Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Creation In Christ

3 weeks ago I posted about Jaden's caterpillar here. And we have waited & waited on that thing to come out of it's cocoon!! Yesterday afternoon he checked on it and still nothing...infact he started to think it had died. 
So did I...

But last night he opened the lid and there sat this moth on the side of the bucket! WOW!! 
I's not the beautiful colorful butterfly that we expected, but it's still pretty!
If you look close at the cocoon you can see the little hole that it come out of...absolutely a miracle right there people how that thing can get out of that hole without destroying the cocoon.
Jaden & I talked about how it is a miracle that it can grow wings & turn into a moth in a cocoon. Only God can do that!! NO DOUBT!! an adult...that never gets still just amazes me to watch this process. True sign of God's hand in the middle of creation. 

 He wants to take us & transform us into His will for our lives & become a New Creation in Christ! 


  1. Such a true post. So glad that his caterpillar transformed. It is such an amazing process.

  2. Sooo amazing :) HE makes all things NEW doesn't HE!!

  3. This is another amazing example of what Science can not explain away.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Thanks for this! Its so true! He transforms our hearts, minds, and souls to be more like Him! Its an amazing process and journey for sure.


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