Monday, April 26, 2010

My Parents are Texting?

Yes...tonight my dad texted me for the first time EVER. I'm utterly shocked. 
Here is what it said:

I'm dngs now

Huh? Um dad what does that mean? I'm thinking he meant to say...

I'm texting now
I'm doing this now.

Really not sure what is going parents...Texting...really? Oh my! 

Here was my response...

Who kidnaped my dad & is textin on his phone? LOL

His response....


Oh my...Lord help us. At the age of 60 he learns to text. So proud of him. Go dad! Welcome to the world of texting...I thoroughly enjoy it. Easy way to send a little message. Seems like yesterday he had his bag phone in his how we have advanced. 

How about your parents? Do they text you? 


  1. My 80 year old grandma and I text! .. she also has an iphone (I don't even have one of those-ha!) I also text with my almost 70 year old grandma! I love it :) I am so proud of both of them for trying something new and and being willing to try my generations version of socializing :)


  2. My parents are texting too! stuff and can you imagine what we'll be doing with our grandkids... seriously. :)

  3. I don't even text, Steph. My mom, well she just got an answering machine, so forget a cell phone. I know...dark ages.

  4. Bahaha! Amy you make me laugh!!

  5. Thanks for sharing... that is so cute!
    My parents barely know how to email, texting will probably never happen.

  6. That's funny! My parents starting texting a few years ago. My mom is still slow at it! I love having them "caught up" with today's culture! They text my kids sweet's a great connection for them :)

  7. My mom doesn't know how to use her phone outside of the occasional phone call but my dad is a lot more technology savvy. Love that your parents are at least willing to try.

    Love those bag phones, the reception was amazing and no dropped calls!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. Yes my mom texts me all the time and Dad did as well...I knew for him I would likely get more out of him if it was a text or an email...Oh how I miss those texts.

    Glad your parents are in....its so nice to get those sweet little I love you's in the middle of the day! :)

  9. My mom just said to Madi yesterday, "you need to teach me how to text." Too funny!! Who would have ever thought our parents would be texting us and we would be texting our kids :)

  10. My mom and dad are each 65. This year they got phones with texting. I begged my mom not to text and drive and she about fell over laughing! She said, "Sarah, I still need both hands to type on a keyboard..I could NEVER drive and text!"

  11. I lost my mom last August and she did text me occasionally, they were about as random as your dad's. My dad doesn't text at all and I would probably fall over if he did. Loved your story, so glad you will have this with your parents now. Love and Blessings, Angel

  12. my mom texts all the time and the kids always love trying to decipher her messages...I usually have to translate :o)


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