Sunday, May 30, 2010

Meeting my Virtual Friend Joy...

I have always wanted to meet one of my bloggy friends & today that happened!!!

A few months ago Lori over at Leading & Loving interviewed Joy her interview she mentioned that she lived in Panama City. Well, of course I had to go check her out & tell her that my family & I would be vacationing in PC soon & would love to meet her!! Joy & I started chatting on FB & following each other blogs...she is precious!! was the day...I got to hug Joy's her hubby & her adorable children! Matt & I took the kids to their church where Cory is the student pastor & I got to sit next to her & worship the Lord with her!!
Her precious family!!

There is an instant connection between Pastor's wives that no one else can understand...unless you are one. The Hendersons have been at Callaway Assembly of God for 8 years.  We hope to catch up with them again this week. 

Thank you Joy for welcoming us to your church this morning. It was such a blessing to get to meet you. 
Thanks Lori Wilhite for connecting all us's been life changing. Can't wait to hug Lori's neck someday soon too. 


  1. How fun. I love meeting blogging friends IRL. They are just like they are on their blogs. It is so fun.

    Have a beautiful Memorial Day!

  2. It was seriously my pleasure and honor to have you visit us! You are right, there's some PW bond :) I love it! Cory & I were talking before church saying "you never know how people are before you meet them" .... and when we left church we both said "man, I really like them!" :)

  3. Steph I love it. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait tell we meet in real life!


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