Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our First Date

My friend Cindy Beale inspired me to write about our first date today. I love hearing about first dates...it brings out this giggly wiggly in people! I love to watch a young couple fall in love...it's just so fun.

I was eating breakfast with one of our mutual friends...Rusty George in the OCC cafeteria. Rusty says "if Matt was to ask you out....what would you say?" To say the least...I was shocked by this question. (kinda like in school when you got a note that said...check yes or no...LOL) Matt & I had been friends for a long time...but as you know...I had a secret crush the WHOLE time. My response to Rusty..."I'm not sure...that might be weird since we are such good friends....I would hate to mess that up."  So that was my answer...oh for a couple of hours that is...Rusty & I had class together that same day....and I told him..."I've changed my mind...tell him yes." See Matt was/is a shy kinda guy...especially around girls, so he needed to make sure it was a go before he approached me. Hehe!

Now...the next day at breakfast...here comes Matt...he sits down...and says..."So I hear Rusty talked to you"...Me: Yep. He proceeds to ask me out and I of course said....Yes. We were 20 years old. So young!

He picks me up in his sweet maroon Cougar! :) We ate at Club 609...a really nice restaurant in Joplin....especially for a cheap man like Matt T. We had a excellent time together. He is such a sweet guy and that smile is a killer. He was a gentleman...no kissing or anything like that! One thing I distinctly remember is our conversation as we drove up the hill at OCC...passing Williamson Hall....almost to my dorm...Goodman Hall...Matt: I'm not looking for anything serious, Me: oh me neither. We agreed to keep it simple and continue to be friends. Well...that was in October....we were engaged in February...married in June...I guess we were looking for something serious after all...it will be 17 years in June.
Tell me about your first date with your spouse? 
p.s. We named our first dog after Rusty...:) 


  1. Sweet! Thanks for sharing. Love the part about the dog :) He should feel honored :)

  2. Instead of telling you, I'll let you read it on my blog. I wrote this in 2007, but after reading your blog today, decided to post it again. Thanks for the fun story, Steph!

  3. Awe first dates... they are so special, aren't they?
    My husband and I have been together for 15 years, half my life (that should make the math easy)... we were young and foolish.
    Praise God, He had a plan for us!
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful memory.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment. I love to meet new friends.
    What a fun story. That was so sweet of you to name your first dog after Rusty too. LOL
    Wow 17 years? That is just awesome. So glad it was nothing serious. LOL

  5. Ah, I love that story. I love the wedding too. Stephen and I had our first date in August and December we were engaged. And in April we were married as you know because you were there. Sixteen years on the 30th.

  6. Oh my word, does Rusty now work at Real Life? If it's the same Rusty, our SR minister, Mark used to work there with him before he planted here! Too small of a world!! Cute first date story!! Eric fell asleep on ours when we went to a movie!


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