Monday, March 21, 2011

What's on my mind Monday???

Shooo wee!!! The kids are back in school!! We had a great spring break...but it's time
to put the pedal to the metal & finish this school year already!!

What's on my mind this Monday?

First...Matt's grandma...we have been informed she most likely won't make it thru
the week. She has alzheimers & it has been a long road for Matt's mom the last few years
watching her mom's health his Grandma says...Getting old isn't for sissys!! Amen!
So pray for his family as they say good bye & release her to God's glory in Heaven.

Did I mention spring break? Yea...that's what's next on my mind...u huh. Well, do you
ever have one of those mornings when all 3 of your kids say...Oh yea...I have some
homework I was suppose to finish. I wanted to punt each one of them out the door when
they told me this information about 5 minutes before the bus came!! Which all 3 of them
missed the bus. I don't mind taking them, but I was annoyed!! Grrr!!

I cooked a Leek for the first time today...Eeek!!

Our church secretary Helen...she will be retiring after 23 years of service. She
deserves an extra special jewel in her crown in heaven. Who can put up with
working with ministers for 23 years & still like them & go to church with them???
Not many people!! know my man is a minister so I can say such things.
But seriously most people can't handle's just overwhelming to them.

And the broom day...we made our kids clean the dreaded upstairs. It was
bad people!!! Anyway...they were suppose to sweep. They did. But you know 3 kids
can't work together without a fight busting out. Right? Most of their fights end up
in laughter & silliness so it's not that big of a deal. I heard some of it going on up there
but hey...if they were cleaning...I was gonna mind my own business. All went well
& then it was my turn to use the I started to sweep I thought....This broom
feels I looked down at the broom, I was correct. It was bent. It is metal.
Metal does not bend....everyone say it was bent!!!! At this point I should
tell you I just bought this broom with a Target gift card someone gave me. **yes, I'm just
weird like that***. I call all my children down because after 3 sweeps, my broom looks like
Can you see that sharp nasty end? Poor worthless broom. It's for a really
short person now...and girls..I'm not tall by any means. ANYWAY...
all three of them look at each other & say..."sorry". I was like...was anyone
gonna say..."hey mom we were HORSING around & broke your broom."
All I got was....Sorry Mom. I know I the scheme of life...the broom
is a stupid issue. So I told them all they would have to buy me a new broom
& I was going to charge a "didn't tell mom" fee & triple the cost of the broom.
I told them brooms are usually $50...I got a "whatever" and everyone burst into
laughter after that. 
So that's my broom story...I know...right? I love my sweet precious kids. Uh huh!

I have so much more like....
I need to get some plants.
Lauren is doing her first speech today & she is so nervous & so am I. Praying she 
does well.
I need to paint my toes. They are sad. 
Some of our friends whose marriage is a mess.
Financial Freedom
I need to clean my house.

Ya'll have a great day....Got a broom story out there to share??? What's on your mind?


  1. $50 for a broom!! are too funny!

    Helen is retiring???? OMG!!! YES she deserves a crown and SOO MUCH MORE!! Seriously, she is THE BEST in all she has done, put up with, fielded calls, brought comfort and knowledge whenever someone calls, hooks you up with the right place and listens if you just need her too. SHE'S AMAZING!! PHEW LOL

    Praying for Matt's grandma and his whole family as they say goodbye. She is so right on that growin old sure isn't for sissies!

    Love you!

  2. You just made my morning! I'm so glad my house is not the only one with an extra short kids and dog broke mine and I still haven't replaced it. My husband says to throw it away, but it's sooo cute! It's hot pink and lime green polka-dots with leopard print on the bristle cover! How can I throw it away? Plus, it still fits in my daughter's hands and the floor still needs sweeping.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your random thoughts...makes me look forward to meeting you in Nashville in May! ( =


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