Tuesday, November 30, 2010

God moment

Ever had one of those times?

I know we all have...most of us more than once!

I had one on Friday morning while shopping.

I have been wrestling with a situation in my life.

Tears shed...heartache...worry.

Last week I specifically prayed God would give me peace.

I asked him to set up an appointment for me.

I didn't know when it would happen or where.

Just knew he would do it in His timing.

I was nervous at first...then just let it go.

And that's when it happened...when I let him handle it.

It went better than I had planned in my head.

Of course...why am I so surprised?

Walked away with a peace I hadn't felt in months.

Thank you Jesus for always providing for me.

For your Sovereign Power over my life.

You always know better than me...

Do you have something you are wrestling with in your heart?

Ever had  a God moment where you know without a doubt He
specifically placed you in a position at the exact time He had already

Monday, November 29, 2010


Jaden went Duck hunting for the first time last week while we 
were in Stillwater. Can I tell you how excited this boy was to go?

And look at this...11 ducks. WOWzers!

He & his cousin Josiah shot these ducks (with the help of their dads) 

I just love seeing him do things that bring him JOY.
And then they had to dress all of them...
not with a real dress! HA!
My SIL took them home & will have a nice
dinner out of all of these!

Does your boys like to hunt? 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I will enter His gates with Thanksgiving in my heart 
I will enter His courts with Praise...

I will say this is the day that the Lord has made...
I will Rejoice for He has made me glad.

He has made me glad...
He has made me glad..

I will Rejoice for He has made me glad!

Just thought that song said what I wanted to express today!!

Happy Thanksgiving my sweet friends!!
Many Blessings to you All!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why I Count it All JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday & you know it's time to COUNT YOUR JOYS!!
Join my friend Angel & grab her button& spread some JOY!

Why Am I filled with JOY This week?

2 days of school...which means 2 work days...AMEN!

Spending a few days with my sister in law Krista...our time together
is so refreshing & fun...she is also a PW.

Eating until I am so full & then passing out on the couch tomorrow...:)

We broke tradition & put up our Christmas Tree last weekend. 
I am so glad we did this! YEAH!

It's bedlam Weekend! OSU vs. OU...GO POKES!!

My husband & how hard he works around the house  to help
me out while I am working.

Laughter...over the silliest things. 

Our chickens are laying 6 eggs a day...& we have 3 customers now
that are buying them on a regular basis!! 

Everyone gathered around the table praising God for our Blessings.

I have bought 5 Christmas presents...Woo hoo!! 

Getting up early on Black Friday with my Nieces & going shopping...
we have done this for years! Then we eat at Panera to end our time!! 

All my blogging friends...so thankful GOD has put all of you in my life.

My list could go on & on this week. But I will do a special one on 
Thanksgiving for all my Thankful things! 

Monday, November 22, 2010


Yep...that's my favorite part of Thanksgiving. 

Not just any old stuffing...MY MOMs.

I don't know her recipe & I don't think she even has it written down.
We must change that!
But every year it is my favorite part of the meal.
I can already taste it now.
We will be in Stillwater so I will have to wait for leftovers.
Which my mom has strict instructions to save me some!
She  spoils me like that. :) 
I am her favorite you know.
OK not really, but I like to think I am. 

How about you?
 What part of the meal do you look forward too?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Saving Bambi...

I was in the kitchen fixing (as we Okies say) supper...
& I hear screaming & yelling in my front yard.

I knew Lauren was out on a walk with our dog Summer
so I instantly knew something wasn't right.

I bolted out the front door to hear Lauren saying...
"The dogs have a deer"...Ummm...what?
I glanced over & to my amazement...
Yep, the other 2 dogs sure did have a deer.


So I did what any good blogger would do...
I ran back inside to get my camera so I could
share this picture with you....

Took the pic & began the wrestling match with my lab to make
her let go of the deer. Meanwhile, Lauren is screaming at the dog..
throwing bologna at her & it is total chaos at my house. 

Seriously I could have won a million bucks (haha...pun intended)
if someone would have video the shear madness that erupted 
at my house in a matter of 10 minutes. 

Finally Mazi let go of the deer...and it went a little crazy to say
the least! It keep trying to jump  over our fence and almost knocked it over!
Lauren grabbed a landscape timber & corralled it toward our gate 
because it couldn't jump over the fence...while I am holding a 90lb 
lab back who is desperately trying get the deer. 

Eventually the deer makes it out the gate & runs off & all is well.
I felt like I had just entered a WWF wrestling match. 
Lauren calmed down & recovers from the traumatic event.

I really can't believe my dogs caught that deer...WOW!

While driving home the other night a couple of deer ran in front 
of us by our house...pretty sure it was Bambi. 
(that's what we named it)
Thank you Jesus for Lauren seeing them alive now my little animal
lover can have peace knowing we saved the deer for sure!!

Bambi Lives...You just never know what the day will bring do you?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Dumped Backpack..."Oh"

Have you ever been embarrassed in front of a crowd?

Lauren's day...(remember she is in 8th grade)

"My teacher keep us late so I had to run to catch the FFA bus."
(she rides a bus over to the FFA barn 3rd hour)

"When I got out there it was pulling away & so I had to run to catch it.
My backpack wasn't zipped all the way...
(you know what's coming next)
And all my books...folders...& papers dumped out 
Everywhere....blowing across the parking lot.
I could hear everyone one on the bus say..."OH"

My friend Keela got off the bus & helped me gather my things...
I wanted to cry mom...
Several people teased me as I walked down the aisle of the bus."

As her mom...I just hugged her & told her how sorry I was.
Bless her heart. It's amazing how something so simple turns into
such an embarrassing moment in your life.
(and yes I wanted to go smack the teasers)

But you know what I love about this story...her friend Keela.
She took the time to get off the bus & help Lauren.

I just want to hug that Keela. She loved on my sweet girl in a
moment that made a world of difference. She left her comfort
zone of the bus & picked up Lauren & her mess.

Challenged me to remember...lots of us have messes...whether we
can see them or not like a dumped backpack in the middle of a school
parking lot or a marriage that is falling apart...finances are out of control..
lack of faith in God...we all have Messes.

But do we have a friend that gets off the bus...out of their comfort zone
and reaches down and helps us up?

 Are we that friend ourselves?

Or are you the one sitting in the seat gossiping & laughing at someone?

Praying God opens my mind & shows my heart how to love others
with love of the Father above!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why I Count it All JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday So sing with me...
I Got the Joy Joy Joy Joy down in my heart..
Go grab my friend Angel's button & help 
spread some JOY since it's Wednesday!!!

Why Am I filled with JOY this week?

A clean house...simply put!

Football is over & Matt & Jaden are home at night now!

Met with my PWs on staff on Monday night & we 
laughed & cried & even scared a few of us!

Being able to go to BSF on Tuesday nights while
I am subbing for 6 weeks.

God is Sovereign over Everything.

I have a MIGHTY GOD!

We are surrounded by people who love our kids
& support us in our community.

Matt's mom...she is wearing Brooke's hat at Jaden's game
last week..she is always silly with the kids!

3 days of wearing Jeans to work. Really. That. Is. Big.

Everyone home for dinner....the giggles & 
silliness that occur amaze me!

Have a blessed day!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

2nd Place is definitely something to CELEBRATE!!!

Before the game most the moms circled up & prayed together.
We invited the other team to pray with us...but no one showed.
I could barely get thru the prayer without tears...
my emotions were high & my nerves were even higher.
A fabulous group of ladies who work well together to
make Football a fun...spirited experienced for their sons.
Thank you to each of you for your leadership!

We are the Owasso Rams in our hometown. And they 
brought out the big helmet the HS team uses for the boys
to run out onto the field...they love this. 
The Boys Of Fall needs to be playing.
They boys walk out onto the field for the coin toss holding hands...
# 66 is my boy.
 So I wanted to show off my "Mad Sign Decorating Skills"
I know you are so impressed huh? :) We made signs for the 
boys that hung along the fence. It's amazing what
you can do with Glitter & tissue paper!
 We knew the game would be a tough one for us
and in the end the other team won. A few tears were
shed but as they were handed their huge 2nd place 
trophies...smiles appeared on their faces. 2nd place
out of 67 teams that is something to celebrate!!!

But the best part of the day was this picture right here...
Both teams prayed together on the field after the game.
You would be surprise the response this moment created 
on the INFC Forum where people chat about the games. 
 Congrats Owasso RED 4th Grade!! 
 Proud Dad & Coach
 Of course Nana & Papa were there to CHEER!
 Grandma & Grandpa Thomason too!
Head Coach Peterson & his son Hayden 
So we wrap up another season of Football. It's a long season!
I am excited to have my boy & husband home at night
during the week. 
And did you see me in any of those pics? 
dadgummitt!!! Why do I do that?
I take them all & never get in them!!! 
Oh well..:)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Game On...cowbells in hand!

Cowbells have been painted RED...
(our noise makers)

Posters have been made....
(to decorate the fence)

What started back on August 1st will come to an end
tomorrow as we play our last game of the season.


In 3 seasons, only one team has beat us...
And we play them tomorrow...(sigh) 

Our boys have fought hard & gave it their all
in every game this year...

But no matter what the final score is...
I am proud of my son & I am proud to be part 
of Owasso Red. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why I Count It All JOY Wednesday!!

Love me some Joy Spreading Wednesdays!!
Join my friend Angel & grab her button & spread some JOY!

Why Am I filled with JOY this week?

I have survived 2 days of working full time!

Our church staff...several of them have braved the cold
& took the time out of their day to come to Jaden's 
playoff games this week. I appreciate their support 
more than they know!!

Jaden's team has won every game & they are going 
to the Championship game this Saturday!!
We are soo excited!!

My MIL brought me some pecans when they 
came to Jaden's game last night, so I can
make my annual spiced pecans again!
Can you believe how expensive those NUTS
are? I mean really?

My mom, that anytime I need her to help out
she always pitches in to pick up a kid or take them
somewhere for me.

FFA...I am seeing Lauren blossom so much thru 
this program.

My husband...that he makes the bed every morning,
just something simple he does to bless me.

God's word & how He leads me. 

What are you Joyful about this week? 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Went better than expected...

pity parties
today at Kindergarten.

Yes I was a good girl.
You would be proud.

But there were 
and many other things.

I survived....oh and the kids were great too!

Thanks for all your words of encouragement.
My feet hurt...& I am exhausted...in a good way.
So I will take a long bath...eat Pulled Pork Sandwiches
that have been in cooking all day in the crockpot!
Relax & enjoy my family...
probably sing B.L.A.C.K. spells black in my sleep
and start it all over again in the morning.

How was your day? 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Put Your Big Girl Panties On...I'm Trying!!

Yes...yes...I have been spoiled over the years not to work full time...
For almost 14 years I have managed to only work park time.
(outside the home atleast because we all know being a
mom/wife...is a full time job in itself)

That all comes to an end on Monday...
(said in a weepy voice)

Mrs. Thomason will be Rockin the Kindergarten Class
until Christmas break...Dec. 17th as their teacher is having
a baby & she will be gone for 6 weeks!

But seriously...I am excited to be around the other
ladies I will be working with...they are a fabulous team!
It is an amazing opportunity for me spread Jesus love!

I have meal planned until Dec. 17th. Lots of crock pot ideas!
I have rallied the troops at home & told them it's time to step it up!

I want to apologize if I don't blog or get to visit your blog
as much during this time. Time management is my word for
the next 6 weeks. Somethings have just gotta give so I don't
loose my mind.

If you see the Thomason children...& they look abused...
unclothed or wearing the same outfit because their
mom didn't do laundry...unfeed...(HA) give them some love.
If you come to my house & it is dirty....just give me a hug
& say "Bless Your Heart."
If I look tired & stressed or snap your head off...I'm sorry.

NO really...I am a little anxious about it all, but I know God
has provided this job for me at the right time. We try hard
to live debt free & this will allow us to get thru
Christmas & bdays & save a little at the same time. So for
that...I am incredibly grateful.

I know some of you work full time & you are rolling your
eyes & saying..."put your big girl panties on & deal with it"
Well...that is what I'm doing...I am slipping one leg in at a

I'm asking for prayers from you all. I know you will do that!

Do you work full time? Any Hints on managing the Home life?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why I Count It All JOY Wednesday!!

It's my favorite Day of the week to BLOG! 
It's Wednesday!! & you know what that means..
Spread the Joy people!!
Join my friend Angel & grab her button & get started!!

Why Am I filled with JOY this week?

My son's football team had a pep rally on Monday...we 
are headed to the playoffs Thursday night!

Studying Isaiah...I am learning so much about the history
of the bible & how God disciplines us & loves us!

I was able to Toxbox with Joy & Kate last night...
you must go check out their blogs!

Getting to sit with my friend Loren & visit with 
her last week...truly a blessing.

Eating a pumpkin cream cheese muffin right out of the oven.

Riding to BSF with my good friend Kenna each week,
I am going to miss our time together when I sub.

I still have 5 days left until I start subbing
 full time until Christmas.

Meal planned & grocery shopped for 2 weeks today!

That God leads me into situations & grows me in faith.

Amanda Chitwood is home from Mayo & recovering
from her pancreas surgery.

The right & privilege to VOTE.
(yes I like to wear the sticker)

Watching my kids serve. 

Wearing Hoodies...I have 
enough for each day of the week. 
(sad huh?)

Just heard a Branson Christmas commercial...
we will be there in exactly one month from today.
It's one of my favorite trips.

Opportunities God gives me daily...

What has filled you with JOY this week?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jaden's Fan Club

Jaden's team had their last season game on Saturday & all 6 of 
his grandparents were able to make the game! Yea!!!
Now it's playoff week...

My kids love when their grandparents take the time to 
come see them. As many of you know my parents live
on the same block as us so we get to see them 
on a regular basis which has been such an
enormous blessing for my kids & I.

Matt's parents live about an hour & half away so we
see them about 4 times a year
& sometimes we get the opportunity to see
them a few other times.

When it comes down to it...our family
should be our "fan club" so to speak.
When the world knocks you down
come home & know you have someone
who believes in you...listens to you, loves you
 & is ready to cheer you on. 

I'm thankful for 6 people in my kids lives that we call
Grandparents (& Nana & Papa)...that love my kids &
 we know we can always count on them to cheer us on. 

Do you live close to your Family
 & are they involved in
your kids lives? 
How involved are you as a Grandparent in your 
Grandkids lives? 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fighter Pilot, Flapper, A Ninja & Marilyn Monroe??

Jaden has wanted to be an Air Force fighter pilot for quite awhile now...
(and yes his mother is still praying about that one!)
When it comes time to decide what he wants to be for Halloween...
I always get the same thing every year...a fighter pilot...but you see,
his mom is way to cheap to pay for one of those pilot suits at the
TASM that he saw on a trip out there. (Tulsa Air & Space Museum)
So she looks & looks for one...but it's never a "real one" according to
Jaden. Finally this year...I was worn down...& gave in to the over
 priced jumpsuit, Drove him out there...& guess what??..
it was 20% off...HA! SCORE!

But the helmet was cheesey that came with it, pretty much for a toddler.
Therefore I bought him some Top Gun sunglasses from Wal-Mart & a
Black hat with an American flag to wear instead...little did I know...God
was about to make his dreams come true on Sunday...he does that you know?

While visiting with a new couple at our church after service on
Sunday we learn that Rob is a fighter pilot...WHAT?
And he has an old helmet & gear he offered to let Jaden wear...
Seriously, I have never talked to this man before...& the one
Sunday I do...um Halloween...the day Jaden needs this information!!!

And there ya have it...Jaden is sporting a real F16 fighter pilot helmet
 & gear around his waist. The suit is from TASM. Yep....
take a look at that boy because he will be looking like that in
about 10 years full time...sniff sniff...says his mom.
I'm so proud of him though for wanting to serve our country. 
And now we have Brooke the sassy Flapper Girl...Sooo her.
NO big story here...just Target.
Oh poor Lauren...stuck in between wanting to trick or treat but
not dress up & be with the familypoint in her life.
She sported this t-shirt that said...Budget Ninja Costume...$5.
So I guess on what I over spent on Jaden...
I saved on Lauren...Doesn't that justify it? U bet!

WE have our favorite neighborhoods to trick or treat, but we have a few stops we have to make each year...my parents are always on that list! They give us the good candy!!

Ms. Shirley is always fun to visit with...:)
The Crammers give us full size candy bars...we love them!

And this crazy lady is something else...her kids go to school with 
mine & God just placed her in my life last night as a little
reminder that I need to show his love to everyone & relax
a little. We have spent time together on occasion 
thru the years with sports, FFA & school.
Our boys ended up walking around 
together, she smoked, cussed...& I'm pretty sure there was 
something extra in that QT cup of hers...but you know
she is so funny & enjoys life.  I take life to serious 
& I need to remember to HAVE MORE FUN & not
be so judgemental & step out of my comfort zone!!
(Not that I'm gonna smoke, cuss & drink People!! )
And I really didn't care if someone from church
saw us hanging with Marilyn Monroe. 
Her daughter is in Lauren's small group at church
& I just pray a seed is being planted in 
their lives from our family.
Rubbing Shoulders as our pastors puts it. 

Halloween...it was a crazy fun time for us!
God always teaches me a lesson when I least expect it!
How about you...How was your Halloween?