Tuesday, March 29, 2011


No not that yellow spongy bread filled with creamy yumminess....

I am talking about when you are dressed alike. You know...Twinkies.

My mom used to make my sister & I's cloths...& most of them matched like this.
Easter outfits...I was probably 3 or 4 & Christy was 7.

I used to make my girls dressed when they were little too...
They were 1 & 3 here...oh how I would like to go back & spend
one day with them at this age.

But they sadly grow up and they for sure would die if I made them match at their ages
now!! Haha!! We will start looking for an Easter dress soon for them...think I can 
get them too match? I see all of you young moms dressing up your sweet little ones
& their frilly dresses & I have to admit...I'm a little envious of you. :) 

Just thought I would take a trip back in time for the day. How about you?
Have you shopped for those dresses yet? Wish you could go back in time 
& play dress up & be Twinkies???

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  1. Sooo Precious!! Both you and your sister and your girls!! I sooo miss dressing up the kids all matching! Those truly were precious and wonderful days weren't they!! sniff sniff.....gosh, to many memories this week and realizing how times just needs to STOP!!!! LOL

    love you!


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