Sunday, July 3, 2011

Facing my FeArS!!!! EEK!!

We went to Branson last week & as we were planning this trip Jaden told
Matt he wanted to do the zipline. Honestly I thought, Oh Matt will never
do that because it cost to much. HA!

Well...NOT! He was all about it remarkably!!! All week  long I fretted about
the zipline. I was scared to death...anxious...I even had canker soars in my mouth!
I have a fear of falling...heights & I don't like to swing that much. So put that all
together & you have a zipline.

Friday came...and as we drove up to the zipline there it was...the 100 ft tower.
My heart started to pump...bump...jump...out of my chest!! We got out of the
car & I began to cry. Please Matt...I don't want to do this...I'm so scared.
I'm being serious here!! Tears & everything!! At that point he said...well don't do
it if you really don't want to. But I knew that if I didn't Lauren might not & I would
not be setting a good example for her.

We pulled our gear on...slapped that cute little yellow helmet on our heads & loaded up
in this army type of truck. And it hit me...I have to pee so bad. It literally scared the pee out
of me. I excused myself to go the bathroom (guides were not happy with me). Loaded back
up & headed up the hill.

The Bridge. If that is what you call it. It was this skinny little piece of something that was
tied to ropes & we had to walk across it. We were tied on at the top so even if you slipped,
you would be ok, but it was still scary!! I almost turned around at that point.

We made it to the first hut & waited. I was getting so nervous. Sick at my stomach really.
Then it was my have to step out onto the stairs outside of the hut & go. I
can't even tell you how I did it, except for God pushed me off that platform. And it wasn't
really that bad. SHOCK!! I made it to the other side & my hands were trembling, knees
were shaking & could barely talk without crying! But I did it!!! WOW! WHat a feeling!

We did 4 lines. Each one got a little easier & more FUN! By the last one...I was letting go
& really relaxing! The whole fam...the kids did great! I was so proud of them!!
I wore my Armed & Dangerous shirt for inspiration!!

Facing my fears...
This was hard for me. As I was reading that morning God
 gave me these words.
You came near when I called you, and u said, "Do not fear" Lam 4:2.
 Cast all ur anxiety on Him because He cares for u! 1 Peter 5:7. 

I said them as I stood on that platform. I can do this...thru Him.
And I must admit...I would absolutely do it again. 

What fears have you faced? 
What is a fear you need to face?

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  1. Way to go Steph! So proud of you for facing your fears.


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