Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Polar Bears

Matt started cleaning out the pool a couple of weeks ago and of course our children have been begging and begging to swim! It's finally clean and ready so tonight Matt told them to go for it. It was 65 degrees tonight!! They are crazy!! Now me...you won't find me in that pool until July. I like it to be really warm before I get in. We have such a fabulous time as a family in our pool. So thankful for it! 

Do you like to get in when it's cold or are you like me and wait until it's really warm???? 


  1. I could have done this when I was younger, but not any more, I need my water in the 70's.

    Kudo's for your kids for giving it a go!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. I definitely need it way warmer. There is no way I would have gotten into a pool today, it was in the 60's here. I dip my legs or splash water on myself until July. I know my kiddos would be in it though. Love and Blessings, Angel

  3. July sounds perfect! My boys went swimming last week in the neighbors pool. So, wondering if Matt braved the water?

  4. Their circulation has to be WAY better than ours! When we go to Wyoming/Mont my kids like playing in the mountain rivers - water fed by snow melt. It is freezing, but they love it. Not me.

  5. The pool needs to be like a hot tub for me to get in! I hate cold water!


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