Thursday, July 28, 2011

YQ 2011 Part 2

We start our days off with devo time. Not just any ordinary devo time....
picture are sitting at the base of a look across & there
is a small pond that is a like a mirror that reflects the mountain. The sky is blue
with small clouds & the sun warms your back as you sit there. Tall grass & 
blue & yellow flowers surround you. You can hear birds chirping...chipmunks 
chatting & God's beauty singing his praise. Oh & NO humidity!!!
Now...that is devo time in the Mountains!
I snapped a few pics of my favorite people reading God's word.

And this is a Columbine...Coloarado's state flower...all around you!
The first day is Family Day. We are divided up & given
a group of kids to connect with & love on for the week
They were a fantastic group of kids!! 

On Tuesday we are up bright & early to 
White Water Raft! Super fun this year because 
the water was running fast due to all the snow melting!!
Our Rafting Buddies!
Tracy & her! We rock those helmets!

Each night we have Youth Group time...lots of hearts are opened up
& poured out during this time around the fire.

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  1. Now that is real camping for Bible camp! Creating great experiences and memories every summer. Wonderful! Do you see any bear there?


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