Monday, May 31, 2010

PCB Day 2

The weather was just amazing today here. This is our view from our balcony....I could really look at this all day LONG and NEVER get tired of it. Standing in AWE of God's creation...the colors...just take my  breath away.
Just hanging with the family...the kids
Matt & won't see me in my suit in a pic...
The whole family
Buried in the sand..
The kids have been dying to go Parasailing...but when it came time to do it...Jaden was scared. It's pretty pricey to do we wanted all 3 kids to go at once so it would save us some know...the budget thing. He would NOT go without we kinda tricked him & Matt rode out on the boat with them. When it came time to saddle up....Matt're going without me. Jaden gave him a look...but did it. I was so proud of him for going. But HE LOVED IT!!!! They had to ride a banana boat that is pulled by a wave runner out to the parasailing boat. It was a crazy fun ride for them!
The kids Parasailing...:)
For dinner we ate at Captain Jacks all you can eat crab legs! My kids love crab legs...we don't get them hardly ever because of the we ate until we almost puked!! LOL!

They also had dessert...
So...another day on the beach. It's so relaxing and fun as a family. Hope all of you get a chance to spend time with your family this summer. NO matter if it's in your backyard or somewhere else. 

Panama Day 1...

One of the best parts...meeting Joy which I blogged about already...
but onto our day!
We hit our favorite pizza place down here...
Mellow Mushroom!!
Why do we love this place? Well...their ingredients is all natural...made fresh right there!
This is my favorite pizza...(not my fam's fav. just mine)
It has...roma tomatoes, olive oil & garlic, spinach, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes...YUM!!
Brooke enjoying her pizza...

Jaden found Optimus Prime from Transformers...
When we got home there was a water tornado out in the ocean!
We headed to the beach & did some boogie boardin!
Jaden made a fort for his Gooey Ducks...yep Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs taught Jaden about Gooey Ducks...
We saw Dolphins...hard to tell from this pic...but this is one...
***I interrupt  this blog to tell you I did something I can't believe I did...I left my telephoto lens at home for my Canon Rebel...yes...I am so sick...I can't believe I did that...almost cried...***
This is Matt & the kids in the ocean...we have seen sting rays every day. They don't bother anyone, but they freak us out a little. You know Steve Irwin was killed by kids adored him so that freaks them out a little. :) But they are getting over it. 
We have had a fabulous relaxing time so far. So thankful for the opportunity to be here. The ocean amazes me still. I love the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Never gets old.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Meeting my Virtual Friend Joy...

I have always wanted to meet one of my bloggy friends & today that happened!!!

A few months ago Lori over at Leading & Loving interviewed Joy her interview she mentioned that she lived in Panama City. Well, of course I had to go check her out & tell her that my family & I would be vacationing in PC soon & would love to meet her!! Joy & I started chatting on FB & following each other blogs...she is precious!! was the day...I got to hug Joy's her hubby & her adorable children! Matt & I took the kids to their church where Cory is the student pastor & I got to sit next to her & worship the Lord with her!!
Her precious family!!

There is an instant connection between Pastor's wives that no one else can understand...unless you are one. The Hendersons have been at Callaway Assembly of God for 8 years.  We hope to catch up with them again this week. 

Thank you Joy for welcoming us to your church this morning. It was such a blessing to get to meet you. 
Thanks Lori Wilhite for connecting all us's been life changing. Can't wait to hug Lori's neck someday soon too. 

Friday, May 28, 2010

Beach Bums's time. We will officially be beach bums tomorrow!!! WOO HOO! 

I. Can. Not. Wait.

Panama we come. 

Please pray for our family as we travel. For those of you who kept up with our Yellowstone trip last year...I am happy to inform you we are RENTING a Suburban this year from Enterprise. 

Not. Taking. Any. Chances. the commercial goes..."Enterprise...we pick you up." So if any vehicle issues arise...we are taken care of. Big shout out to Jon Seay for helping us with it. The kids are so excited to ride in it. It will fill like a palace compared to our minivan. The poor Star (that's what we call our van) is having some issues & she just needs to rest in peace at home. 

So if you want to follow along with us on this adventure...we would love to have you along. 

And I get to meet one of my bloggy friends Joy!!! She is one of my fellow PW's I've met out here in the blog world!!! I am so excited! We are going to their church on Sunday & I get to hug her neck & worship the Lord with her!!! See you soon Joy!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thanks Teachers

Every summer I pray for God to place my kids in the classes he thinks they should be in...not the one I think is best. He always proves to know what's best...even when I question Him. Once again this year...He knew better than me. Thank you Jesus!!!

Meet Mrs. Carden...Brooke's teacher. She is so sweet...always hugs them...but isn't afraid to discipline them...her classroom is in order & the kids know what is expected of them. Which...Brooke being a pleaser...likes that. Lauren also had Mrs. Carden and we have loved her since.  I appreciate how much Mrs. Carden loves my kids & her job as their teacher. Thank you Mrs. Carden...we love you!
Now meet  Mrs. Anderson...Jaden's teacher...Brooke had her in 3rd grade also.  She is the perfect teacher for Jaden & boys his age. She loves on them and has high expectations for them. She lets them be boys and understands their quirks. One thing I dig about her is...she let's parents be involved. She lets you plan parties & make copies if needed. I utterly enjoy such things!  Thanks Mrs. Anderson for making Jaden's 3rd grade year so awesome. You always take such good care of us!!
This here is our principal Mrs. Casey. Now...Mrs. Casey she has a strong personality...some can handle it...some can't. She knows whats expected and doesn't sway from that. I see her hug on our kids & try her best to teach them that they can be anything they set their minds too. I would never want her job...being a principal is not have to deal with so know so much...and it probably breaks your heart to be honest most days. But I know she does it because she truly loves kids. Thank you Mrs. Casey for making our school a great place to have our kids!!

I hope you are blessed with fantastic teachers too! Make sure & show them how much you appreciate them for everything they do for our children!! 

Super Kids Day!

At the end of each year Mills has Super Kids Day!! It's a day show off everything they have learned during gym this year along with some just plain fun in the Sun!! 

I was in charge of the Animal Sling this year. We slung a turtle out of a sling...can you say that 3x fast? 

Brooke & Mayan...her best little bud at school
Jaden & Wyatt...his best dude!
Momma & her girl...last SKD for her @ Mills. She will be in 6th grade next year!! NO!
Police Officer Tracy...she is our Children Pastors wife! She helps out at the schools. She ROCKS!
Brooke & Jaden. They give them tags to punch off the games they play!
Super Fun Day @ Super Kids Day! SO glad I can be a part of their school Fun!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pray for Denise

My blog friend Kat asked me to help spread the word about a friend of hers named Denise. She has Guilain-Barre Syndrome

Please go here to read more about Denise.

Thanks in advance to all my prayer warrior friends!! This is what the blog world is all about! Love you guys!

Piano Recital

Ok...I've been so busy! I have so many end of the year things to post about or all these Grandparents might get me! LOL! That is one of the reasons I keep our family here and there updated on our lives. My next few blogs will be about things we have going on to catch the family up!

So let's start with Brooke's piano recital...

Brooke and her absolutely OUTSTANDING teacher...Mrs. Grant
Brooke playing...she did magnificent!!
She performed a duo with another girl from our church...Lexi. It was so cute & Brooke was so nervous to play with her. But she did great! Thanks Lexi!!
Brooke receiving her award for finishing a book this year!
Papa, Nana & Danielle with the girl
Grandma & Grandpa Z. came for the her some flowers!
The whole family!! 
So proud of my girl...she is learning praise & worship songs to play for church. Just makes my heart leap for joy to hear her play for Jesus! 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Creation In Christ

3 weeks ago I posted about Jaden's caterpillar here. And we have waited & waited on that thing to come out of it's cocoon!! Yesterday afternoon he checked on it and still nothing...infact he started to think it had died. 
So did I...

But last night he opened the lid and there sat this moth on the side of the bucket! WOW!! 
I's not the beautiful colorful butterfly that we expected, but it's still pretty!
If you look close at the cocoon you can see the little hole that it come out of...absolutely a miracle right there people how that thing can get out of that hole without destroying the cocoon.
Jaden & I talked about how it is a miracle that it can grow wings & turn into a moth in a cocoon. Only God can do that!! NO DOUBT!! an adult...that never gets still just amazes me to watch this process. True sign of God's hand in the middle of creation. 

 He wants to take us & transform us into His will for our lives & become a New Creation in Christ! 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Babysitting #2 Ella...

Our family has decided to give a young couple each month a night out and watch their kids! We know how hard it is just to have a night alone with little ones...been there....:) This is babysitting adventure #2...I would like to introduce you to this girl..she is 2 years old...
Ella is the daughter of Cheynne &  Jamie Enyart. They have 2 daughters...Baylor is probably 6...but she was at a bday party for the night. Ella wanted to swim...but wasn't quite ready for the big I blew up our little tiny pool and put some littlest pet shop toys in there for her...but eventually she ended up in the big pool with the girls.
We ate pizza by the pool..notice our lab sitting in the chair...she thinks she is a person.
Then we colored this picture...
Because we made this little flower pot.
You can get the kit at Hobby Lobby for practically nothing! Do you just want to squeeze her?
All snuggled up with my girls to watch Alvin & the Chipmunks!
And of course we had to make Chocolate Chip Cookies...can you see the chocolate all over her face & kinda girl right there!
As she was leaving she wanted a to take a picture of me but we decided to get her in the shot too..
I adore this little Ella. She is really funny. She made us laugh the entire night. She is sweet, but SO ornery & sassy!! I just can't figure out why I love her so much...hmmm ornery & sassy...sounds like me.
As she left she said "thanks for having me over" in her little 2 year old voice. OH MY WORD! My heart just leaped with joy from that. I have to tell you...doing this has been such a blessing for our family. Getting to have some little ones around for a night is fun and knowing their parents get to enjoy some alone time makes me have some peace & comfort...hoping we can encourage them to take care of their marriage. Very thankful for my girls who entertain the little ones when they are here...I am overwhelmed with their servant hearts and how good they are to the kids. 
So are welcome are an adorable little girl who steals my heart every time you come around!! :) 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Favorite Place

One of my most favorite places in my house is this...

Yep...That's my bathtub. I take about 3 hot bubble baths a week...I would take more...but I just don't have the time.  When we were building our house there was no question as to whether or not this tub would be in our house. 

Soaking in the tub...all nice & relaxes me. It makes my bones feel better and just helps me slow down and pray while I'm in there. I love bubble baths...hint hint...if you ever want to buy me something let's say for my bday...Victoria Secret Coconut Passion or Love Spell would make me love you. Just kidding! I love you anyway! :) You can see my pile of lotions & bubble baths on the side of the tub...I really need to find a cute basket to put them. I always think it fun to share pictures of our homes with each other. It gives us a glimpse into our daily lives. 

How about you? Do you have a favorite place in your house that if you moved it would be a deal breaker if it didn't have this area? Are you a Bath Junkie like me?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adventures @ Target In NC

I have to tell you something might not think it's as funny as we did...but we were super tired...sitting in Target @ Starbucks in North Carolina waiting for our plane.

A grandma...a toddler...a mom & an infant were standing behind us.

The infant started to fuss.

The a sweet cuddly voice said....

"If you don't stop I'm gonna whip your a**"

Yes people!! She said that to that sweet baby in the cart!!! Can you believe that? 3 out of the 4 of us sitting at the table heard it. We looked at each we really just hear that? Nu uh!! And then...I just couldn't control myself...I laid my head down on the table &  died laughing!!!!

I have NEVER in my life heard someone talk to a baby like that...and especially in such a sweet enduring voice!!

Not sure if that is common in North Carolina...but ReAlLy?!?!?!

Ok...just a little interesting story that happened to me last week. I's not really funny to talk to a baby like that...but you just had to be there.


Hello my blog friends.

Yes...I've been Missing In Action in the blog world.
Being gone a week has put me behind in




Having sick kids to cuddle has put me behind in

All the said above things

But...happy to report all kids are well & back in school today.

I'm subbing all week.

And I'm catching up on sleep & life.

I've missed you all.

I'm Back.

We have chickens now.


You know I'm gonna blog about that soon....:)

I'm pititful...I'm done whinning...LOL!!

Bless my heart as Beth Moore would say!

Blessings & love to you all.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fevers Smevers!!! UGH!!!!

Shoo...wheeee!! I am so glad to be home!! It's been a fun but crazy week.  On Tuesday, while I was in Tennessee Jaden started running a fever...103 to be exact. The week before Lauren had a fever for 2 days & then she was I thought that is what Jaden had & I told the Grandparents to just ride it out. When Lauren was sick I had taken her to the Dr. and they tested her for the flu & strep...and nothing.

Now...I absolutely DO NOT run to the dr. when my kids are ANNOYS me to the copay...sit there for an hour...pick up all the other germs that the other sick kids left...just to's a virus....go home and just watch them. UGH! Not that I want them to have something know. Just give me some drugs to make them better! LOL!!

Anyway, Jaden stayed home on Wed. & he was totally fine. Went to Target & out to lunch with his Grandparents, played outside, messed around with my dad in his shop. His temperature was only 99 that evening & he seemed like he was getting over it. So we sent him to school on Thursday. He made it almost the whole day, then his stomach started to hurt so my neighbor picked him up from school. Around 4:00 his temperature was 104!! WOW!! WHAT?? I am 100's of miles away..about to board a plane (which I am anxious about anyway) and my son is so sick! Finally my dad made the decision just to take him to Urgent Care because my Dr. was already closed for the day.

Picture an airport...on the phone with Urgent I start talking to the lady...I start to cry. She was so sweet & compassionate. I was a mess. I don't know why...just ready to be home and upset I wasn't there to take care of my BABY!! Found out the boy had Strep Throat, got a shot...amoxicillin and we hoped he was on his way to healing.

We make it home @ 12:00 am on Thursday...tired...only to find out Brooke is sick now. UGH! The next morning we are suppose to head to Manhattan, KS for Hannah's wedding. So I run her to the Dr. just incase it's strep...of course...NO strep. Yeah, but what is it? Fever...same signs as Jaden...or is it hand mouth & foot? On Saturday...they both woke up with spots...which is typical for strep...but what about Brooke?


It's Sunday...they both had fevers last night again. We are on day 5 of fever with Jaden. No fever today though. Still have the red spots. Today is just lay around & do nothing today. They sent Brooke's strep culture to see if it will grow...we will find out tomorrow.

I am so glad to be home. I HATE being gone when they are sick. I had a little break down at the airport last week. Even though I knew they were in capable hands with my parents & Matt's mom...I still wanted to be home with them.

This has been a long post..sorry...just needed to's been since Wednesday since I've blogged. Sorry it's so random & probably hard to follow. Any advice from you mommy's out there? I just get annoyed with Dr. visits and take them's a virus...don't take them in...they are sick. Geez...I know it's not the Dr.s's just...just...oh I need to hush.
I'm's all good.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby Stage...U forget what it requires...

Once your babies aren't babies anymore:
You forget...
that it takes 30 or more minutes to get out the door
how much stuff is required just to walk out the door
the panic of not being able to find that binky!
not sleeping all night
planning your showers during nap time
applying make up can be a challenge in itself while entertaining a baby
how you can do anything and hold a bottle
who cares how many times it falls on the ground...they can stick it in their mouths
spit up
your back killing you after carrying that carseat
poopy diapers that go up their back 
how everything revolves around the Nap

But you remember...
that sweet smile
when they reach for you
say momma for the first time
cuddling on the couch
watching them sleep
how they make you feel so important
seeing God's love in their eyes
that baby lotion smell
the first time they giggle
when they wake up in the morning & jabber in bed
so many things...

This week has brought back so many memories for me watching this sweet baby. He is so good! Don't get me wrong...I have NO desire to be back in the baby stage...but I am looking forward to being an amazing Nana one day....far far in the future!! 
Look at him!

What is one thing you "forget" and one thing you "remember"???