Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's sounds so official.

Mrs. Thomason....The Principals Secretary @ the Sixth Grade.
Yep...that is my new title. And I am loving it...but it sounds so official.

I blogged about getting this job here. If you so desire read about how
God laid it in my lap.

Even though I knew He wanted me to take the job...I was still skeptical.
What if I couldn't do it? What if I didn't like it? What if I can't handle working
full time? What if...what if what if??

What if I love it? Yep...I do. I adore my Principal...Mrs. Kira Kelsey.
SHe is the perfect boss for me. She jokes around...she loves the LORD...
she puts her family first....she knows when to be tough. I think I have found
my spot. I know God has specifically called me to be where I am. I haven't
felt like this in a long time about something.

Do I know everything? Nope. It's gonna take me some time. But that's ok.
I fell like I sit down at 7:30 am & it's time for me to leave at 3:00 before
I know it. I am in my element.

I know it's not going to be peachy & fabulous all the time. I'm working with
other people...I'm a mess too. But When you know God has put you where
you can't help but shout about it!!


  1. well congratulations and i just know that you will rock this job!

  2. Aww you are gonna be awesome!!! They are going to LOVE YOU and the Kids well, you KNOW they will LOVE YOU!! Couldn't be happier for you!
    Totally a God thing indeed!

    Love ya

  3. I had to laugh when I read this. It is SO much like my story! When I decided to quit doing day care b/c my last grandchild here was going to Kindergarten a friend called and told me about a job at the high school. I went to the interview knowing I wouldn't want it or get it. Well, I got it, was scared to death about it and not sure I could even handle it. BUT...I'm in my 6th year...I love going to work every day, my four Principals are amazing and I KNOW I am where God wants the high school with my grandkids, nieces, nephews, and a ton of my day care kids!!!! I never really left day care....just changed locations!! God is so good and I know that my job is truly a gift from Him!!!


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