Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why I Count it All JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday & you know it's time to COUNT YOUR JOYS!!
Join my friend Angel & grab her button& spread some JOY!

Why Am I filled with JOY This week?

2 days of school...which means 2 work days...AMEN!

Spending a few days with my sister in law Krista...our time together
is so refreshing & fun...she is also a PW.

Eating until I am so full & then passing out on the couch tomorrow...:)

We broke tradition & put up our Christmas Tree last weekend. 
I am so glad we did this! YEAH!

It's bedlam Weekend! OSU vs. OU...GO POKES!!

My husband & how hard he works around the house  to help
me out while I am working.

Laughter...over the silliest things. 

Our chickens are laying 6 eggs a day...& we have 3 customers now
that are buying them on a regular basis!! 

Everyone gathered around the table praising God for our Blessings.

I have bought 5 Christmas presents...Woo hoo!! 

Getting up early on Black Friday with my Nieces & going shopping...
we have done this for years! Then we eat at Panera to end our time!! 

All my blogging thankful GOD has put all of you in my life.

My list could go on & on this week. But I will do a special one on 
Thanksgiving for all my Thankful things! 


  1. Yea! Happy Thanksgiving! We are putting our tree up tomorrow and I am so happy! Have a great holiday with family!!

  2. So glad you are getting some time off with your family!! Believing you will have a fabulous, joyfilled, Thanksgiving!!

    Love you


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