Friday, July 29, 2011

YQ 2011 Part 3

Stress's called that for a reason!! This is the day we climb the mountain.
We pair up the kids with someone from the group they don't know. Usually it's
someone that will push them up the mountain if they need help. It's a 3 mile hike
up the mountain so by the time you are's 6 miles!!
Lauren's first Mountain Top Experience!
Our Mountain climbing partners....Heather & Mike
Our staff that was there
The Thomason Clan...our nieces with us!
One of our sponsors hide this quarter last year under a rock
& it was still there a year later!! SO cool!!
We have devo time once we are up there.
Our view is breath taking...
Lauren & Matt went to the summit.

Too be honest this year I did not want to climb that mountain. Last
 year I was in much better shape & looked forward to it. If it hadn't been
 Lauren's first year I probably would have made an excuse to not climb the 
mountain. Makes me think about my life & missed opportunities due to my lack
 of preparation or feeling inadequate. There 
are times I just don't want to climb that mountain...take that chance...
put myself out there...reach out to someone...and I walk away from
 a challenge...give up & rationalize my feelings. 
I know I do it & I get so frustrated with myself. 
Every year when I reach the top of that mountain I think...
that wasn't that hard...I can do this...if I want too. 
But I couldn't make it up that mountain with out my partners
walking up that path with me, encouraging me, taking breaks with me,
pushing me & cheering me on. I'm thankful for people in my life
that push me when I don't want to, encourage me when I am down 
& love me in spite of my imperfections. 
But more importantly I'm thankful for a God who loves me,
carries me, forgives me & knows me yet still wants to use 
me in His kingdom work. 
I have mountains in my life, but I know God will move them
in His time & His will. 

Go have a mountain top experience soon.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

YQ 2011 Part 2

We start our days off with devo time. Not just any ordinary devo time....
picture are sitting at the base of a look across & there
is a small pond that is a like a mirror that reflects the mountain. The sky is blue
with small clouds & the sun warms your back as you sit there. Tall grass & 
blue & yellow flowers surround you. You can hear birds chirping...chipmunks 
chatting & God's beauty singing his praise. Oh & NO humidity!!!
Now...that is devo time in the Mountains!
I snapped a few pics of my favorite people reading God's word.

And this is a Columbine...Coloarado's state flower...all around you!
The first day is Family Day. We are divided up & given
a group of kids to connect with & love on for the week
They were a fantastic group of kids!! 

On Tuesday we are up bright & early to 
White Water Raft! Super fun this year because 
the water was running fast due to all the snow melting!!
Our Rafting Buddies!
Tracy & her! We rock those helmets!

Each night we have Youth Group time...lots of hearts are opened up
& poured out during this time around the fire.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Youth Quake Part 1

The next few days I would like to tell you about my YQ adventure.

What is YQ you ask? For 30 years several churches have met in Colorado
and  camped out for the week. We climb mountains, white water raft, shop in
Breckenridge, have worship outside & one of my favorite times of the day...
youth group time around the campfire & under the stars. Lives are changed,
restored & brought to the feet of Jesus.

Some of you are thinking...I'm not a camper...and to be honest I am not either really.
But there is just something about camping in the Mountains that I can do!
Waking up in the morning freezing...crisp clean air. Oh I love it!!
Now there are parts that I don't love at being the Porta Potty!!
OH my by the end of the I can't hardly handle this...
And here is my home sweet home for the week...
We like to call it the Princess palace.
Can u see the potty chair to the right? Yep..I used it.
We drive up in vans & this year I was blessed to ride with all the 
Graduate girls. I love them so much!!

And I did it again...Yep...I Zip Lined thru the Mountains!
I would highly recommend this! The scenery was breath taking.

Sunday night I actually had the opportunity to speak.
This years theme was Vintage because we were celebrating 30 years
of YQ. I was a camper back in 1986-1990. My youth minister
Darren Wade spoke last week & he gave me the opportunity to
give my testimony. I was nervous...but I did it!
Darren & I

And that just begins the week...Thought I would just give you a glimpse of 
what we did. More to come thru this week!

Are you a camper??

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rocky Mountain High...

Next week I will call this home sweet home...aka Princess Palace. 

Yep...smack dab in the middle of the Rocky Mountains.
We are taking around 120 people out for a youth camp called
Youth Quake. We meet 3 other churches out there & do all kinds 
of activities with them & Praise the Lord together.
It's a great week for the kids to get away from life & just focus on 
their relationship with God & unite as a youth group!

But this year....this sweet girl is going with me!!
Finally she is old enough to go with us!
I am so excited to have her there to experience this with us!!

Please pray for our safety...hearts...attititude & for 
God to get all the GLORY!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A little time spend with you ladies...

Once a year I get to spend a few days with these ladies...
and we made it happen a couple of weeks ago!

We grew up together in the youth group. I adore these ladies.
We are alot a like in our values & how we raise our kids. 
They push me to love God & serve Him.
They encourage me to love my husband & kids.
They just let me...simply be me.

I would give anything for them to live close to me again.
But for now I will cherish the time we get to 
spend together here & there.
Friendships are not easy for me. I don't require a lot of time. 
I like to be at home. I am not needy & can't handle it 
if someone who wants to be close to me is needy. 
I'm kinda a loner...introvert I guess. 

I also have had the chance to spend time with one of my 
very best friends Lana lately.
Can't begin to tell you how much I adore this lady.
While talking to her the other night I said...
"I've come to realize my good friends just don't live close to me".
And some days that makes me really sad...but I know it's true.
Now I'm not throwing a pity party or anything...Please.
It's my fault...I just have issues.
And to be honest most people can't handle being close to  a PW,
or atleast this PW. 
Don't get me wrong...I have tons of friends...people I like 
to spend time with...but I'm talking sister friend close. 

I really don't know why I'm blogging about all of this.
Just been on my mind lately...friendships. 
Sometimes I'm lonely...or dare I admit...jealous of others 
and their ability to have close friends down the street. 
But really...I will be just fine & dandy! 
I barely have time to spend with my family somedays!!

One of my friends & I would always joke and say..
"I wanna be invite, but I just really don't want to go".
True...funny & tad bit sad huh?

I am so thankful for the friends God has put into my life
even though I don't see them on a regular basis....we 
always pick up right where we left off. 

How about you? Are friendships easy for you?
Are you an introvert or extravert? 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Bubblelicious Fun!

When we go to Branson we are blessed to stay for FREE in one of Matt's Dads Time shares.
It's a great place...but one of the best parts about it for Jaden is the huge bathtub. See at 
home we don't let them take a bath in our BIG tub very often because it uses all the hot 
water & they get water every where...BUT every time we go to the condo we let him
have the time of his life by taking a bubble bath! I know right? He even uses his Goggles.

Is that not the funniest thing??
Yes...that is Jaden in a heap of bubbles! 
This 10 year old boy can't hardly wait to jump in that tub when
we get there. And it's just cheap body wash that makes all those bubbles!!

Goes to show's the simple things in life that  can
bring you so much joy!!
p.s. I'm a huge bath taker so he comes by it naturally. 

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th

We always celebrate the 4th at my sister's lake house in Arkansas. We have a 
blast there. She has a boat, wave runners & all kinds of fun things to do. 
We are really spoiled to have such a great place for our entire family to hang 
out. We swim...go homemade ice cream...4
eat....walking...& just hang out. 
My family

It's a tradition at our house....
How about your family?
What do you do on the 4th of July?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Facing my FeArS!!!! EEK!!

We went to Branson last week & as we were planning this trip Jaden told
Matt he wanted to do the zipline. Honestly I thought, Oh Matt will never
do that because it cost to much. HA!

Well...NOT! He was all about it remarkably!!! All week  long I fretted about
the zipline. I was scared to death...anxious...I even had canker soars in my mouth!
I have a fear of falling...heights & I don't like to swing that much. So put that all
together & you have a zipline.

Friday came...and as we drove up to the zipline there it was...the 100 ft tower.
My heart started to pump...bump...jump...out of my chest!! We got out of the
car & I began to cry. Please Matt...I don't want to do this...I'm so scared.
I'm being serious here!! Tears & everything!! At that point he said...well don't do
it if you really don't want to. But I knew that if I didn't Lauren might not & I would
not be setting a good example for her.

We pulled our gear on...slapped that cute little yellow helmet on our heads & loaded up
in this army type of truck. And it hit me...I have to pee so bad. It literally scared the pee out
of me. I excused myself to go the bathroom (guides were not happy with me). Loaded back
up & headed up the hill.

The Bridge. If that is what you call it. It was this skinny little piece of something that was
tied to ropes & we had to walk across it. We were tied on at the top so even if you slipped,
you would be ok, but it was still scary!! I almost turned around at that point.

We made it to the first hut & waited. I was getting so nervous. Sick at my stomach really.
Then it was my have to step out onto the stairs outside of the hut & go. I
can't even tell you how I did it, except for God pushed me off that platform. And it wasn't
really that bad. SHOCK!! I made it to the other side & my hands were trembling, knees
were shaking & could barely talk without crying! But I did it!!! WOW! WHat a feeling!

We did 4 lines. Each one got a little easier & more FUN! By the last one...I was letting go
& really relaxing! The whole fam...the kids did great! I was so proud of them!!
I wore my Armed & Dangerous shirt for inspiration!!

Facing my fears...
This was hard for me. As I was reading that morning God
 gave me these words.
You came near when I called you, and u said, "Do not fear" Lam 4:2.
 Cast all ur anxiety on Him because He cares for u! 1 Peter 5:7. 

I said them as I stood on that platform. I can do this...thru Him.
And I must admit...I would absolutely do it again. 

What fears have you faced? 
What is a fear you need to face?