Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If I only had a brain....

The Tinman...from "The Wizard Of Oz." That's me. 

Yep...speaking of no brain...I had google Somewhere over the rainbow just to 
remember the name of the movie. I am not kidding you. No brain left.

That's how I feel somedays at work.

I haven't used my brain this much in over 14 years people. 
My brain is mush by the end of the day. Like an athlete who tries to run
a marathon without any training. It's not easy. 

It's non stop around that office. The phone rings...parents coming in the school,
teachers...the phone...email...did I mention anything about the phone by chance?  
oh my mercy. I swear I sit down at 7:30 & it's 3:00 before
I even really know what has happened. 

I think I use about 50 million sticky notes in the day just so I can remember what I
am doing or what I'm suppose to do. 

Before you think I'm complaining..I'm not...I LOVE my job. I thrive on the fast 
pace of it. But I find myself thinking...I wish my brain would keep up with me!

I am hoping in time I will be able to keep up & recall things & get into a grove. 
I am mentally & physically exhausted in the evenings. YAWN

SO Question...anyone else ever feel like the Tinman & need a brain? 
I guess there is hope for me...the Tinman got one. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Back To School...9th, 7th & 5th

Back to life...Back to reality...:) 

Yep...alarms went off early on Thursday ringing in the 2011-2012 school year.
Cinnamon Rolls filled the air & 3 sleepy children sat at the bar & ate them up!
Speaking of sleepy children...take a look at this one...Wake up JADEN!!

Nana always comes down to pray with us on our first day & check out
their new outfits. 
My freshman...yes...freshman. Gulp. 
We were a little shocked she picked a dress! WOW
She is so beautiful!

And Ms. Sassy pants...Brooke. 
She is my girl who loves to get all dressed up!
So pretty & ready for 7th grade!

And now...my little man. 
A 5th grader.
Last year in Elementary. Sniff

And the moment you have all NOT been waiting for...
My first day outfit & my new Vera Bradley 
(on clearance) lunch box!!! 
And my mom actually gave me a gift card for the pants...
so yes...my mommy bought me my outfit! LOL!

Everyone survived their first day.
Let the fun begin!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Me Speechless? That's hard to do.

Every once in a while...Matt shocks me.
This time I was completely speechless...I know right?

I feel I should backtrack here.....
when we first got married...I was lucky to get a card on my Bday
or any Holiday. Lucky I tell you!!
Hey & guess what is one of my love languages?
Acts of service/gifts....taking the time to do something for me.
No matter how big or small. It makes me feel loved.
So well..you know. Not pretty. ahem.

Ok let's move on to me being shocked.
On my Bday last week he handed me a card with a picture of this on it.
Yes...that is my dream camera...a Canon 7d.

I had NO IDEA he was gonna do that. To me..this is more than a camera. 
This is Matt telling me to go with my dream of being a photographer...
That he believes in me & my passion. And I was so shocked that he was gonna
let me spend the money!!! That doesn't happen very often!! LOL! 
I love that Hunka Burnin Love of Mine. 

SO he has came a long way in the gift giving department. Enough to shock me &
make me speechless. It finally came in the mail on Tuesday & I have been playing
with it & trying to learn all about it. 

Now...I need some practice so let me know if you need me to take your pics!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's sounds so official.

Mrs. Thomason....The Principals Secretary @ the Sixth Grade.
Yep...that is my new title. And I am loving it...but it sounds so official.

I blogged about getting this job here. If you so desire read about how
God laid it in my lap.

Even though I knew He wanted me to take the job...I was still skeptical.
What if I couldn't do it? What if I didn't like it? What if I can't handle working
full time? What if...what if what if??

What if I love it? Yep...I do. I adore my Principal...Mrs. Kira Kelsey.
SHe is the perfect boss for me. She jokes around...she loves the LORD...
she puts her family first....she knows when to be tough. I think I have found
my spot. I know God has specifically called me to be where I am. I haven't
felt like this in a long time about something.

Do I know everything? Nope. It's gonna take me some time. But that's ok.
I fell like I sit down at 7:30 am & it's time for me to leave at 3:00 before
I know it. I am in my element.

I know it's not going to be peachy & fabulous all the time. I'm working with
other people...I'm a mess too. But When you know God has put you where
you are...you can't help but shout about it!!