Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Youth Quake Part 1

The next few days I would like to tell you about my YQ adventure.

What is YQ you ask? For 30 years several churches have met in Colorado
and  camped out for the week. We climb mountains, white water raft, shop in
Breckenridge, have worship outside & one of my favorite times of the day...
youth group time around the campfire & under the stars. Lives are changed,
restored & brought to the feet of Jesus.

Some of you are thinking...I'm not a camper...and to be honest I am not either really.
But there is just something about camping in the Mountains that I can do!
Waking up in the morning freezing...crisp clean air. Oh I love it!!
Now there are parts that I don't love at being the Porta Potty!!
OH my by the end of the I can't hardly handle this...
And here is my home sweet home for the week...
We like to call it the Princess palace.
Can u see the potty chair to the right? Yep..I used it.
We drive up in vans & this year I was blessed to ride with all the 
Graduate girls. I love them so much!!

And I did it again...Yep...I Zip Lined thru the Mountains!
I would highly recommend this! The scenery was breath taking.

Sunday night I actually had the opportunity to speak.
This years theme was Vintage because we were celebrating 30 years
of YQ. I was a camper back in 1986-1990. My youth minister
Darren Wade spoke last week & he gave me the opportunity to
give my testimony. I was nervous...but I did it!
Darren & I

And that just begins the week...Thought I would just give you a glimpse of 
what we did. More to come thru this week!

Are you a camper??

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  1. ahhhh, Steph, so glad I checked in with you. I'll read all of the post in this series! We spent last week on a mission trip in Loveland, Co. Loved it! Going back the next 2 years! We didn't camp, but we slept on the floors of Sunday school rooms, and the men all in the youth room/"Man Cave" of a church.
    Our family did camp many years ago, back in our boy scout/girl scout days! Miss it a lot! Never camped in the mountains! Would love to!


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