Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby Stage...U forget what it requires...

Once your babies aren't babies anymore:
You forget...
that it takes 30 or more minutes to get out the door
how much stuff is required just to walk out the door
the panic of not being able to find that binky!
not sleeping all night
planning your showers during nap time
applying make up can be a challenge in itself while entertaining a baby
how you can do anything and hold a bottle
who cares how many times it falls on the ground...they can stick it in their mouths
spit up
your back killing you after carrying that carseat
poopy diapers that go up their back 
how everything revolves around the Nap

But you remember...
that sweet smile
when they reach for you
say momma for the first time
cuddling on the couch
watching them sleep
how they make you feel so important
seeing God's love in their eyes
that baby lotion smell
the first time they giggle
when they wake up in the morning & jabber in bed
so many things...

This week has brought back so many memories for me watching this sweet baby. He is so good! Don't get me wrong...I have NO desire to be back in the baby stage...but I am looking forward to being an amazing Nana one day....far far in the future!! 
Look at him!

What is one thing you "forget" and one thing you "remember"???


  1. I love to just look at a sleeping baby (well even my sleeping kids) and just be amazed by their innocence...just absolute God-made perfection.

    Something I forget- bottles...oh yeah, we can't just run through a drive thru

    Something I remember- the love of sleeping baby while you hold them and the little jerking movements of their chubby fingers and the flutter of their eyelids while they dream....
    like I said utter perfection

    Sheri mom2aii

  2. What I forget: How you never have time just to read a book.

    What I remember: The bliss of having everyone right at home safe...instead of praying my heart out when the teenagers are out and driving!

  3. Forget the sleepless nights but love the cuddles in the morning!!

  4. You really do forget all the hard work. I always remember the wonderful parts but when my granddaughter was born and I took care of her a lot, I couldn't believe how much work it was. It hadn't been that long since the twins were little, but I only remembered the sweetness not the work!! So glad you are having a great week with him!! Love and Blessings

  5. So sweet!! I couldn't do the baby thing again...but I will love being a grandma much later in life :o)

  6. Having a gap between my last two kiddos let me forget how "hands on" babies are. It can totally wear you out. However, I love being reminded of how sweet & honest their laughing is. They only laugh if they truly think it's funny. :)


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