Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Dumped Backpack..."Oh"

Have you ever been embarrassed in front of a crowd?

Lauren's day...(remember she is in 8th grade)

"My teacher keep us late so I had to run to catch the FFA bus."
(she rides a bus over to the FFA barn 3rd hour)

"When I got out there it was pulling away & so I had to run to catch it.
My backpack wasn't zipped all the way...
(you know what's coming next)
And all my books...folders...& papers dumped out 
Everywhere....blowing across the parking lot.
I could hear everyone one on the bus say..."OH"

My friend Keela got off the bus & helped me gather my things...
I wanted to cry mom...
Several people teased me as I walked down the aisle of the bus."

As her mom...I just hugged her & told her how sorry I was.
Bless her heart. It's amazing how something so simple turns into
such an embarrassing moment in your life.
(and yes I wanted to go smack the teasers)

But you know what I love about this story...her friend Keela.
She took the time to get off the bus & help Lauren.

I just want to hug that Keela. She loved on my sweet girl in a
moment that made a world of difference. She left her comfort
zone of the bus & picked up Lauren & her mess.

Challenged me to remember...lots of us have messes...whether we
can see them or not like a dumped backpack in the middle of a school
parking lot or a marriage that is falling apart...finances are out of control..
lack of faith in God...we all have Messes.

But do we have a friend that gets off the bus...out of their comfort zone
and reaches down and helps us up?

 Are we that friend ourselves?

Or are you the one sitting in the seat gossiping & laughing at someone?

Praying God opens my mind & shows my heart how to love others
with love of the Father above!!


  1. Aaww, sweet story and thank goodness for Keela.

  2. Oh bless her heart Steph! I hate that for her! Kids can just be soooo stinkin cruel! So thankful for Keela! God bless that young lady!

    Great post Steph! May we all be like Keela


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