Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes

I started hearing about this book from other PW's here and there and I thought...I better check it. Well...I have to admit...I am not a good reader and it takes me a long time to read a book. I'm...not...kidding. I was always in RAP lab in elementary and reading comprehension was something that I struggled with...but when I find something that I'm interested helps. 

A couple of months ago a good blogger and friend of mine...Loren...told me she had a surprise for me! Oh I love surprises! She dropped it off at the church with my hubs. And Guess what? It was this book! Yes! I was soo excited! I had not said a word to her about this book...God must have lead her to it! God does those little things for us you know...puts things in our lives to surprise and bless us! This book was exactly what I needed right now. For some time God has put it on my heart to mentor and encourage the younger Staff wives at our church...we now have 6 of them younger than me. Um..does that mean I'm getting old? Naahh! God has put many women in my life that have mentored me thru life as a PW...Pam Curran is top on that list!

I have been reluctant to mentor because I have always felt...well...kinda like a screw up really. And what business did I have mentoring others when I can't get it together some days myself? One thing I have always struggled with I really worthy of this role of a PW? Why? past isn't the best... I was quite the former wild girl...I don't know all the bible...I say ridiculous things to people...I speak things that are on my mind when maybe I should just hush...people annoy me easily...I yell...I might actually slip a dirty word here and there...*gasp*...I could actually go on and on...but that's what Satan wants me to do really. He wants me to feel unworthy...not good enough so he can keep me from fulfilling the role God specifically choose me to do. In the last year he has brought many amazing PW's in my life that have spurred me on and gave me the confidence to "just do it". This book is the spring board God used to get me going down the path he has created me for. I absolutely know it! We had our first meeting last week and gave our testimony on how we got where we are now in ministry. I love these girls...they inspire me.   You know...many times as a teacher you are taught more by your students than what you teach them...I see that happening thru our mentoring times together. I  have my faults...which we all do...but I have a huge heart for the church & love seeing God work in the lives of those around me.

So thank you Loren for more than just the book...for supporting me in my position as a PW and encouraging me to be what God has called me to be. Thank you Lori Wilhite and the Loving and Leading it team for setting such a outstanding example of how to love your role as a PW. Thank you Lisa McKay for writing this book...I have enjoyed it so much.


  1. Steph, I just finised this book about 3 weeks ago. I actually won it from Lori (Wilhite) and it was so timely. Lisa McKay had such a real way of writing .... loved it!

  2. Hey Steph and Joy ... so glad you girls loved the book! I knew you would! :)

    And Steph ... you know I want to hear all kinds of details about what you are now doing with those staff wives. I think you'll have to email or call me soon! My curiosity knows no bounds!

  3. Thanks Lori! I will be getting with you on this!

  4. You GO Girl! God knows your heart, just let Him lead it. Wish we were closer to have more conversations about Him. I love hearing your insight.

  5. Woman, you continue to teach me so much about being in love with the Lord. I love you and am so very grateful for the impact you have had and continue to have on my life!

  6. hey Steph- Ha, it is so funny how we think of ourselves and how others see us. I too have always thought of myself as a wild child and a bit awkward. But I have to say I have never gotten the wild child vibe from you, nor the quick tempered. It is so funny how God changes us when we let him. I know what I was like in my high school and college years, but God truly made me a totally different person and he still is working on me and one thing he has taught me is I have to remember that I AM totally different and people don't see me as the wild child who is kind of awkward......and I can make a difference....It doesn't matter who you matters who you are now... trust me you have had a wonderful effect on many people with your wisdom and your attitude and you have a lot to share....
    Let me know when we can go get coffee...

  7. I so want to read that book!! Here's to our not so good past that God is doing something amazing with our present and futures!!

  8. Aww Steph! You are so sweet and YES the minute i saw this book the Lord spoke CLEARLY....this book needs to go to Steph! HE adores you so much and well, so do I !!

    I am so excited to see what this mentoring will do in the lives of those women and of course yours as well! You are an amazing woman of God and friend! You bless so many with your authenticity and love for the LORD! Seriously! I love that about you and am so thankful to have you as my friend!

    love ya

  9. I completely understand not feeling worthy to mentor... I've been honoured to mentor a few young ladies (not that I'm THAT old ~ 30 ~ oops I mean 29+1), and it has blessed ME so much.
    But the bible tells us the older women should train up the younger... and no matter what age we are - there will always be someone older then us, and someone younger.
    I'm a firm believer in being mentored and mentoring.

    I SO want to read that book ~ just the title catches me attention.
    This gal LOVES shoes!

  10. I appreciate anyone or anything (like a book) that supports PWs. I am, after all, married to one!

  11. BTW, the preachers can often feel as inadequate as their wives do. Ministry just does that to people, those that are full time or those that serve on a volunteer basis. Thankfully the grace of God enables us in those areas where we are weakest.

  12. I read this book as well my sweet friend. From one PW to another, I can tell you it addressed many things that I have encountered in my 16 years of being a PW.

    If you ever need to vent - you know where to go!


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