rosy cozy all the time. 
Why am I passionate about marriages & families?
 Because we have had to fight for ours. We have had hard times...we have had made lots of mistakes, but we have sought Godly counsel...put people around us that will hold us accountable...made decisions about what we will and won't allow in our house & in our lives to protect our family. 
We won't settle for a mediocre life....that is NOT what God wants for us. 
He wants us to have HIS best!!!
Ok..I could really go off on a tangent right now, 
but that is not what this post is about. 

I am asking you to pray for your marriage & your family. 
Come to the Home Wreckers Sermon Series @FCC
or listen to them online @ www.fccowasso.com
It's gonna get real..
& many more issues we face as families right now. 
I am so excited about this series...very much needed! 
Matt & I know 4 families in the several weeks or so that have come to us & said...
we are done...and it breaks our hearts. 
There is hope in Jesus Name. 

Dr. Gary Chapman:
When ministry/Christian marriages begin 
exemplifying the biblical model, 
non-Christians will flock to the church for answers
 to their own marital struggles. 
Simply put...Model Christ Love.

So...what do you think is the biggest issue that families face right now 
and what are you doing to protect your marriage & family from
If I can pray for your marriage...email me. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Branson + Cuzins= A Blast

I know sometimes it seems like all I blog about is going & doing...but really..that's all we done this summer!! Good times!!! Sorry if ya'll are like...Geez...enough with the pictures..
But I have family out in that blog world that are dying to see these grandkids & their activities! 
So enjoy...if you wanna!! 

A week or so ago we took some time off to head to Branson for a few days with Matt's brother's family. 

Our kids absolutely enjoy each other & get along so well. They are about the same ages...nice!

U should know that My sis-n-law & I were friends before we were related...so that makes it sweeter!

The girls went shopping for school clothes & some how ended up with ice cream...
Now that's my kind of shopping!!
My in-laws have a condo we can stay in for FREE so we are so blessed! The funny thing is we usually get this really big condo for 5 of us, but wouldn't ya know it they were booked the one time all 10 of us were coming and gave us this smaller one. But for FREE...who can complain people!!
The kids all camped out in the living room.
We have Silver Dollar City passes so we took everyone there for an evening.
We always get a funnel cake...it takes less than 3 minutes for my family to finish this.
Seriously...you might get your fingers bit off if you touch this..
Speaking of food...it's one of my favorite things about SDC...
They have a new Huck Finn ride that the boys digged big time!!
My favorite...the Shooting game...it's my kinda pace of a ride.
One night my BFF from college & her hubs come to eat with us..
Lana & Rusty...
Lana & I have been friends for 20 years...faithful Godly friend right there.
My Bro & Sis-n-law..
We so enjoy our times with their family. I wished they lived closer. They started a church in Kansas & God is using them in an amazing way to reach the lost.
 So proud of the work they are doing in HIS name!!
This is my favorite Aunt Ever...Rhonda. She and my Uncle Tim own a campground in Branson so we always go see them!!
On the way home...we got donuts. We don't get them often so it's a real treat for the kids.
Good times. Our summer is coming to an end soon. We have traveled and did all kinds of incredible thing this summer. We have made some great family memories. I am so not ready for school to start. 

How about you...how has your summer been? 
Hope it's been a blessed one!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Letters To God

Finding a movie that will entertain a 13 & 11 year old girl...& a 9 year old boy
that can be a challenge. 

Last night we had 
"Family Fun Night"

Went swimming

Got our ice cream

Made some brownies

And found a movie that we could watch

"Letters to God"

This movie will bring you to tears so have your kleenex ready...

we  all know someone who has cancer

someone who is lost

someone who is struggling with their faith

someone who is lonely...

It will bring forth good conversation with your kids...

So if you are looking for a movie...with an eternal message.

This is one for ya.

You show that you are a letter from Christ, 
the result of our ministry,
written not with ink but with the 
Spirit of the living God
not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts. 
2 Corinthians 3:3

Friday, August 13, 2010

Girl Time...being Sharpened

The last few Days I have been blessed by spending time with these ladies...
Alison, Sherry, Me & Kristy
Alison & I lived by each other when she was 3 and I was 4 years old & the rest of the ladies I meet in Jr. High...& have been friends since. Kristy, Sherry & I went to college for a year or so at Ozark Christian College...so they all have been a part of my life for some time now.

We have the best memories of hanging out at our Youth Minister's house. We were so blessed to have a youth minister & his wife that loved us so much. They would let us crash their house & loved us so much. We had so much fun with them...but at the same time they were not afraid to come down on us when we needed it! Amen!! While in Edmond we caught up with them & laughed...cried...& reminisced about the past...good times. 
Before we left their house Kari prayed over us...she always brings us to tears
 & to the throne of God.
I don't even know if these two really know the impact they had 
& are still having on our lives. 
Being a part of an amazing Youth Group kept me from going down a path of destruction. 
Darren & Kari's love for the Lord is felt deeply inside of us all. 
I deeply desire this for my kids. 

Alison is involved at Lifechurch in Edmond & she was invited to watch Craig Groeschel record his sermon for Sunday on the Wednesday we were there. Great Sermon about Toxic Relationships!
Then Thursday we were blessed to attend the "Sister's" night @ Life church. Amy Groeschel spoke about Where are you getting your worth? Prob 22:1. You can tell Amy has a heart for the lost & she truly loves the Lord with all her Heart! 
I can't even tell you how much it filled my spirit to be with these ladies. All three of them love the Lord...love their husbands & families & love their church. It was so refreshing to be with friends who encourage me as a child of GOd, wife & mom...
who support me as a PW means the world to me.
What's crazy is out of all 4 of us...I was least likely to be the one in full time ministry. I am still a little surprised it's me...not one of them. I was the wild one...go figure. 
 I find so much joy in listening to them talk about serving in the Kingdom work & how much their Life Groups  have made a difference in their lives.
 WOW! Thank you Jesus!!
I needed this time. 

Now...this just topped it off for me...I. Got. To. Meet. Cindy Beall
Yes one of my PWs!!
WHAT A BLESSING SHE IS!!! I didn't get to spend much time with her...but I am looking forward to seeing her in May for our PW retreat!! Her husband Chris is the Campus leader at Lifechurch in OKC. 

SO...that's my Girl time recap. I am filled up with Joy...Refreshed...Blessed. 
Long time friends who truly know my heart. 
Do you get a chance to have Girl Time?
What kind of impact did your Youth group have on you? 

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.
Provers 27:17

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why I Count it ALL JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday...Join us in being JOYFUL!!
Welcome to Why I Count It All Joy Wednesday!!  To join in on all the JOY, grab my button for your post, make your own JOY list!!  Don’t forget to post a link on your blog back to Angel!!

I count it all JOY because today I am leaving for Edmond to stay with some girlfriends that I grew up with in the youth group for a few days...It's gonna be fun & refreshing.

I count it all JOY because I get to go hear Craig Groeschel preach his sermon for Sunday today to a small group "invited" guests.

I count it all JOY because I am going to Life Church's "Sisters" banquet to hear Amy Groeschel speak on Thursday night with my gals from Edmond.

I count it all JOY because I get to meet some bloggy/PW friends this week..
.Cindy Beall & Natalie Witcher from Life Church.

I count it all JOY because I have a husband who lets me leave for a few days to go be crazy with a bunch of girls & he is staying home with the kids!

I count it all JOY that I have a few sub jobs lined up for this year already because they are cutting back big time in our school system!!

I count it all JOY that my kids got to go stay with their Grandparents in Stillwater for a few days and made some fun memories with them.

I count it all JOY that we have a an amazing summer...but it has went way to fast!!

I count it all JOY that I got to meet with all My PWs last night...
it is an amazing blessing to be with these ladies. 

I count it all JOY for Dad who fixed my van this week in the hot weather. 
It's nice to have the "Star" back!! 

I count it all JOY that I am loved by God...saved by His Grace.

Why Do you Count it all JOY?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get In...Sit Down...Shut Up & Hold On...

Today I enrolled my 8th & 6th grader...

I only have one left in Elementary


I have always dreamed of the teenage years with my kids

I wasn't much into the baby stage

though I loved the toddler stage

When I dreamed of being a mom

It was always about these times...

Now I'm here...

WHAT??? HOW??? WHEN???

Sniff Sniff....

I feel like someone just put the car in drive and said...


because the next 5...7...& 9 years are gonna 
(that's how long it is until each of them graduate)


Anyone else feeling like this?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Virtual Or Paper??? What's Proper?

I love getting mail...let me rephrase that...personal mail
(not bills or junk mail)

Whether it's virtual or paper...it lifts my spirit!
(I especially like paper)

To save money on postage & paper & send out mass invites a lot of people are using the internet...facebook...blogs...email or text to invite you to an event such as 

a baby shower

a wedding shower

a church event

a party

or any time of event really

I know my parents generation is having a hard time adjusting to this change. They feel it's a little less personal & think if you really want someone to come you should still send them something thru the post office. 

I am fine with it though..

there are many benefits...such as
one less piece of paper to keep up with
you always have the information at your fingertips
easy to RSVP.

Which brings me to another side of this...
What about a Virtual Thank You?
Do you think someone should send you a thank you in the mail or over the internet?

I know my parents generation...this is a No No...but to our generation it is becoming a more excepted response. 

What's your take on Virtual vs. Paper Invites?
Thank You's?
What's Proper?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

38 years??

Yep...that's how long I have been alive people...

I know...I know...I look like I'm 20 or something...
(yeah right)

As the years have gone by...
I have chilled out a bit on what I expect from others on my bday...

Like I'm the Queen for the day and all my servants should bow to my every need..
no laundry...no dishes...no cooking...none of it...
(yeah right)

I have learned it's the simple things in life that bring me true joy...
Here are a few that filled my Birthday with Joy

On the Sunday before my mom made me one of my favorite cakes
Chocolate sheet cake...it's so yummy
I even got a special Bday plate...
My mom always made a big deal out of our bdays...and still does...she's the best. 
My parents got me this...
The iron stand is for our scripture tablet that we have at our house...
it's much nicer than the one I have now...
My sis got me this purse
And my niece got me these super cool measuring cups and spoons...
I wanted some new ones...I love any kitchen utensils. 
On my bday my small group girls took me to get coffee..
Though Tracy couldn't make it she dropped this awesome Tyler Candle off for me...
What she didn't know was I really wanted one of these candles!!!! 
And my other good friend Tracy Downs dropped this super cute watch for me!!
She also gave me one of the most encouraging cards. I appreciate her friendship. 
Brooke made me this sweet card...
And Matt...bless his heart...stepped out of his comfort zone and went into 
Victoria Secret for my gift!! I really wanted some lotion and especially wanted some bubble bath!! I love to take baths!! So thank you honey for going into VS...I know it wasn't easy!
Me and the kids..
For dinner we had about 45 minutes because the boys had to run off to football practice...so
I got Chic-fil-a...yummy! Hey..as long as I didn't have to cook...I DIDN'T CARE!!
Now I had hinted...and asked for a Ding Dong Cake from Merritts...but since we had all this cake from my moms...Matt thought I wouldn't want it...uh huh. Me...not want chocolate??? 
So...while the boys were at practice my girls decided we needed to go to Reasors and get a cake and some ice cream...and this is what they came home with...
It was so tastee!!! We all got our own little ice cream. 
My girls really know how to take care of their mom.

I actually had an amazing bday. I am so blessed to have a family that loves and cares for me and strives to make my day so special. I praise God for giving me a husband and kids who love me. 
I am thankful for these 38 years that He has given me to serve Him and live for Him. 
Each day is a Gift.
Thank you EVERYONE for the cards...I had over 300 Facebook wishes that made me feel loved...the phone calls...texts..and hugs & comments. 
I think it's fun for all us bloggers to show our special days to each other...it helps us get to know each other just a little better and makes it a little more personal.