Tuesday, April 6, 2010

6 months to live...

That's what the Dr's told my cousin Lori...six months ago...and here she is at Easter...feeling better than she did 6 months ago. 
Doesn't she just look beautiful! 
She found this gorgeous wig last week and it is so her! 
My Mom, My sister, Lori, Amy (Lori's sis), Me, Debbie ( my cousin)
She started her 4th round of Chemo last week and will have another scan once it's finished. The last scan she had back in February proved that the chemo & prayers were working!  YEAH GOD!! So we are anticipating complete healing at the next scan. Her Dr. told her..."I'm glad when I'm wrong." 

I just couldn't share all of our Easter fun without sharing this first. It just seemed like the best part of the day...God still performs miracles today and I wanted you to see firsthand!!
 Please continue to pray for her as she goes thru chemo. 

Now...my blogging will be few and far this week. I'm working every day and I have a wedding this week. I'm the wedding coordinator at our church so I will be very busy preparing for it. I hope to stop by and visit everyone this week and see how you are doing. Can't wait to show you our Easter pics!


  1. Oh, what a glorious post! I am so excited for Lori and what God is doing in her life. I will post an update on my blog hopefully tonight.

    Isn't God so good????

  2. I am so praising God that He still is in the business of performing miracles just like this one. Only God knows our last days and I guess He has other plans for Lori! Praising God right along side you!

    Please stop by my blog today to meet a blogger in need of help!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. So awesome! God is so good!! Will continue to pray!!!


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