Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why I Count it All JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday So sing with me...
I Got the Joy Joy Joy Joy down in my heart..
Go grab my friend Angel's button & help 
spread some JOY since it's Wednesday!!!

Why Am I filled with JOY this week?

A clean house...simply put!

Football is over & Matt & Jaden are home at night now!

Met with my PWs on staff on Monday night & we 
laughed & cried & even scared a few of us!

Being able to go to BSF on Tuesday nights while
I am subbing for 6 weeks.

God is Sovereign over Everything.

I have a MIGHTY GOD!

We are surrounded by people who love our kids
& support us in our community.

Matt's mom...she is wearing Brooke's hat at Jaden's game
last week..she is always silly with the kids!

3 days of wearing Jeans to work. Really. That. Is. Big.

Everyone home for dinner....the giggles & 
silliness that occur amaze me!

Have a blessed day!!


  1. Yea for being joyful! I am so glad you are keeping some sanity while working!!

  2. So glad the working thing is working for you!! Love your joy list. Dinner time is one of my favorites too, so important!!

    Love you my friend

  3. Jeans to work is definitely a joyful thing! I used to LOVE the Fridays we would get to wear jeans to school.

  4. I love reading your Wednesday Joy posts and I intend on joining in one day soon, didn't see it until this evening, so that's my excuse this time! lol

    Glad subbing is going well for you!

  5. Awww ~ sooo much Joy in the Thomason household! Praise the Lord! Love his momma in the hat! I wondered how you were doing BSF while working! Yay for that nite study! God is sooo good to us isn't HE!

    Love you


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