Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why I count it all JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday!! WOO HOO!! 
Join me & My friend Angel as we count our JOYS!!

Why am I filled with JOY this week?

This silly dog of ours, Faith. She just loves our kids..
especially Lauren. She rode around on the 4 wheeler with her the other day.

Who needs ice cream when you have Ketchup? YUCK!!
My sweet buddy Dawson went to Braums with us the other night. 
He had a bowl of ice cream, but decided to eat the ketchup too!!
What are you a One year old or something?? LOL!
 The Curran family.
Charlie & Pam celebrated their 30 year anniversary this week. 
I love this family. They have been such a Godly example to me.
Charlie is our Senior Pastor at FCC.
p.s. I took this pic...:) 
Little Ms. Alea Conder...She accepted Christ as her Savior on
Sunday & her daddy baptized her! Precious!! Alea was adopted
as a baby & is just full of life!! She is so joyful!

We finally finished our Family Wall art.
can't wait to share that with ya'll.

Matt's stepmom sent a little surprise in the mail yesterday!
Yeah! I love surprises!! Now he can take me on a date!

Nicer weather...aww.

Watching life happen when people don't know your watching & seeing
JOY on their faces.

My mom & I are having a bridal shower for my niece Danielle on Saturday!!
My sister & her family will be here for the weekend! Super yeah!!

I resisted donuts all day yesterday in kindergarten.
They sat right behind me on the counter...smelling so yummy...begging me
to open them & eat them. But I didn't.
This is really super hard for me...but I was victorious over them
with the power of the Holy Spirit!!! AMEN!

And if our God is for us...then who could ever stop us...& if our
God is with ....then what could stand against us?
That sound has just rang in my heart this week!

What is bringing JOY in your heart this week??


  1. LOVE the picture of Lauren with the dog. It is sooo cute! :)
    Have a wonderful week, friend.

  2. That's a great picture of the Curran family! You're getting good!

  3. Awesome pic of the Currans!


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