Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why I "Count it all JOY" Wednesday!

It's Wednesday & you know what that means on this blog girls!!
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I count it all JOY that my kids are in an incredible school system with great teachers.

I count it all JOY that my kids like school & no one cried this morning on their first day!!
besides me as I dropped off my 8th grader..sniff sniff...

I count it all JOY that we are 4 days away from the Stone Canyon launch date!! 

I count it all JOY that I will be spending a few days at the lake with my sis & some friends soon!

I count it all JOY that some amazing moms came together & we prayed for our children...teachers & parents this morning at our church to get our children's school year started off in JESUS NAME!

I count it all JOY that God is working on me in some specific areas of my life to mold me & change me & that he has patience with me. 

I count it all JOY that I live in a great community with exceptional schools. 

I count it all JOY for the Home Wreckers sermon series that is staring at our church on Sunday.

I count it all JOY that I have such a cute husband...girls seriously..HE. IS. CUTE...even after 17 years of marriage I still have such a crush on him. 

I count it all JOY for the Rain yesterday & that my good friend Kenna sat on the porch with me & chatted for a couple of hours...thanks for the Starbucks girl. U R A JOY!

I count it all JOY for GOD's word & that we can freely study it. 

Hope ya'll have a JOYFUL day in Jesus Name!!


  1. Steph,

    What a list of joyfilled blessings! You know you found a winner when your hubby is still amazing! I love mine more with each passing day and so thankful he's been gifted to me in my life.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. I feel more joyful after reading your list!! Yea for school and I bawl when I see other people's kids get on the bus and we are 2 years away from school!

  3. What a great list!! Love that you guys got together to pray for the school, no better way to start out that is for sure.

    I linked you up, hope that is okay!!

    Love and Blessings

  4. Love your JOY list! How exciting for the launch!!!!! I know God is going to do amazing things there!! I am soooo bummed! I was going to be there and ended up on the phone ministering which is where God wanted me and since I know there is no distance in prayer I prayed here after the call :) Sooo glad you all did that and thanks for including me! I pray I won't miss it next time!!

    Love you girl!


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