Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hunting some Eggs!

At our house you are never too old to do the Easter Egg hunt! Kids from 21 to 9 years old took part in the Egg hunt for about 500 eggs at my moms house on Sunday. We put candy in some of them, but recently we started putting quarters, nickels and dimes in the eggs. I would rather put money in there than candy that will just get thrown out in a couple of weeks. My brother in law always puts a few dollar bills in some of them...the kids love that! I have a big family and a lot of us live around here. At any given holiday there will be around 25 to 30 of us there. It's fun when we get together...I can't imagine not ever doing that. I am very blessed to have a family that still lives close enough to do things like this...this is a bunch of my cousins kids & my sister's kids. We don't have any little ones much anymore...kinda weird after having them for sooo long! 

What about you...does your family still gather like this? Do you live close to your family? 


  1. I pray that you got in on some egg hunting action!

    Great pictures - your kids are just gorgeous!

  2. I have a big family, but most of us have scattered and rarely are all together at the same time, which I really miss. I have 5 kids now though, 2 of which are grown and there is nothing better than when we are all together, which is just about always. We are extremely close so prayerfully, we will stay living close and be able to always have huge get togethers. You have a beautiful family. Love, Angel


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