Thursday, April 28, 2011


Dyeing Eggs...let the creative juices flow!

When we dye eggs it's like a little art competition going on. My kids & nieces really
get into it. I love it that they still want to dye eggs. Wondering how long we will
want to do this, but I'm gonna soak it in until they more.

A few samples from everyone...I love the tie dye ones.

Then we have the annual Egg Toss...their favorite part.

And Splat! Goes the Egg...Jaden was COVERed in Egg Yoke!
The YOkes On U....hahaha

But my all time favorites...these 2. My niece is getting married June 10.
So we had a little fun with her ring.

EGGcellent times!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why I Count It all JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday so join me & my friend Angel as 
we count our JOYS!

Why Do I Count It all JOY this Week?

I'm still filled with JOY over my BIL coming
to Christ & being baptized Saturday night!!

All the JOYFul volunteers at FCC Sunday morning...
even when they are standing in the pouring rain holding an umbrella
over our guests heads & they are getting wet.

I met with some of my PWs on Skype last night.
I'm so blessed to have them in my life & they 
fill me up.

SPeakinG of PWs...less than 2 weeks & we are all
hanging in NASHVILLE. I seriously can't wait!!

The ladies I work with in Kindergarten.
I wouldn't survive without them!!

Though I am ready for you to stop...I know we need you
to make the flowers grow.

I saw this quote yesterday...
The Earth smiles thru flowers.
so true.

Twice this week someone has complimented
my daughters, not for their beauty or achievements, but for their
hearts & sweet spirits...warms this moms heart.
***now if they would show that love toward
each other at home***

Sleep...enough said.

State testing at school is finally here! 
Let's get this over with already!!

We watched the Passion of the Christ with the kids on Sunday night.
Brought a lot of conversation about Christ life.
It was so emotional to watch. I hadn't seen it in several years & to
watch my kids experience it was quite overwhelming.

I'm just JOYFUL that God loved me enough to send His Son
to die on a Cross & then raise Him from the dead 3 days later.
Somedays it just hits me how incredible He love is for us.

Never grow weary my friends of seeking Christ.

What brings you JOY this week?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Digs = Personalites

I always say my kids outfits that they pic for the first day of school & Easter
reflect their personalities. Jaden of course doesn't really care...I just bring home
a shirt & a pair of shorts & we are done! He is simple. Gone are the days
of matching & frilly little dresses....sniff sniff.

My precious kiddos on Easter...
Ok...this is how they really act! Goofballs!!

Now for a more serious pose...for their mom.
Notice Lauren's boots. Gotta have the boots. And Brooke...that girl
loves her dress & flowers in her hair. 

Love seeing them all dressed up to celebrate our Savior!
They make this mom proud serving at church! 
Can't wait to check out all of your families pics!

Monday, April 25, 2011

WOMMM? Forgiven...

What a weekend we had...

I have so much to share with you this week but the one thing
 that is on my mind the most is this moment...
We have been praying for over 20 years for this moment. Glory To GOD!
I'm still in tears as I type. He came to Matt on Saturday & told him he was
ready to make a change in his life & new it had to start with Jesus. 
I just want to sing that song. 

Greg's life has recently been turned upside down thru some financial decisions.
Things are very rough to say the least. But I don't think we need to talk about 
all of that. Through all of this God has worked on him & brought him to his 
knees & to the one place Greg needed to be...the one place we all need to be,
the thrown of GOD.

Please pray for my BIL. This will not be easy for him. He is facing tons of
obstacles in his life. Pray for my sister also...this has been very hard on her
to go thru & is very weak right now. I pray they both cling to Christ & to 
His word. Matt gave him a bible to equip him with his sword. 

I pray this gives you encouragement also. If you are praying for someone in
your life that you desire to see come to Christ. DON'T GIVE UP! Keep praying!
You never know when God will move in their lives!! Or they will open up
their hearts to allow Him to move into their lives!

The whole Gang...

One of many EXCITING things that happen this weekend. 
We had a fantastic weekend celebrating our Saviors Victory!!

Is there someone in your life I can be praying for? 
Again...Don't ever give up!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Becoming Less...Sneaky Schemes

Down 1 pound again this week. Slowly but surely I will get there.

Do you ever have a time where you feel like you are finally coming
to the realization of what you need to do & you start liking it?

I feel like I am getting there this week. I am starting to enjoy more
healthy foods & being able to say no to unhealthy choices.

This week was hard for me...uhem...well sisters you know what
week it is without me having to tell you so let's just leave it there.

And I started working full time. Do you know how much food is
brought to school? GOOD GRIEF! It's always someone's bday or
we are celebrating something it seems.

Sneaky Schemes...guess what? Satan wants to play sneaky games with you.
He wants you to be alone with your what tempts you & overtake you.
If no one sees you, then the calories don't count right? Yea...I have so given
into that. I stuff my face before someone walks into the door & finds me.
I have bought things at the grocery store & devoured them in the car before
I got home. Anyone with me? come on.

I have found I am not yet in a place of freedom yet. I can't handle being
alone with food that I love yet & not give in sometimes. Now I have made
some progress & I feel God leading me away & giving me the strength.
Little by little I am getting there.

I am focusing on things I can have...not things I can't. There are so many
great options out there. Finding myself stopping & praying.

Long term victory starts with each choice I day at a time.
Is that bad choice worth it? I have the freedom to walk away. Flee.
Not gonna believe those Sneaky's not worth it.
I am worth more than that in Jesus name.

I love you all...pray for me this weekend as Easter brings all
kinds of JUNK into our lives with Family gathering. If you need
me to pray for you please email me or leave a comment.

He must become greater...I must become less. John 3:30

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why I Count It all JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday! Count your JOYS PEOPLE!!
Last week...I tried something new.
I didn't like it.
So it's back!!

WhY AM I filled with JOY this week?'s the week we celebrate Jesus Christ Raising 
from the dead & saving us from our sinful lives!
(not that we don't celebrate every day)

Dying Easter Eggs. It's a tradition for the young 
& old around here. My kids get very creative with this event.

My sister & her family are coming!

My niece had her appendix out & she is recovering well.

I started working full time this week...not gonna lie...
I am exhausted, but I love the ladies I work with.

I am taking a Photoshop class online. WOW!

Lauren had to get contacts...bless her heart!

Lauren already broke up with her boyfriend.
LOL!! I have loved our conversations about it.

Even in the midst of trials...our GOD Reigns.

Hope...the hope of our Lord & Savior & how much 
He loves us. He has washed away our sins & made us
set us free!

Have a JOYFUL day!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

WOMMM? The little things...

What's on MY Mind Monday? Do you Like that WOMMM?'s the little things & how God blesses your life with "little" wants .

Do you remember me introducing you to these cute little things?

Well on Thursday our heat lamp went out & only Pippi survived.
Can you say broken hearted? Oh Lauren was so so sad. She cried for
awhile. She loved that little Charlie...I was only a week, but that's
my animal loving girl. Brooke was happy that hers survived & Jaden just
said...Oh man. Yea...really tore him up.

We called all over town & looked online to get some more of these
Easter Egg laying chickens.
No luck. No one will have any until June or July...:(
I felt so bad...these kids have wanted these things for a long time.
The funny thing is Matt went & bought some regular chicks that looked like
the ones that died & we almost had them fouled into thinking they were their
chicks...but we couldn't do that!! Lauren was like...I KNEW IT!!

On Sunday at church, I was speaking to one of our young couples,
just happened to seethem as I was going out the door & wanted to stop
& chat with their baby.
Some how...the chickens were brought up. AND guess what?? He had
some Easter Egg laying chickens!! OH MY SAKES!! Are you serious??
I had no IDEA!

So we went to his house that afternoon & got 5 more baby chicks!!
Lauren said..."mom I can't believe you are so excited about these chickens?"
Me: I'm not excited to have more chickens necessarily...but I am excited that
you are seeing how God loves you so much that He stops me at church & has
me go have a conversation with this couple & we find out they have these
EEC...that's why I am so excited. GOD LOVES to show us HE loves US!!

It's the Little things He does sometimes that just overwhelms me with His
love. Thank you Jesus for having your hand in every part of our lives!!

Have a little "want or desire" He has blessed you with lately?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Becoming Less...Pity Parties

I lost a pound...woo hoo. What is strange is...I am exactly back to where I was a couple of
weeks ago when I lost the most. I mean to the tenth!

Pity parties? Ever thrown one...maybe two...Oh heck...I've thrown to many to count in
my life time. I don't get what I want...I don't think something is fair or whatever & I start
sending out the invitations to Me....Myself & I. Yep...I only invite them because they
are the only ones that want to come & I know they will side with me.

I park myself in that spot & want to stay there, but you know...a party of one...isn't
that fun. It usually leaves me more empty.

I have wrestled so much these past few weeks with overeating. I haven't fully
relied on God to fill me up & stop before I am stuffed. I feel like I am seeing
progress. Though...I almost gave up. I almost's not gonna work. The
weight lose has been slow & at times it has totally discouraged me. I wanted to
buy a box of Ding Dongs & have a pity party with a Dr. Pepper to wash it down.
But I didn't. I asked God to fill me. I prayed for strength this battle to overcome
my weakness. Crave Him...not things of this world. Crave His word to fill my
heart. When I am weak...He is strong.

I am back to counting my points & tracking them. WOW. It works...imagine that!
DUH!! Not Gonna Have a PITY PARTY & give up. I mentioned a couple of
weeks ago that I was going to start posting recipes & sharing their points.

Here is one  I love!!!
WW Chicken Cacciatore  (5pts/1 cup serving)
Now I don't eat it with noodles to save on Points...but you can. I also didn't make it in
the crockpot. I just put it on the stove because I was in a hurry that day. But if you
love tomato sauce & will love it. I made it for my lunches & had it
all week because it's easy to pack to take to work. You can add more veggies too.

1 lb chicken breast (I used 2 breast) Chopped
1 c fresh or canned mushrooms sliced
1 c. fresh sliced green peppers
1 c. fresh sliced onion
1 medium garlic clove minced
1 Tbsp. canned Tomato paste ( I freeze the rest of the can & use it again)
14 1/2 oz can crushed tomatoes, fire roasted or regular
1/4 c. dry red wine ( didn't use this, I just put in a chicken bullion cube for taste)
3/4 tsp. dried oregano crushed
3/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. black pepper

You can place all of the ingredients in a crockpot for 6 to 8  hours. I just made it
in a pot on the stove & set it on low for about 30 to 45 minutes while I cleaned my house!

So there ya go. Maybe I will start posting the recipe on a different day if I think about it.

"You can't win the battle if you refuse to fight." Beth Moore.

He must become greater....I must become less. John 3:30
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Family Art

We recently redecorated our floors, couch...etc.

Our living room has a lot of space on one wall. I have really been
struggling on what to put up there. I didn't want any old decoration.
I wanted something that reflected us as a family. Something that we
could keep up for years.

I started to think...what could we make that we could use our family
verse with? Which is Galatians 6:9

Now..non of us are Picassos or anything so I was worried.
What if it turned out hideous & then I had to put this silly thing up on
my wall! YIKES!

I bought 6 canvas boards from Hobby Lobby & paint the color of my
living room & commissioned the kids & hubby to come up with a design
and they each had to paint one canvas.

I have to tell you...I WAS SHOCKED!! My kids are little Picassos!!
WHO KNEW!?!??! They did so fabulous. I LOVE IT!!

So I thought I would share with you...maybe I can inspire you to do
some family art soon...I will keep this forever!!!

and my wall isn't orange...took this with my iphone so the 
quality isn't great.

So...I wrote the scripture & the family...on the left is the kids...
Jaden on top, Brooke in the middle & Lauren on the bottom. Matt is on the
 top right & mine on the bottom. 

I walk by it & stare at it all the proud of my entire family!!
Family Art....loving it. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Me & My Gang...Living Life.

I'm taking a little break from Why I count it all JOY Wednesday. I don't
know why. I just don't know if I will continue that theme. Been thinking about
changing my thoughts on Wednesday since all I do is talk about my family
& life here in the Thomason Household in my JOYS. I thought I would just
title it different. Who knows...maybe I will keep it. Maybe I won't. :)

How are we living life this week?'s happen...Lauren came home & asked if she could have a boyfriend. I think
we have managed pretty good since she is 14 hasn't had one yet. Matt & talked to her
quite a bit about it & decided she could "school date", but there would be no going
& doing anything & such. We didn't want to tell her "no" because I know when you
do that...they might do it behind your back & that my friend is not what you want.
So we will see, not sure how this will go. Any advice from you seasoned parents?

See these little eggs? Every year I buy ferns for my porches & these cute little babies
appear. EVERY year. Isn't God cool how he makes these creatures? I mean they can
build a house out of twigs & trash! It amazes me!!

 And these peeps! We now have 3 more chicks!! 
A gentleman from our church brought these over to my kids this weekend.
Meet Charlie, Pippy, Zipper
We know have 8 chickens. :) 

I am waiting patiently for the teacher that I am subbing for 
to have that baby boy!! Come on already sweet little man!
But I will enjoy my time until he comes. 

Lauren won an award at our Ovations Banquet. 
It's a banquet honoring our Youth & Early Childhood  Volunteers
She won it for creating a team that goes up early on Wednesday nights
& sets up chairs. SO SO proud of my girl!!! 
Owning that faith!!

My PW friend Joy...she is becoming one of my BFFs in life. 

In One month...I will be in Nashville with all my PWs. 
I. Can't. WAIT!!!

We are hooked on a few reality being Survivor.
We sit & watch it together.
Who do you want to win?
Yes...I am a Rob fan. 
I do like that poor Matt on Exile Island too.

The girls are heading to a mission trip to our Church camp this weekend
 to help prepare it for camp this summer. We will go get them
& then see my niece off to her prom in Joplin. 
can't wait!! 

So this is just a few things that's going on with
Me & my Gang. 

How about yours?

Monday, April 11, 2011

What's on MY Mind Monday???

It was a CrAzY busy weekend...

How Amazing Jesus is...Shopping...bridal showers...cupcakes...wind... my response
isn't always what people are looking for....blah blah

I am always reminded of how I am NOT a shopper. A few hours & I'm
ready to take a Nap or go home. Seriously...I know...I'm just not a Shopper.

BUT...because I'm an awesome aunt...**wink** I went to the Mall on Friday night.
Can't remember the last time that shop for bridesmaids dresses for my
niece's wedding in June. We had fun...but didn't find the dresses that night.

On Saturday we had Danielle's shower....I can't believe she is old enough to be
 married. I love that girl. Had a great turnout & I am telling u...I ate way to many
of these cupcakes...
The Bride....

You know...I'm learning I'm not someone who can hide their response very well 
or hide it if I'm totally upset with you or annoyed with you. I try really hard, but 
there are times when people say things to me....that totally shock me & I know I 
don't respond the way they want. I don't know if I should apologize or just say...'s how I am. hmmm....

My garden...I have all my veggies in the ground. My sweet HBL built boxes for 
me this year. I LOVE THEM!! Pics to come.

This is probably my last Free Monday until school is out...that kinda makes me 

Matt preached about... is Jesus Amazing to you or are you Amused by Him? 
Great message on remembering to be Amazed by HIM. 

My sister is really on my heart. Please pray for her & her family. Lots going on there
in their world. She is so precious to me. 

It's so stinkin windy here! Come on already!

Tracking Weigh Watchers points....hard to remember, but necessary!! 

Have a great MONDAY!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Becoming Less

Can you say...Roller Coaster? Yep that's what I feel like.

Up one hill...down the other....up again...down again.

Last week I didn't get to weigh in...but I just couldn't stand it.

So I bought a scale the next day...yes I did not own a scale.

Weighed myself last said...up 3 pounds compared to the
WW scale...WHAT?? Of course I knew it could be a little off so I wasn't to
freaked out. Last night I weighed in at WW & it said I was 1lb up from 2 weeks
ago. I came home & weighed & my scale was only .4 off of the WW scale.
Soooo....needless to say. Last week I was obviously up like I guessed...probably
like a little over 2 pounds... Which means I lost those 2 pounds this week, that I had
previously gained the week before. Are you following this...because I'm lost myself.
HA! Anyway...the scale does not really need to be the topic here so let's move ON.

I have to share a little victory I had. DOnuts. Yes those yummy cakey circles with
holes in the middle. I could really eat a whole dozen Krispie Kremes. On Tuesday
they had a breakfast at work with egg casserole...fruit & DONUTS. An entire
box of them. I grabbed one & took just a few bits & I was done. Seriously.
And let me tell ya...they put that box with about 6 donuts left on the counter next
 to me & it sat there & sat there all day & that sweet aroma almost got to me again.
But I do not have power over me! And I did NOT eat another one all day.
I know this sounds so silly to some of you. But this is BIG for me. Normally I would have
probably not only had one...I would have had 2 or even 3.

God is working on me with this sweet tooth issue. I can feel it coming on at certain parts of the
day. Take for example...after work. I used to come home & plop in front of the TV &
eat a ding dong & a Dr. Pepper or anything chocolate & a Dr. Pepper. I did...I promise!
And it was like a moment in paradise for me. Too put it was like a make out
session with my love...kinda sad huh!!  I have managed to stop drinking Dr. Pepper pretty much.
 I only have it occasionally & you know doesn't do for me what it
used to at all. Infact, it kinda makes me sick at my stomach. I stopped drinking it when
we started running. It just weighed me down. Instead I am either not having a snack or
picking something healthy.
Another time of the day is after supper....growing up I always had a little dessert after dinner
& I think it's just a habit that I have carried on into adulthood. So I bought some Dove Dark
Chocolate little bites & they are 1 point. I allow myself to have one when I am craving
something sweet. Now the former Steph would eat about 3 or 4 of them in secret.

One verse that I keep saying this week is...
For he satisfies the thirsty & fills the hungry with good things. Ps107:9

He alone can satisfy my emptyness...nothing else. I have said no to several things this
week & I can see Him filling me with His goodness.

It's really hard for me to become less. I am prideful. So that is my week. I feel
like I had a good week & I am looking foward to what He will do thru this journey
in the next week.

HOw about you? Do you have a certain time of the day that triggers your eating?
How do you keep it from taking over you?

He must become Greater...I must become less. John 3:30

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Night Out with the FCC staff & Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin...that man can sing for Jesus!!
It wasn't just a was a worship service.

I am becoming more & more aware in my life that our staff is
becoming the community in which I can lean on...depend on & trust.
We are trying to build stronger relationships among our staff & providing
nights out together is a way of laying a foundation for this to take place.

Louie Giglio brought it! He talked about how we are all part of GOd's symphony,
the planets, the creatures, the of it singing to the Lord in praise.
Can you imagine how loud that is? But what blows my mind is God hears each intimate
detail of our lives...he hears the whispers...our cries...our joys. ALL OF IT!!
Chris's Band
Some of my favorite people...This is our Senior Pastor & his wife
Charlie & Pam Curran...and our Jr. High Pastor & his wife...
James & Lydia Summers. Lydia is Charlie & Pam's daughter,
she & James both grew up in our church.
So  incredibly blessed to have them ALL on staff.
And this sweet little couple  will be married in May. Amanda grew
up at FCC & she met Kyle last year while sponsoring YQ.
Amanda is one of our secretaries at FCC.
So proud of this girl. Do you know for their honeymoon they
are going on a mission trip! HOW COOL!!!
3 other staff members when with us, but they got out of there before
I could snap their picture...:(
It was such an amazing night of worship.
And if our God is for us...then who can stand against us?
Hoping these times encourage & spur us on.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why I count it all JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday!! WOO HOO!! 
Join me & My friend Angel as we count our JOYS!!

Why am I filled with JOY this week?

This silly dog of ours, Faith. She just loves our kids..
especially Lauren. She rode around on the 4 wheeler with her the other day.

Who needs ice cream when you have Ketchup? YUCK!!
My sweet buddy Dawson went to Braums with us the other night. 
He had a bowl of ice cream, but decided to eat the ketchup too!!
What are you a One year old or something?? LOL!
 The Curran family.
Charlie & Pam celebrated their 30 year anniversary this week. 
I love this family. They have been such a Godly example to me.
Charlie is our Senior Pastor at FCC.
p.s. I took this pic...:) 
Little Ms. Alea Conder...She accepted Christ as her Savior on
Sunday & her daddy baptized her! Precious!! Alea was adopted
as a baby & is just full of life!! She is so joyful!

We finally finished our Family Wall art.
can't wait to share that with ya'll.

Matt's stepmom sent a little surprise in the mail yesterday!
Yeah! I love surprises!! Now he can take me on a date!

Nicer weather...aww.

Watching life happen when people don't know your watching & seeing
JOY on their faces.

My mom & I are having a bridal shower for my niece Danielle on Saturday!!
My sister & her family will be here for the weekend! Super yeah!!

I resisted donuts all day yesterday in kindergarten.
They sat right behind me on the counter...smelling so yummy...begging me
to open them & eat them. But I didn't.
This is really super hard for me...but I was victorious over them
with the power of the Holy Spirit!!! AMEN!

And if our God is for us...then who could ever stop us...& if our
God is with ....then what could stand against us?
That sound has just rang in my heart this week!

What is bringing JOY in your heart this week??

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's on my Mind Monday???

Yep...that's the question you have all been asking yourself..
A DAY LATE...yea get over it! I was busy...kinda
What is on Steph's mind today....uh huh right?

My garden...our dirt is looking so much better this year.
The last few years it's been hard & clumpy.

How my "free" days are coming to an end...:( I start my maternity
leave in Kindergarten soon. Mixed emotions... such a simple thing can make you so SORE!! GEEZ!!

Integrity...seems hard to find in people sometimes.

Going to baby showers for girls that were in our youth group when we first
came 14 years ago...they are such good moms. So blessed to be a part of their lives.

Lack of Sleep...I feel like I could go to bed & sleep a day or two. But I can't sleep
in like I used bones start hurting. Getting old...isn't easy.

How hard it is for me to resist sweets. I am making better choices, but I have to
pray & give it to GOD every single minute of the day.

Watching my HBL preach on Sunday mornings & how preacher man comes out
in him...he gets so into it. Spirit filled life!

Resume...I am turning in one for a full time job this week...for the first time in years.
SCARED...excited...terrified....praying for God's will. More on that when I can talk about it.

It's warm it's's warm it's cold. Never know what to wear! is blowing like a hair dryer across Oklahoma.

Jesus loves me this I know...

So that's about all I want to let you in on for now. I pray you all have
a great week!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Becoming Less

I'm a little sad to say....
I didn't get to weigh in last night.
Matt & I went to the Chris Tomlin concert & had to leave before my meeting.
So...this is the first week I haven't weighed in.
If I'm truly being honest I'm pretty sure I didn't lose any this week...
But I am looking forward to next week & having AMAZING results.

Do you ever feel like an Isrealite wandering in the desert for 40 years?
                                               I do.
I am 38 years old...closing in on 40 years is realistic to me. If God gives
me 40 more years on this earth...I don't want to spend it wandering in
the desert. Instead I desire to head straight to the Promise Land of freedom
& truly depend on God to fill me. Asking God to be my daily portion.

I have to keep in mind my ultimate goal of this journey...isn't about my size,
how my jeans fit, my weight, but to crave Jesus & His truths & as the filler
of my heart. Nothing else.

It is getting easier to say NO to somethings I wasn't able to before. Though
that stinking Key Lime pie that was left at my house after small group
became an obsession to me. Why oh Why do I love sweets so much. I ate
a piece for the first 3 days then said...NO MORE. & haven't touched it since.

I haven't tracked my points as well this week...gonna get back on top of that too.
Accountability...Oh how I need it.
Do  you have any tips...suggestions this week for me?
I have thought about posting some recipes & some daily food charts to help
give you some ideas of what I eat. What do you think?