Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why I count it all JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday!!! Join my friend Angel & count your JOYS!!

Why do I count it all JOY?

Matt's been out of town & I am JOYFUL he is coming 
home tonight! Single parenting isn't fun!!

These daffodils are from my grandparents yard...every year
when they bloom it brings me so much JOY. They passed 
away 3 years ago.
They are gorgeous...3 different types...
double bloom, all white & yellow & white.

Our FCC staff sent us these flowers to the funeral. 
They are so beautiful. So much JOY filled my
heart when I read the card!

All the McCroskey Great Grandkids! 
These kids love to hang out together & it brings me so much JOY to
watch these cousins laugh & enJOY each other.

Lauren is doing so well on her speech contest for FFA. 
I am so proud of her.

Met with virtual PWs last night on Tokbox for the last time.
We will move onto Skype now, but I so ENJOY out times!

Lots of baby & wedding showers right now!

Go fills me with JOY daily & realizing how blessed I am. 
I pray each of you take the time to count your JOYS.

I love this song pretty much describes me. 
Things drive me crazy & I have to remember
p.s. it's a little big for the blog...not sure why!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


No not that yellow spongy bread filled with creamy yumminess....

I am talking about when you are dressed alike. You know...Twinkies.

My mom used to make my sister & I's cloths...& most of them matched like this.
Easter outfits...I was probably 3 or 4 & Christy was 7.

I used to make my girls dressed when they were little too...
They were 1 & 3 here...oh how I would like to go back & spend
one day with them at this age.

But they sadly grow up and they for sure would die if I made them match at their ages
now!! Haha!! We will start looking for an Easter dress soon for them...think I can 
get them too match? I see all of you young moms dressing up your sweet little ones
& their frilly dresses & I have to admit...I'm a little envious of you. :) 

Just thought I would take a trip back in time for the day. How about you?
Have you shopped for those dresses yet? Wish you could go back in time 
& play dress up & be Twinkies???

Monday, March 28, 2011

What's on my mind Monday???

Matt's grandma passed away peacefully at the age of 91 last week. Sitting at her
funeral & listening to those who loved her talk about what a Godly woman she 
was, hard worker, loved her family, good mom, funny & just smiled all the time. 
What a blessing that was for me & the entire family. I pray that I leave a legacy 
behind like hers for others to be blessed though. I will blog about her soon.

Key lime pie...we had small group at our house last night & someone left 
that yumminess in my fridge...I need to just throw it in the trash huh?

Finances....we are going thru a financial series at church & it is so good.
Doing what God wants us to do with our vital.

Pretty flowers....though they are so pretty at a funeral, it blows my mind how 
much money people spend on those things. I really don't want all that at my funeral,
I would rather people send money to a mission in my name. I know...breaking 
tradition. But those poor flowers just die a few days after the funeral & what 
a waste. :( 

Trampolines...our busted after all these years this weekend & I wonder if we 
should replace it. 

Energy....will I have enough energy to make it...kindergarteners wear me out!
But I love them so much!

My daughters friend from school....her mom died from cancer today. She was just
diagnosed 2 weeks ago. I don't have the full story yet, but so sad.

Warm blankets...because The good LORD knows we have needed them this
week...hello spring come back again!!

So that's my little tid bit of thoughts today. I captivating huh? Right!

You all have a blessed week!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Becoming Less

There are weeks you are just glad to maintain!!

That's correct...I didn't gain or lose this week.
And I'm completely fine with those results.

It was one of those weeks I was nervous to step onto that scale. It's that time
of the month (I know there are some of you who cringe at that information...but
it honestly makes a difference for get over it..:)

And of course I'm gonna share a little from my favorite book..MTC..
Do you ever feel like you are traveling around the same mountain & you can't
seem to make the right turn? That's how I feel about my battle with food.
Been there...done that.
A friend of Lysa's named Ruth Graham shared this in her book...
Either we can be victimized and become victims, or we can be victimized & rise
above it. Often it is easier to play the victim than take off our masks and ask for help.
We get comfortable with our victim status. It becomes our identity and is hard to give up.
The Isrealites often played the victim card, and I love what God finally tells them,
"You have circled this mountain long enough. Now turn north." Deut 2:3

I've been struggling with this for so's time to turn north & quit circling this
mountain of disobedience. Anyone else feel that way? I play the victim role well on
some days.

Lies? Do you hate when someone lies to you? I do.
I have to empty myself of the lie that other people or things can ever fill
my heart to the fullest. Not my husband, my kids, food...nothing can fill
my heart....except God.
Some examples:
LIES: I need that cupcake...I love that cupcake. It's a reception...I will be rude if
I don't eat it. I don't ever get a chance to have this kind of stuff except for
at events like's ok
NEW TRUTH: I don't need that cupcake. I can always go buy one at any moment
if I really want one. It will only taste good for a few minutes & then the guilt will
rush in like a dam that has been busted. That cupcake doesn't love u back!

I have to strip these lies from my life like sealer off a concrete floors!!
(trust me...I know what a mess that is)
It's time to TURN NORTH sisters & quit circling this mountain!
This week...pray I won't believe the lies of food.

He must become greater...I must become less. John 3:30

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Loving The Pastor's wife....

Matt sent me this link yesterday....Marc Driscoll wrote this about PWs.
I think he tells it like it is...

So go here..

You can follow this link & read it if you want. I want to encourage all
my PWs to go take a look at it. You will want to hug his neck.

I love my life as a PW. Haven't always, but God has brought some amazing
ladies into my life & that have loved me for who God has called me to be.
They get me in so many ways...


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why I Count It all JOY Wednsday!

I've got the JOY JOY JOY JOY down in my heart.
Where? Down in my heart to stay. 
It's that time of the week....WEDNESDAY!!!
Join my friend Angel as we count our JOYS!

Why Am I FULL of JOY this week?

Matt's Grandma was ushered into Heaven this morning. She
loved the Lord with all her heart & is now worshipping 
Him in all His Glory!! A life well lived for Jesus!!
I just get all excited talking about Heaven.
I wonder what His Grandpa said to her, last time they
were together she didn't know who he was...that 
all changed this morning. 

I laughed my head off with my Virtual PWs the 
other night over something so silly. Too me...
it shows we are becoming friends on another level.
And there will be 5 of us from our group at the retreat in May.

I met with my PWs last night at my house. I cherish 
my time with them. They fill me up in so many ways.

I. FOUND CURTAINS. for our living room. 
This is a task for me.

My house is starting to feel put back together
after all our remodeling.

We found a great table on Craigslist.
I super enjoy Craigslist.

I made Lasagna in Oval...easy peeasy.
(Oval is my crockpots name...she is my BFF)

Having an unexpected lunch date with Tracy Downs & 
Sheila Vancuren at a little diner called Brownies. 
Homemade Pie & Homemade Rootbeer. WOW!
My kids would so love this place.

God's love & his almighty power never fails. 

Light Shines on the righteous & JOY on the 
upright in heart. Rejoice in the Lord, you who
are righteous, and praise his holy name.
Ps. 97:11-12

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2 of my favorite cupcakes...

Just had to share this little pic of my favorite cupcakes...

Dawson & Jillian...
I love these two babies.
I gave them cupcakes during a reception at church.
Isn't it fun being the "aunt" (kinda) and sending them all
messy back to their parents. LOVE IT!!
Look at those faces!!!!

Anyway...just thought this would make you smile today. I could just eat these
cupcakes up!!! So precious!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

What's on my mind Monday???

Shooo wee!!! The kids are back in school!! We had a great spring break...but it's time
to put the pedal to the metal & finish this school year already!!

What's on my mind this Monday?

First...Matt's grandma...we have been informed she most likely won't make it thru
the week. She has alzheimers & it has been a long road for Matt's mom the last few years
watching her mom's health his Grandma says...Getting old isn't for sissys!! Amen!
So pray for his family as they say good bye & release her to God's glory in Heaven.

Did I mention spring break? Yea...that's what's next on my mind...u huh. Well, do you
ever have one of those mornings when all 3 of your kids say...Oh yea...I have some
homework I was suppose to finish. I wanted to punt each one of them out the door when
they told me this information about 5 minutes before the bus came!! Which all 3 of them
missed the bus. I don't mind taking them, but I was annoyed!! Grrr!!

I cooked a Leek for the first time today...Eeek!!

Our church secretary Helen...she will be retiring after 23 years of service. She
deserves an extra special jewel in her crown in heaven. Who can put up with
working with ministers for 23 years & still like them & go to church with them???
Not many people!! know my man is a minister so I can say such things.
But seriously most people can't handle's just overwhelming to them.

And the broom day...we made our kids clean the dreaded upstairs. It was
bad people!!! Anyway...they were suppose to sweep. They did. But you know 3 kids
can't work together without a fight busting out. Right? Most of their fights end up
in laughter & silliness so it's not that big of a deal. I heard some of it going on up there
but hey...if they were cleaning...I was gonna mind my own business. All went well
& then it was my turn to use the I started to sweep I thought....This broom
feels I looked down at the broom, I was correct. It was bent. It is metal.
Metal does not bend....everyone say it was bent!!!! At this point I should
tell you I just bought this broom with a Target gift card someone gave me. **yes, I'm just
weird like that***. I call all my children down because after 3 sweeps, my broom looks like
Can you see that sharp nasty end? Poor worthless broom. It's for a really
short person now...and girls..I'm not tall by any means. ANYWAY...
all three of them look at each other & say..."sorry". I was like...was anyone
gonna say..."hey mom we were HORSING around & broke your broom."
All I got was....Sorry Mom. I know I the scheme of life...the broom
is a stupid issue. So I told them all they would have to buy me a new broom
& I was going to charge a "didn't tell mom" fee & triple the cost of the broom.
I told them brooms are usually $50...I got a "whatever" and everyone burst into
laughter after that. 
So that's my broom story...I know...right? I love my sweet precious kids. Uh huh!

I have so much more like....
I need to get some plants.
Lauren is doing her first speech today & she is so nervous & so am I. Praying she 
does well.
I need to paint my toes. They are sad. 
Some of our friends whose marriage is a mess.
Financial Freedom
I need to clean my house.

Ya'll have a great day....Got a broom story out there to share??? What's on your mind?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Becoming Less

The downhill slide is back...

I lost 2.6 lbs this week!! WOO HOO!

Too be honest...I needed to gain a pound last week. It slapped me back into
reality & made me focus.

What did I focus on  this week?
I really watched my portion sizes & my snacking.
But mostly...talked to God before I put anything in my mouth.

I'm a snacker...I like to eat between each meals.
Oh heck...let's just be real....I love food.
But it's a habit...not because I'm hungry.
I have replaced unhealthy snacks with fruit & nuts. Which means more
trips to the grocery store....but as they now or pay later
with bad health.

When I walk into the kitchen or when I'm sitting at a meal...
I have began to think of these words in Made To Crave...
It's about realizing the power of God taking over my complete weakness.
I am weak when it comes to food...especially sweets. From what I understand
the more sugar you eat, the more you crave it. I have significantly reduced my
sugar intake this week. The kids have been home for Spring Break...which
always brings a few extra treats around the house. I have resisted the temptation
of these sweets. I did take advantage of a dip cone this week while we were out
of town, but besides that I have really tried to...JUST SAY NO!!
Which is soooo hard for me to do! But it's getting a little easier with each...No.

Temptation...if not contained....can consume our thoughts, redirect our actions,
and demand our worship. Temptation doesn't take kindly to being starved.
It's a vicious cycle, but I'm clinging to the Hope that I can conquer it with the
power of the Holy Spirit living inside of me.
When I'm at the end of my strength...I pray for God's strength to step in & fill
the gap of my weakness.

I want to encourage all of you out there that struggle with the love of food.
If you don't struggle with will not get all of this. We can win with
God's strength & power inside of us. Stop thinking it's unfair that your skinny
friend doesn't have to work out or watch what she eats...don't wish she would
gain 50lbs know deep down that would make you smile...right?
So naughty!!! Some of you are laughing while you skinny girls are like...
she is so mean!! I am only playing!!

Instead Join me in praising God that He has chosen this battle to draw you closer
to Him & find true obedience in walking with Him. Be set free from these chains.

But Jesus said to me, 
"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect 
in weakness." Therefore I will BOAST all the more gladly about my weaknesses, 
so that Christ's power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in 
weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak,
then I am strong. 
2 Corinthians 12:9-10 

MTC (Made to Crave)
Life as a Christ follower will always be a learning process of depending less on our
own strength & more on God's power. 
He must become greater, I must become less...John 3:30. 

How can I pray for you in this journey? Pray for me to be obedient in my weakness,
to not give into temptation & to call upon God in all circumstances.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why I Count It all JOY Wednsday!

Well Hello there Wednesday! 
Join my friend Angel & I as we count our JOYS!
and it's her bday so go tell her HB!!

Why am I filled with JOY?

First...I need to express that my heart is heavy today.
My niece Danielle has been dating Lonnie for 7 years now & they will
be getting married on June 10th. We received news last night that 
his mom suddenly passed away from an aneurysm in her lung.
This was a total shock & my heart aches for Lonnie & his family.
The thought of his mom not being there on his wedding day is heart breaking to him.
Please pray for Lonnie & Danielle as they travel back to Louisiana today
& prepare to say to Good bye to Karen...his mom was a believer & so we have JOY 
in knowing she is worshipping our Lord & Savior & resting in His arms.

I'm JOYful that my husband & I can get up & run together outside this week.
After the news of Karen's passing...I'm huggin him a little tighter today.

Spending time with my SIL & BIL & their family this week.

Daffodils blooming in my front yard.

Watching my kids play with their friends & thankful at their ages they
are not to "cool" to still "play". 

Warmer weather on it's way.

All natural Peanut good.

Friends that I can call on & they will pray for me instantly. 

Spring Break & the kids hanging around the house.

God & how no matter what is happening around us...
He is with us & His love endures forever.

Come to me all of you who are weary &
 burdened and I will give 
you rest. 
Matt 11:28

Find Joy today & rest in his love.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dip Cones

On Monday we went to Joplin to help out my sister & that is where I lived for
 about 8 years & also the home of my Alma Mater (s) Ozark Christian College
& Missouri Southern State University. 
There is an old fashion burger place there called Babes...
oh the vitamin G (grease) that is consumed at this place. 
Greasy burgers, fries, suzie Q's & onion rings, 
BUT...that is not why I have such fond memories of this place. 

***we interrupt this blog to tell you I am aware this dip cone is not
part of a healthy living plan...but I also know you gotta just treat yourself 
once in awhile so judge if you want...but I really don't mind***

It's the Dip Cones. A rare find these days. college BFF & I would go there & sit & chat over a
Gigantic Dip Cone. The funny thing is...I could never finish one.
I always knocked off some of the ice cream. Lana always gave
 me a hard time about it. :) 

I cherish her friendship still to this day. 
Every time I eat a dip cone it takes me back to those college days
sitting on that vinyl red booth, listening to 50's music, the smell of grease,
laughing & building a friendship. 
This is Lana...:)

How about you? Is there something that takes you back to one of your
favorite times in life when you eat it or smell it? 
Do you like Dip Cones?

Monday, March 14, 2011

What's on my mind Monday???

Think I'm starting a theme...we will see.

What's on my mind today?


Just some one word thoughts....but now I'll explain.

It's Spring Break around here so we decided to take the weekend off & head
to Matt's Brother's house. Some of you might already know this...but my SIL
is one of my best friends. They are also in the planters.
And if you know anything about church are definitely called to
it & it is most definitely not an easy road. But Kingdom work at it's finest!

We had the privilege of worshiping with them at LifeTrack on Sunday. They just
moved into their new building about a month ago & they are already bust out the seams!
PRaisE the LORD! Here is a precious! This has been a long time coming!!

They had stations set up yesterday that we rotated around for worship. They are getting 
ready to put sheet rock on the walls so they let everyone sign scripture on the plywood. 
This is my new precious friend Ara (sp?) she loved having her picture taken...
My niece Cassidy writing her scripture on the wall.
They called it the "touchy feely table" could feel the crown of thorns,
touch the sharp claws of the tools they flogged Jesus with. 
This always hurts my heart to know what My Jesus did for me. 
But so humbled by my Saviors love for me. 
They live in heavy Catholic area so they celebrate lent. They 
wrote on the walls what they were giving up for lent. 
Negative words...that one caught my eye. (finger pointing at me) 
I didn't write it...but I should have.
And SIL had told me this story over the years & how 
her life has unfolded. I finally got to meet her.
 I was in tears watching her write this scripture on the wall.
She truly knows the deeps of Christ love & how He alone is
the reason she has walked away from her life lesbian lifestyle. It is amazing 
to see the transformation of her life. The church
loved her & was there for her....reached out to her & showed her Christ 
love. She has been set free. AMeN!
I will never grow WEARY of watching the church come together 
in Christ name & Love someone to Him. I am blessed to see transformation
first hand daily as a Pastor's wife & hear the testimonies of many. 
As many of you are are out in the trenches at
on the ball your homes loving others in His Name. 

We spent the day with our family....Matt's dad & step mom even surprised 
all of us by coming up for the service. 

I am sitting here at my SIL house in Kansas watching the snow fall.
SNOW? What? Yep! Wasn't it 70 just a few days ago?

Heading to help my sister in Joplin pack her house later today.

Missed my FCC family yesterday. It's a JOY to serve with all of you.

Our time here has been so encouraging & refreshing.
I am blessed to have a SIL that "gets me" & the life that God has called 
us too, someone who is standing next to me cheering me on.
Our chats are like little nuggets of Gold. 
Free to be me. 

It's Spring Break...gonna relax & enjoy our kids. 
Praising GOd for his arms wrapped around us.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Becoming Less

Week 3 was bound to happen...

I. Gained. 1pd this week...grrr.

I can tell you exactly why...
I didn't track my food as well this week. I worked every day &
didn't take the time to do it. Not good.
Our water in our fridge taste AWFUL so I didn't drink as much
water this week...(due to our sealer on our floor it's messed up)
I was on my period...ladies...can I get an Amen on that?
And finally....I simply struggled with eating to much.

When I stepped on that scale last night & she said I gained a pound,
I felt like someone punched me in the gut to be honest. I was sad/mad at myself.
Do you know what the "old" Stephanie would have done? She would have
looked across the street at that McDonalds & said "the heck with it...go get a
hamburger, large fries, Dr. Pepper & some ice cream right now to comfort yourself."
Just give won't be able to lose this weight. Why even try?
And honestly...for a milli second...that old Stephanie & I chatted. But...guess what?
She didn't win. Infact, instead it put a fire in my pants! And I came home & ate
a good meal instead.

Victory in the battle.

I really feel like God was preparing my heart for this today. I was reading Made
to Crave today & I kid you not...she repeated this sentence like 10 times in this

"I am a Jesus Girl who can step on that scale and see the numbers
as an indication of  how much my body weighs and not an indication of my worth."

Seriously? Yes...I read that today right before I went. My worth is not in that is
in Jesus Christ. I will not be defeated or let this ruin my day & my attitude. It's one week.
Gonna hit it hard & focus again this week.

Victory on the scale? Nope.
Victory in the battle? Yes.

Define your week by obedience....not the scale.
Even when that scale says you have lost & when it tells you that you've gained.

He must become Greater...I must become less.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why I Count It all JOY Wednsday!

It's Wednesday so You need to JOIN me & my
friend Angel in counting our JOYS for the day!

Why Am I filled with JOY??

Tokbox...spending an hour & a half with my sweet PW Joy
just chatting away about life in ministry & our dreams.

I enrolled Lauren as a Freshman yesterday.
(more on this later...noticed it's marked out. I have
an attitude problem with her growing up...:) Tear...

Watching my girls serve the Lord with JOY.

Lunch with an encouraging friend...who speaks truth into my life.

We found a sectional for our living room! AMEN!

My house is finally starting to smell somewhat normal again.

I see signs of spring all over our yard...coming back to life.

2 months...I will be hanging with my PWs in Nashville.

Once again God is causing my soul to stir & crave HIM more.

Our family is taking a Facebook break this week.
kids are so excited about that! ha!

Healthy food choices & people who push me to make them!

My freezer is full of FFA meat again...

Great kids...a Godly amazing church to serve in.

You are JOY, You are JOY....

What makes you full of JOY today??

Monday, March 7, 2011

What's on my Mind Monday?

Yeah...I's catchy huh? LOL! I always feel the need to just dump on Mondays.
No...not that kind of dump. HA! But just tell ya how my weekend went & such.

Not sure anyone really cares how my weekend went besides a few close friends & family.
Apparently I'm still gonna tell ya though anyway.....feel free to click on.

Friday night I helped at our Churches Jr. High all nighter. I didn't make it all night...
I'm realizing that my 38 year old body can't quite handle an all nighter like it used too.
So I stayed until around 1:00 am. :) Can I tell you  how jazzed up I get about these events?
After being in the youth ministry for 15 years I still L.O.V.E. these nights. We had a total
of 217 come! We are so excited about that! You never know what kid might decide to
follow Jesus by simply coming to these events. That's what it's all about for us!
Seeking Salvation!! Having 2 daughters attend also brings me so much joy. I so enjoy
watching them with their friends.

After searching all of this city for a sectional...we finally found one! Yippee!!
Can I tell you how much I loathe looking for furniture? I would rather hear fingernails
on a chalkboard than shop for furniture. Actually...I'm not really a shopper at all.
Shocker huh?
I super really like the sectional we ended up with & it was within the budget we set!

My friend Angela is an amazing photographer & she has taken me under her wings.
She let me go on a photo shoot with her yesterday. SO FUN! I absolutely appreciate
her advice & leading me.

You know when God is stirring up change in your life? I'm not one who likes change...
but I know it's always necessary, especially when God calls you to change. He is doing
it again in my life. It's always good in the end...but painful to go thru. I like to call it pruning
to make you grow & seek in ways you would not have accepted change.

My daughter's school had a formal on Friday night...she didn't want to go at all. I was totally fine
with her decision. Instead she decided to help set up for the all nighter. Just not her thing she
said. I love my little home body. She doesn't like to follow the crowd. And if your child went then
great! I have no problems with that either. It's each kids decision. But my girl is just not into it.

So that's what's on my mind at the moment...actually much more...but I don't want to
annoy you with my babble!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Becoming Less

Welp...I have made it 2 weeks now...:)

Weighed in last night...lost another 2.2 pounds! Woo hoo!!

Total: 5.2 in two weeks.

I feel pretty good about those results, but know my journey has just begun.

My friend Nicole told me about a book called..."Made to Crave" by Lysa Terkeurst
when I started this journey. Little did I know this book would hold so much truth for me.

This book is about "Satisfying your deepest desire with GOD, not food."
And I know some of you are thinking...that's not hard...but for me & many other
people out there, it is a struggle.
For this weeks update I would like to share with you somethings in this book that have
encouraged me & convicted me this week. First, let's talk about that Eve.
What did Satan tempt her with???
A. STINKIN. APPLE. It wasn't even a cupcake or a Reeses. It was an Apple, but
simply From the beginning it has been something that tempted us. God
told her not to eat from the tree of knowledge, but Satan convinced her otherwise.
So I ask the question...was it the apple or the craving to have it all that she desired?

3 ways Satan tries to lure us away from God:
1. Cravings= trying to get our physical desires met outside the will of God.
2. Lust of the eyes=trying to get our material desires met outside of the will of God.
3. Boasting=trying to get our need for significance met outside of the will of God.

Just a few tidbits to chew on this week. For me...this quote says it all.
"What we're craving will always depend on whatever we're consuming."

What are you craving? What are you consuming?
 I'm asking myself that everytime I reach for food.

Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world-
the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world-the cravings of sinful
man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has & does-comes not from
the Father but from the world.
1 John 2:15-16

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why I counted it all Joy Wednesday!

Why I Count it all JOY Wednesday!
Join my friend Angel as we Count our JOYS!

What is filling me with JOY this week?

My girls graduated from Dog Training school with our labs!
So proud of them!

Our concrete floors are almost done!! WOO HOO!

I love the way the floors look too.

My HBL...he is such a hard worker.
(hunka burnin love=husband)

Getting to Visit our Stone Canyon Campus on Sunday.

My PWs...I cherish our friendships. 
Only 2 months until we are all hanging out in Nashville!!

Made To Crave...a book a friend of mine suggested.
I will blog about that on Friday.

Friends who let you borrow equipment & are happy to help.

Encouraging Texts in the middle of the day from
someone unexpected. 

God's almighty power & how He can use anyone...
even a non believer to accomplish His purpose. 

Singing the hymn...."It is Well with my soul" 
this morning in BSF. 

I have been praying about something I feel is
big & out of my comfort zone for awhile & God is
revealing to me that He is leading me in a new direction.

Getting to take this sweet babies pic...remember that new dad
I had on here a few weeks ago...this is his baby Zane. 
I am working on those Photography skills.

What is filling you with JOY This week????