Friday, April 30, 2010


As you can see I've changed my banner at the top. I took that picture from our balcony the last time we were in Florida. That picture just relaxes me simply by looking at it. I love the beach. It's like we are sent to another world for a week...a life that is time worries...just simply having fun together on the beach. I must admit, I don't enjoy swimming in the ocean..the salt water gags me...the thought of a jellyfish or such sneaking up on me is always in the back of my mind. I am not a good swimmer to put it simple. But to complain about it...while you are basking in God's beautiful scenery...that's sinful! So I occupy my lawn sand castles with the kids & listen to the waves crash on the shore.

We are incredibly blessed with some friends who let us stay in their condos while we are there. Really...we couldn't afford to go if it wasn't for their generosity. They are a true blessing to our family. Even if it's a trip to Branson or the lake, we have always made vacation with our family a priority. In's needed...time away to just be a family...some of our best memories.

Another aspect is...God's beauty...there is nothing like the beach....and the me atleast...that screams God's creation. I rejoice in the fact that when non-believers are admiring creation...they don't know it or won't admit it atleast...that they are praising our Lord. It's His...he made it all!

Who's! We have so much on our calendar from today until we leave. With the end of another school year it brings all kinds of activities with the kids...graduations...weddings...Matt & I will also be in Tennessee for a week in May also. Needless to shifts into high gear now! But No complaining people...I know at the end of it all I will be relaxing with my marvelous family!!!

Hope each of you get away and enjoy your family together this summer! Even if it's a small trip...I encourage you to save & budget for it!! You will not regret it! Those kids will be grown & gone before we know it!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Caterpillar

On Monday Jaden found a caterpillar in the backyard. He found a 5 gallon bucket and made a nice little home for it. When I say nice little home...I mean...a plush home really. Jaden dug up a patch of grass...put a stick in there so when the caterpillar decided to make a cocoon it would have a place to hang from.
Home sweet home for the Caterpillar: 
He even drilled holes in the lid...
But if you look closely at the top  you will see this on the side of the bucket...
Yep...that caterpillar has already made cocoon..Jaden was utterly beside himself this morning when he found it. We will be watching for it to turn into a butterfly soon. 

 God takes a caterpillar and completely transforms it into a butterfly and he can do the same in your life. 
He took my old way of thinking...former wrong emotions...attitudes toward God...toward others and toward myself and puts it away once & for all so the I can be utterly set free from the past to live a new resurrected life. 
Soon this Caterpillar will be a beautiful butterfly and we will set it free to live the life God intended for it. 
Have you been transformed & set free in Christ?

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; 
the old has gone, the new has come. 
2 Corinthians 5:17 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Polar Bears

Matt started cleaning out the pool a couple of weeks ago and of course our children have been begging and begging to swim! It's finally clean and ready so tonight Matt told them to go for it. It was 65 degrees tonight!! They are crazy!! Now won't find me in that pool until July. I like it to be really warm before I get in. We have such a fabulous time as a family in our pool. So thankful for it! 

Do you like to get in when it's cold or are you like me and wait until it's really warm???? 

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Parents are Texting?

Yes...tonight my dad texted me for the first time EVER. I'm utterly shocked. 
Here is what it said:

I'm dngs now

Huh? Um dad what does that mean? I'm thinking he meant to say...

I'm texting now
I'm doing this now.

Really not sure what is going parents...Texting...really? Oh my! 

Here was my response...

Who kidnaped my dad & is textin on his phone? LOL

His response....


Oh my...Lord help us. At the age of 60 he learns to text. So proud of him. Go dad! Welcome to the world of texting...I thoroughly enjoy it. Easy way to send a little message. Seems like yesterday he had his bag phone in his how we have advanced. 

How about your parents? Do they text you? 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Best Day of His Life...

That's what Jaden said when he came home after visiting the National Guard base. We have a pilot that goes to our church named Nate. He invited Jaden, Matt & my dad to come out and tour the building. Jaden's dream...see my sweet boy wants to be a fighter pilot....said with a knot in my throat...but that's what his dream is in life. The boy loves planes..always has...even as a baby. He watches the History channel and knows more about the what happened in wars than I do.

Nate was such a great host. He feed them pizza & then gave them a the big tour.
 Jaden got to try on some of Nate's flight suit. Is he just so cute or what?
Next...out to the F16. He let him crawl up there and take a look inside. 
Look how little he looks compared to the F16.
They have a flight simulator and Jaden had a chance to try it out!
Matt, Nate, Jaden & my Dad
Matt said he was blown away at how much Jaden knew about the planes. It's so interesting to watch the joy on your child's face when they are passionate about something. Jaden just lights up when he talks about this day. Toward the end of the night they had a chance to watch the F16 take off...about 20 yards off the runway. They needed ear plugs to stand there...Matt said it rattled his chest it's so loud. The after-burners kicked in and just about blew them away! COOL! 
As a mom...I'm facing the reality that my cute little boy might be flying a fighter jet to protect our nation on day....sigh...proud...but so scared. But if God calls him to it...he will get him thru it! (or maybe I should say...get me thru it...LOL)  I am so grateful for the men and women who dedicate their lives to keep us safe & free in this country! Big shout out to Matt Sewell who just landed home today! I am also thankful God puts such generous people in our lives that share things like this with our children. Thanks Nate for giving Jaden...the best day of his life. :) 

Have your kids ever said that?  Or do you have a love one serving our country?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stickin in there...

I've been thinking about my Grandpa this week...they lived next door to us and he passed away 2 years ago. I was mowing his lawn the other day and I keep waiting for him to come out in his "bibies" (overalls)...sit on the front porch...smoke his pipe & watch me. When I was done...he would give me a wink and a hug...then say "thanks mick"...that's what he called me. I miss his laugh.

But it got me thinking about him and my they always went to church. Never missed a Sunday if they were in town. Sat in the back...didn't cause any problems...just came to worship & learn about God's word. Simple.  No arguing over whether you had to or not...if something needed to be would get done after church.  My grandma is one of the first people on the roll at our church. Incase you didn't know it...we minister at the church I grew up I have deep roots there.

I think there is something to be said about sticking in there. Sticking in your marriage, job, friendships, beliefs and your church & really anything...instead of running when the going gets tough or you disagree with things.  There have been times when Matt & I could have had reason to cut & run from FCC from things that have upset us...been offered another position at a different church....but God always keep us here. There was a time when our church went thru some rough years...we were close to leaving...but the blessings of staying and letting my heart heal have changed me dramatically.  I see so many of our Sr. Saints that have went thru many preachers...worship minsters...with different styles...youth ministers...they have seen it all. The guy who comes in and changes everything...they still stay....thru it all..with all the changes.

What is it that makes them stay faithful to the body of Christ? I remember my grandma telling me that ministers come & go...but your church family stays...don't follow the man in the pulpit...follow God. Some wisdom right there. Are people/ministers in churches perfect...nope...are they all ran the same...nope...will they disappoint you...upset you...make mistakes...yep...the bigger question they preach the bible & are they lead by the Holy Spirit...I pray they are. I know the hearts of them men & women who lead FCC...and I have full confidence they are seeking God in all decisions and have a heart for the lost. They live & breath ministry...even when they are at home. Does it hurt when people leave...yep.

I know I have kinda rant & raved today...but I see a culture being raised that if you don't like it...leave it...leave your marriage...your church...your faith...your God...your family and sometimes it just annoys me. What are we teaching our children? Am I guilty of bet!  And when I think of my grandparents...I think of 2 people married for 60 plus years...was it easy...probably not. I think of Matt's day in a conversation with him as they celebrated 70 years of marriage....I asked...what's your secret to staying married that long...his answer..."you just don't get divorced". Ok...well that was easy. **Now let me say...I totally know that there are circumstances where God tells you to leave...and I get that and have full compassion for that...I have dear friends whose spouses have chosen to break their marriage vows...I've seen the broken hearts.
I've decided...I want to be that old lady who sits in the pew raising her hands in praise to God showing the younger generation...stick in there....blessings to be had in it. I know some will disagree with this opinion of mine in this blog...that's ok....I get that.
Father...please forgive me for my apathetic heart...when I don't stick in there and would rather give up. 

I know this is a little deep today...just been on my heart.
Is it hard for you to stick in there...what's your first response? 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our First Date

My friend Cindy Beale inspired me to write about our first date today. I love hearing about first brings out this giggly wiggly in people! I love to watch a young couple fall in's just so fun.

I was eating breakfast with one of our mutual friends...Rusty George in the OCC cafeteria. Rusty says "if Matt was to ask you out....what would you say?" To say the least...I was shocked by this question. (kinda like in school when you got a note that said...check yes or no...LOL) Matt & I had been friends for a long time...but as you know...I had a secret crush the WHOLE time. My response to Rusty..."I'm not sure...that might be weird since we are such good friends....I would hate to mess that up."  So that was my answer...oh for a couple of hours that is...Rusty & I had class together that same day....and I told him..."I've changed my mind...tell him yes." See Matt was/is a shy kinda guy...especially around girls, so he needed to make sure it was a go before he approached me. Hehe!

Now...the next day at comes Matt...he sits down...and says..."So I hear Rusty talked to you"...Me: Yep. He proceeds to ask me out and I of course said....Yes. We were 20 years old. So young!

He picks me up in his sweet maroon Cougar! :) We ate at Club 609...a really nice restaurant in Joplin....especially for a cheap man like Matt T. We had a excellent time together. He is such a sweet guy and that smile is a killer. He was a kissing or anything like that! One thing I distinctly remember is our conversation as we drove up the hill at OCC...passing Williamson Hall....almost to my dorm...Goodman Hall...Matt: I'm not looking for anything serious, Me: oh me neither. We agreed to keep it simple and continue to be friends. Well...that was in October....we were engaged in February...married in June...I guess we were looking for something serious after will be 17 years in June.
Tell me about your first date with your spouse? 
p.s. We named our first dog after Rusty...:) 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hannah Banana

We moved to here in 1997 and I remember this family...Doug & Susie Troutt...having us over for lunch to welcome us into the church. Their 2 daughters....Hannah & Sarah...they were around 11 & 9 at the time. My daughter Lauren was 4 or 5 months old. A couple of years later Susie...asked me to be Hannah's small group leader...little did I blessed I would be from saying yes to her. Hannah was in 7th grade...same grade Lauren is now. Can I say...WOW...that went fast.

I can't begin to express the joy Hannah has been in my life. As the saying goes...the teacher becomes the student...yeah...that happened many times in my walk as their small group leader. It has been an absolute privilege to be a part of her life. I have seen her go from this young Jr. high this amazing woman of God. I remember her sipping a rootbeer at Weber's...sleepovers @ my house...can't even tell you how many dozens of chocolate chip cookies we have made together...Cyokamo...van rides to Youthquake...and the one and only kid to get hurt when the church van wreaked on the way to Mexico. I remember always looking forward to our times together and how she would challenge me in my walk with Christ and my bible knowledge. I knew God would use her in a mighty way as she grew deeper in his word. I cherish our time. We are still close...even now as she prepares to get married in 27 days.

We were in the youth ministry for 15 years...there are some kids that came thru that we will always be close with. The deep relationships you build with them in Christ just never leave you. Even our Carterville kids from our first ministry...we still hold them close to our hearts. I am so thankful for our time in the youth ministry. I love watching God work in their lives as adults.
Today I had a shower for Hannah at our house. Here are a few pics. She is an outstanding blogger...go check her out here. 
The Party Planners
Me & my Hannah Banana
Thanks Susie for asking me to lead that small group 11 years's been a blessed journey. I can't wait to be a part of Hannah's big day soon. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes

I started hearing about this book from other PW's here and there and I thought...I better check it. Well...I have to admit...I am not a good reader and it takes me a long time to read a book. I'm...not...kidding. I was always in RAP lab in elementary and reading comprehension was something that I struggled with...but when I find something that I'm interested helps. 

A couple of months ago a good blogger and friend of mine...Loren...told me she had a surprise for me! Oh I love surprises! She dropped it off at the church with my hubs. And Guess what? It was this book! Yes! I was soo excited! I had not said a word to her about this book...God must have lead her to it! God does those little things for us you know...puts things in our lives to surprise and bless us! This book was exactly what I needed right now. For some time God has put it on my heart to mentor and encourage the younger Staff wives at our church...we now have 6 of them younger than me. Um..does that mean I'm getting old? Naahh! God has put many women in my life that have mentored me thru life as a PW...Pam Curran is top on that list!

I have been reluctant to mentor because I have always felt...well...kinda like a screw up really. And what business did I have mentoring others when I can't get it together some days myself? One thing I have always struggled with I really worthy of this role of a PW? Why? past isn't the best... I was quite the former wild girl...I don't know all the bible...I say ridiculous things to people...I speak things that are on my mind when maybe I should just hush...people annoy me easily...I yell...I might actually slip a dirty word here and there...*gasp*...I could actually go on and on...but that's what Satan wants me to do really. He wants me to feel unworthy...not good enough so he can keep me from fulfilling the role God specifically choose me to do. In the last year he has brought many amazing PW's in my life that have spurred me on and gave me the confidence to "just do it". This book is the spring board God used to get me going down the path he has created me for. I absolutely know it! We had our first meeting last week and gave our testimony on how we got where we are now in ministry. I love these girls...they inspire me.   You know...many times as a teacher you are taught more by your students than what you teach them...I see that happening thru our mentoring times together. I  have my faults...which we all do...but I have a huge heart for the church & love seeing God work in the lives of those around me.

So thank you Loren for more than just the book...for supporting me in my position as a PW and encouraging me to be what God has called me to be. Thank you Lori Wilhite and the Loving and Leading it team for setting such a outstanding example of how to love your role as a PW. Thank you Lisa McKay for writing this book...I have enjoyed it so much.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ty who?

Who needs Ty Pennington when you have Matt Thomason? 
Matt's been wearing his Extreme Makeover shirt that we got when we volunteered while working on Lauren's bathroom. It just cracks me up so I thought I would share. Can I just tell you how hard this man of mine works? He can fix or build about anything...and you know what...I love that about him. My dad was the same way and I can't imagine being married to someone who isn't handy. Honesty...if he says he can't fix it I'm like...WHAT?  He works all day and comes home and works on things around our house and never complains. We are do-it-your-self-ers!! I am so proud of him in many ways and feel so blessed to have him as my "handy man". 
How about your hubby...
Is he a "handyman"? 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fishers of Men

Do you ever have a moment in time when you wish you could push the "pause" button with your kids? We were at some friends house for a bday party and Jaden was fishing in their pond. He loves to fish...he gets that from his Papa. He was all prepared...had his tackle box...his pole...his little chair. 
He could do this all day. I pray that he is also a "Fisher of Men" and just like his dad. 
Matt 4:19
"Come follow me,"  Jesus said, and I will make you Fishers of Men.  

Do you ever have moments you want to push the pause button & just watch your kids? 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hunting some Eggs!

At our house you are never too old to do the Easter Egg hunt! Kids from 21 to 9 years old took part in the Egg hunt for about 500 eggs at my moms house on Sunday. We put candy in some of them, but recently we started putting quarters, nickels and dimes in the eggs. I would rather put money in there than candy that will just get thrown out in a couple of weeks. My brother in law always puts a few dollar bills in some of them...the kids love that! I have a big family and a lot of us live around here. At any given holiday there will be around 25 to 30 of us there. It's fun when we get together...I can't imagine not ever doing that. I am very blessed to have a family that still lives close enough to do things like this...this is a bunch of my cousins kids & my sister's kids. We don't have any little ones much anymore...kinda weird after having them for sooo long! 

What about you...does your family still gather like this? Do you live close to your family? 

Easter Digs!

You know...I used to be able to dress them all alike...but those days are slippin away. They all have their own personalities which is great so I want them to have something they like and feel good in. Of course Jaden doesn't give a rip what he wears...boys...gotta love that part. Lauren picked out this 80's skirt...which I was like...oh my! But it is cute on her! Sometimes as moms we just have to say...MY OPINION DOESN'T MATTER...and keep it to yourself! So I do...every once in awhile. :) But really...I do like it on her...just cracks me up all this 80's stuff is in style again. Brooke...that girl loves a pretty little dress. She has been DYING to wear this since we got it awhile back. Here is before church with my niece Kenzie also.
Of course Oreo the Bunny had to make it into a picture!
And I could just cry because I forgot to take my ultraviolet lens cover off and it made this yellow circle in our pic...oh well! They are so cute!
Hope everyone enjoyed their day Rejoicing in the Lord! We are so blessed!

Egg Toss

The kids begged me to have an Egg Toss this year...and you know...since my motto is...HMF (have more fun in 2010)! I said Yes of course! 
Jaden & Danielle won...We thought their egg was a hard boiled egg because they dropped it a couple of times and it never busted! I threw it way up in the air and that stinkin egg landed in the grass and still didn't bust! So then I threw it out in the street and it finally busted! I couldn't believe how strong that egg was! We got a new egg and they had a show down...I love their faces.
Look at Jaden's moves!  was fun...first time we have done that on Easter weekend...I am pretty sure they will want to do it from here on out.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Egg-cellent Art!

Every year my sister's girls and my kids dye Easter eggs together. They are all little artist so our eggs take quite a while to do. Kenzie introduced us to taking food coloring and dropping it onto a paper towel...put that paper towel in foil to keep the food coloring from getting on your hands...roll the egg in they food coloring and it makes the coolest design! Check it out!
Another favorite of ours is to use my scrapbook letter stickers...put them on first...then put the egg in the dye...peel the stickers off and then it looks like this!
We also used tape to make shapes...
I buy the 18 pack of eggs for them all 6 of them...yep...that's 108 eggs!! So we make deviled eggs for everyone out of them....
We took lots and lots of pics so I just made a little collage out of them to share..:) Still have many more to share of our day.

6 months to live...

That's what the Dr's told my cousin Lori...six months ago...and here she is at Easter...feeling better than she did 6 months ago. 
Doesn't she just look beautiful! 
She found this gorgeous wig last week and it is so her! 
My Mom, My sister, Lori, Amy (Lori's sis), Me, Debbie ( my cousin)
She started her 4th round of Chemo last week and will have another scan once it's finished. The last scan she had back in February proved that the chemo & prayers were working!  YEAH GOD!! So we are anticipating complete healing at the next scan. Her Dr. told her..."I'm glad when I'm wrong." 

I just couldn't share all of our Easter fun without sharing this first. It just seemed like the best part of the day...God still performs miracles today and I wanted you to see firsthand!!
 Please continue to pray for her as she goes thru chemo. blogging will be few and far this week. I'm working every day and I have a wedding this week. I'm the wedding coordinator at our church so I will be very busy preparing for it. I hope to stop by and visit everyone this week and see how you are doing. Can't wait to show you our Easter pics!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Slate Wiped Clean

Hobby Lobby had this today on their's simple but so direct. 

I pray you and your family have a blessed day! I invite you to join us at First Christian Church in Owasso for our Easter Sunday Services @ 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00. We will celebrate our Risen Saviour together as a church family. Jesus is Alive and we are FORGIVEN!!! Your slate has been wiped clean!
Acts 3:19
Repent, then and turn to God so that your sins may be wiped out, 
that times of refreshing may come from the Lord. 
Blessings my friends,

Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Pedicure...

For Easter I took my girls to get their first pedicure! Yes they are 13 & 11 people and I have never taken them to get a pedicure. Some of you are thinking...Poor abused...and some of you are thinking...who cares? I know! Because let me just be the first to admit to you...I'm not a girly girl really. I don't take good care of my nails. Yes...are you ready...I'm a biter. I admit it...when I get nervous...I BITE MY NAILS!! I have tried several times in my life to quit and I have a time or two...but managed to start again. I don't bite my toenails...ok...I'm not that gross! So I do take care of them. About 2 times a year I go get a pedicure...and I just started doing that about 3 years ago. It's hard for me to spend money on stuff like that! Can I tell you I am really ticklish on the bottom of my feet so I have to really concentrate on not jerking my foot out of their hands when they go to scrubbin me! But it's so relaxing when your feet are soaking in that little tub and they rub your legs. Ahh...yes! I really need to work on taking the time to do things like this with my girls. Teaching them how to take care of their nails and have fun too! I look forward to spending many more nights getting Spa Pedicures with my girls. It was super fun!
My girls were all nervous about going. It was cute!  
Lauren wondering what is going on?
Brooke as they scrubbed her feet...she is soo ticklish like me!
My niece Kenzie & her friend Amanda went with us too.
Our final product! SOO CUTE!!
Do you take your girls or go with your mom to get pedicures? 
What was it like the first time you went?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gentle Breeze...

Just laying on my bed tonight with the window open feeling the cool gentle breeze flow into my bedroom. I can hear the frogs singing like a choir in the background accompanied by the crickets. It's been pretty windy the last few days here...and to be's been annoying to me. But as I sit here's relaxing & peaceful... with each breeze the Holy Spirit is rushing into the room filling my soul with the love of Christ. I've been reminded this week of how much He loves me...that he took all my sins to the cross...died for me...even if it was just me...He still would have done it. I pray each of you know about Jesus and His love for you. I pray the next time you feel that gentle breeze (or knock you over wind like it has been here lately..) that you experience the Holy Spirit rushing into your life...loving you...filling you peace...forgiveness...hope and encouragement. Jesus loves are precious in His the song goes...:) 

Luke 19:10
For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost. 


When I was little my mom used to make all of our clothes...most of which were matching outfits for my sister and I. My mom amazed me with her ability to sew! This is a picture of my sister and I in April 1976...I was 3 and she was 6. Are we just precious? 
When I had to sweet girls myself I started sewing matching outfits for them...boy I sure miss those days. This is Lauren and Brooke when they were 3 & 1. I made these little dresses with the matching headbands for them. I just love looking at these precious little girls! Think they would let me make matching outfits now that they are 13 & 11?  Doubt it!!

How about you? Do you sew? Did your mom make your clothes when you were little?