Saturday, January 30, 2010

Extreme FUN!!

Well I was up and out the door @ 5:00 am riding with The Saplins because it was snowing and yucky. I arrived @ check in and they gave me my volunteer shirt. Yes...XL was the only size they had because they make you wear it over your coat. So please excuse how I look like the blueberry girl on Willy Wonka...:)
I have always wanted to help on something like this since we went to Louisiana to help rebuild homes after Katrina. On Sunday nights we watch America's Funniest Video and then Extreme Home Makeover. It's a great show with the purpose of changing a families life for the better.
When we first got there they didn't have much for us to do..but then we got into the action. This is probably going to be one of the longest post ever with all the be WARNED!! We hope to help frame the house today, but due to weather they didn't pour the concrete until later. No I didn't get to meet Ty today...maybe tomorrow...but I did get to meet one or two of the others...:)
This is De and I on the shuttle.
Me at the construction site
VIP tent
Me working hard...Getting a Free massage!!
Ok really...I did work..
Funniest pic...that's Paulee in the black vest with orange sleeves...I wanted a pic with while we were serving my new fun friend Andye did this..
But then...thanks to Dwayne...I got this!!
Kris and Stacy
Ty made this snowman before they tore down the has stayed thru it all!
Kim and Wayne
Yes...I helped carry all this pop and water in!
Matt came to pick me up...our hard hat pic!!
Our Football teams verse and all the boys names on it hanging on the gate there, Jaden loved that his name is on it!
I snuck over and took pics of the work tents..
These trailers are lined up in the neighborhood...yes...those neighbors are well take care of so don't worry!!
Matt got to get dirty and help with the slab close up! He loved it!
Matt was right by Paige while I was in serving...I did come out and see her but didn't get a pic with her...bummer
Security is everywhere!
So it was a fun day! I actually loved all of it! We cleaned and served food...and just basically did any job they asked us to do. Got to see lots of people and met some really cool new ones. We are going back tomorrow for the Make a Wish kids time. I think it will be very special to see all those kids...mine are going also. I could totally see myself working on something like this on a regular basis. I pray that this family is so blessed by all of this. It was out of my box to go without Matt, but it was so good for me to do it even though I did talk him into coming because I needed a ride home. He is so good to me!

Extreme Home Makeover..

One thing I have always wanted to do is work on an Extreme Home Makeover house...and I am on my way right now @ 5:00 am on Sat. morning! Can't wait! I will of course tell you all about it when I get home today!! You should see me all bundled up...I'm sure Ty will be so impressed..LOL!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Angels

As a kid...I always always always made a snow angel when it snowed. I haven't made one in today...I did! Matt took my picture...
I made this Heart for him on his truck...I know...we are cheesy! 

*****I just found out I get to go work on the Extreme Homemaker Over house in the morning***
Can't wait!! 

Storing UP

This morning before the heavy snow the birds were busy storing up on food. My Lauren is such a nature girl...she always has something out there for them. We love to sit here and watch them in the backyard. They are just beautiful...especially the Cardinals. Their red just pops in the white snow. Of course I had to take some pics of them to share. You know it still just amazes me how God created them to know it's time to prepare for bad weather.
Lauren's bird feeder
Look at all these birdies!
Thank you Jesus for your creation. 

So far So Good...

So far we have electricity...many of our friends have lost it at this point. It didn't ice as bad as they first estimated here...but south of us it's a mess! We have about a 1/2 inch of ice. We are suppose to get heavy snow in the next few hours...we will see!! Thank you Jesus for Power!! Thank you for your prayers!! I will keep you updated.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eye Reading/Vudoo or Real?

A couple of weeks ago some friends and I went to this all natural herb shop in Sapulpa and at this shop there is an Indian Lady who "reads" your eyes and give you a diagnosis about what vitamins you are lacking or if you have anything going on in your body. She is a that made me feel better. Now...first let me say I am a skeptic. I don't believe in any hocus pocus stuff or anything like that. But I do believe in trying to take care of my body with all natural products. So I was very curious about what this lady would say to me. Of course my friends that were with me were chickens so I went first. She explains that she is just going to do what they did 100 years ago to diagnose people. I sat in this chair and she looked in my eyes...not up close or anything...just sat in a chair across from me. She asked to see my tongue and while she is looking...she is writing 2 pages of stuff. I am like..woa nellie...stop writing! After she is done...of course I am still skeptical at this point...she starts asking me all this stuff about my health and body. And by golly if she didn't pinpoint everything I am dealing with! I about fell out of that chair! And she did it for free! Of course they want you to buy the vitamins there, but you don't have too. Now my other 2 friends Tracy and Kenna went next...and their diagnosis was totally different than mine and it was stuff they were dealing with too. She even guessed Tracy's blood type...FreaKy!!
Here is my list:
Lower back needs strengthen-yep...been dealing with that for a long time
Colon-didn't know about that
Right Adrenal Gland-didn't know..but after looking at the symptoms I might have it checked
Liver-big one for dad had a liver transplant
Right and left lung...she asked me if I live with a smoker...WHAT? no...never have..that freaked me out!
Right ovary-had a cyst on it last year that burst
Headaches-BIG one...always have.
Stomach Digestion-yes...I always have stomach issues.
Left foot or leg- yes...hurts after I have subbed and been on it all day
My heart needs minerals-
So as you can see she listed several things. She told me to stop taking YAZ..the birth control they put me on to help with my fibroid cyst and my ovarian cyst...which I was already contemplating anyway with all the side effects it I did that. I don't know how serious to take all of this of course. I try not to freak out about things. But so much of it made sense to me. My sister in law uses a lady in Joplin that is a Christian also and she has helped her so much. I am really working on improving my health this year. We are eating better than ever and taking lots of vitamins. With proper care you can take care of a lot of your health issues...I strongly believe that!!
So tell me how you feel about this? Have you ever done it before? Heard of it? Do you think it's out there?  And please don't think I have went over the edge and such! :)

Ready or not...

Here it comes!! Oh my, we are suppose to get some major ice and snow today. Yippee! NOT! My sweet husband got the generator all gassed up just incase! I went to the store and bought all the essentials for a couple of days. But I am hoping and praying that they have hyped this up more than it needs to be because last time we were out of electricity for 9 DAYS!!! Yes...9 days...yes...I about had a break down. It was Dec. 9th and the kids had a program at church that evening...we were home for about 5 minutes and BAM out went the lights and never came back on for 9 DAYS!! We stayed with my parents down the street because they have a generator that runs their entire house. We were thankful to have a place to stay, but all 5 of us were in one room because we had my Grandpa staying with us also...and I am a girl who needs some space and alone time!! :) It was a crazy December for us...trying to get ready for Christmas after losing 9 days and this is the same year my dad got the phone call about his liver transplant and my cousin was found dead in a hotel. 
Our church opened their doors and feed and housed people during this time. It was a blessing to be there and help these families out and it made me so grateful to have a safe home to sleep at night. Many unbelievers were brought into the family during this time and God showed us how he can always take something bad and turn it into HIS good. And if this storm packs the same punch like they are saying...we already have a plan in place to do it all over again. 
I wanted to share with you a couple of pictures from the 2007 Ice Storm...for all of you who live here this will bring back the memories of complete silence in your dark it was in this town with no electricity...and I will never forget the sounds of the tree branches snapping all over our neighborhood and crashing to the ground. It was eerie!!
This was our street..notice the power lines and trees.

Here is a picture of our backyard...this poor tree. What's funny is I had been telling Matt we need to trim our trees...and so God just took care of it for us!! LOL

Again..hoping and praying for NONE of this again...but this time we are ready!! If you need a place to the church...I have room for a few. :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week of Awesomeness

Fun Giveaway!! My friend Cindy Beall is giving away some super cute things every day this week!! She is a PW and her husband Chris serves as the Oklahoma City Campus Pastor at  I love reading Cindy's blog because she is real...and she is stinkin funny!! Go over and leave a comment so you can have a chance to win! Good luck!!! And you should subscribe to her will be blessed!! 

Monday, January 25, 2010

Neti Pot...

Have you ever heard of a Neti Pot? Well I hadn't either until my friend Kenna told me about it last November when I had a sinus infection. Kenna told me she rinses out her nasal passages as soon as she feels something coming on. I was put a little pot in your nose and let it run out the other side...NO WAY! I didn't like the visual on that. But I got desperate PEOPLE...I was going to Dallas with Matt to a conference back then and I needed to get better ASAP if was going to be spending a night alone in a hotel with him ALONE! **wink...wink** and having a stuffy nose...well you know. So I did it...I bought a Neti Pot....Matt laughed his head off at me the first time I leaned over the sink and used it...and he was alittle grossed out too. But Girlfriends...I am TELLING you...I feel like I need to shout sorry for all the capital letters...I could breath through my nose as soon as I did it!
Ok...ok...let's be real...and if you have a weak stomach...just don't read the rest of this...because I am a girl who likes to tell it how it is so you know what to expect and I am not afraid to use the word..BOOGIE! You fill it with a little bit of warm water and it comes with these packets of saline wash you put in the pot. Put it in one side of your nose...if you are will build up and then come gushing out the other side...and know...some of the boogies will come out too...Sorry...I know! It takes about 30 seconds. SO simple!
Last week Matt was all stuffy and complaining for about 2 days and I it hit me...THE NETI I made him do it a couple of times...oh and he gaged like a baby...bahaha...yea...I laughed at him too. But Girls...he was better by the next day!! I promise it works!
Now...this morning...we made Jaden do it. Oh My WORD! He was screaming and crying and carrying on like a crazy man...gagin and all of it. WE got thru it and he blew the nastiest stuff out of that nose. (sorry) But you know what...he was stuffy again tonight...and asked...can I do that neti pot before I go to b-ball practice...HA!?!?! And he did it like a pro...all clear again.
So try it if you want...just wanted to give you some info on it. If it saves you a trip to the Dr. and a copay...then this was all worth reading. :)
Have you tried it? Let me know if you do...:)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The "Fab Five"

That's what they called themselves while they were in the youth group...Sara, Jenn, Kelley, Shaun and Melanie (she couldn't make it). Sara is moving to Texas so we all got together at her parents house...which is my cousin Debbie's house to say good bye! These girls were the ones that hung around our house...toilet papered our house...always had some kind of drama going on...but were leaders in the youth group. They were the ones that would show up for everything we had going could depend on them. Though I think we might have a few gray hairs from them...LOL. They spent many hours at our house making chocolate chip cookies with me. We have had lots of laughs with these girls. They are the ones that made youth ministry worth every minute. Now they are all grown up and most of them are married. They all love Jesus and serve him. Shaun is a nurse and will be leaving for Haiti in a couple of weeks with a group here from Tulsa. Jenn is a youth minister's wife. Kelley and her husband are building a house. Sara and her family will be moving to Texas in a week to start a new job. I love these girls...they have taught me so much about to love the Lord and helped me develop as a leader. I have some sweet memories of my time with them. I love that we are still close and keep up with each other.
Now here is the super cool thing...I have developed a friendship with one of my blog buddies named Kara. Love her and I know some day we are going to meet! Anyway...Sara is moving to Texas...League City, TX that is! And that is where Kara and her husband are youth pastors!! I am going to hook up Sara and Kara so when she gets down there she can have a church to check out and know someone in that town! God is so cool how he does that...I mean...really! That is just so amazing to me...who knew when I left that comment on Kara's blog several months ago it would lead to this...God..thank you for leading and loving us and bringing people in our lives.
Daniel, Sara and Tate...We will miss you!

The girls

Me and Sara

"Fab (short for Fabulous)  Five" I love you girls...I am so proud of all of you.
Sara..I know God has amazing plans for you in TX. I will be praying for you and remember how much we love you all.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

HBTU! Paul!

Friday was Matt's step dad's bday! Paul is a FUN Grandpa! Whether we are here or there...he sits down and plays with the kids or takes them outside and plays with them. He jokes and laughs with them and just lets them be their silly selves. They always enjoy their time with him. I am thankful for how much he plays with them when we are together. He let's them dress him board games...the Wii along with many other things. Their house looks like a playhouse by the time we leave...isn't that what good grandparents let you do? LOL!  But of course we clean them up before we leave! :) My kids love playing with him and he always makes them feel special. So Happy Birthday Grandpa Z! We love you very much and hope you had a great day!!

Hope for Haiti

For the next 2 Sundays our church...along with many other churches in America...will be taking up an offering to send to Haiti. We have partnered with a missions group called International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES) for many years. You can go here to find out more information about this group. I love their missions statement...The purpose of IDES is to bring glory to God by bringing help and hope to our hurting world. 
It's awesome to see God's people come together and step up and help. We see that a lot during disasters...the world knows they can depend on the church to be there. To love and to help heal the broken hearts. I pray that during this time many will see God's love and he will get ALL the glory. But let us not forget there are disasters right next door to us...a broken marriage...a sick child...lost job...depression...and hurting people who need us to reach out to them.
 I challenge you to pray about what God is leading you to give to help Haiti in the next few weeks and pray for IDES as they minister to the lost in Haiti. I also challenge you (and Myself especially) to reach out to your neighbors...there might be a disaster that you can't see from your house. 
p.s. does anyone else want to adopt an orphan from there every time you see them on TV?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Coming Soon...Sean from The Biggest Loser!

Can I tell you how excited I am that Sean Algaier from last season will be speaking at FCC on Feb. 7th? When Tim  (our worship leader) told me on Wednesday night I about freaked out! :) Our whole family sits down on Tuesday nights and we watch that show! Last season was one of my favorite seasons on that show. I think I cried every week!! Abby who had lost her whole family in a car wreak made me a wreak every week! Her story just touched me so much and how she was able to even wake up in the morning after losing so much. I can't imagine. 
But Sean..he was stinking funny! And when we found out he was a youth/worship leader from TULSA...we felt connected to him immediately! He seemed like someone Matt and I could sit down with and have a blast. Now we will have the opportunity to hear his testimony. I know he has taken this whole experience and used it to Glorify God! God has opened up many doors for him thru his Biggest Loser experience. So mark it on your calendar RIGHT NOW so you can be there to hear Sean on Sunday, Feb. 7th!
Hope to see you!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Asking for Prayers

Starting today I will begin subbing for the next 2 1/2 weeks! I know...I know...those of you who work full time are thinking...YOU WIMP! And yes...yes I am...and I am not to Big to admit it! And I know I choose to do it so I am not asking for Pity or anything...just a little prayer. During one of those weeks Matt will be gone so that will be difficult for me...taking care of home life and working full time without him to help...ugh!! I have the upmost respect for single gals amaze me!! 
I am asking you to pray that I don't let things overwhelm housework and keeping up with things around here. Most importantly pray I keep my quiet time with Jesus at the top of the list!!
I am so thankful for the opportunity to sub. It provides me with a sense of fulfillment working with those kids and some extra spending money to help with the budget and I can work when I want and say no when I have things I need to get done. Teaching is one of my gifts and I might as well use it for good!  I will miss BSF for a couple of weeks...bummer! But I can keep up with it thru my lessons.
Pray for the kids I will be working with...that I will be a witness to them and show them Christ in my actions and have patience with them...what a great opportunity for Christ!! My first week I will be with 6th graders (which is my favorite school)  and I hear the aide in my 1st hour delivers coffee to me! Thanks Jantzen!!! I am looking forward to being back in the classroom. Hope all is well for you! I would be happy to lift you up in prayer also! Either leave it on here or email me!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

God's Glory you like to wait? Well, I don't. Too be honest I am an impatient waiter...when someone is running drives me CraZy!! I think about Martha and Mary as they sent word to Jesus that their brother Lazarus was sick and he didn't come immediately and heal him. John 11 tells us he waited 2 days before he traveled to see them. When he arrives, Lazarus had been dead for 4 days!! . M & M had been waiting on him to get there because they knew he could heal Lazarus...God desires waiting time to strengthen you...don't let the wait cause you to doubt or become bitter. 
This story gives us a glimpse into how much Jesus loved his's the only time we hear the words..."Jesus wept". He cried with them...he loved them.  Jesus could have just healed Lazarus from Jerusalem...but he didn't...he came in person. Why? To display God's Glory and increase the faith of those with him. He tells Martha to roll away the stone and she argues that there is now a bad odor and his response it..."Did I tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?" And they took away the stone and thanks God for hearing Him so that the people standing there would believe that God sent him. Lazarus comes out...and he says "Take off the grave clothes and let him go". Thru this miracle many put their faith in God...many who had come to visit M & M. Can others see God's Glory displayed in your life as you handle circumstances? Are you patient enough to wait on Him? I know I am not always patient...but I am trying to let go of some pride issues that I have so God's Glory can shine thru me. God's delays may be windows to display His Glory! 

What does God's Glory look like in your life?
My Father is glorified by this: that you produce much fruit and prove to be My disciples. John 15:8 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mystery Blog Readers!

Sunday I said Hello to Jamie Enyart...and said..."I  feel like I haven't talked to you in forever girl" and she said..."Oh I know all about you...I am addicted to your blog...I read it everyday."
***I wanted to shove her like Elaine does on Seinfield and yell "GET OUT"...but I didn't want to scare her...***
I was like....WHAT? I had no idea!!! I felt so loved by her! But then I was like...Oh...she really does know all about me...:) The good...the bad and the down right ugly! And yet she still clicks on that link everyday and reads all the ridiculous stuff I put on here! I feel comfortable on my blog. I have absolutely no idea who read this blog...last week I got a comment that was in CHINESE!! I was like...holy fortune cookie people! LOL!
So I just want to say keep blogging my friends. You might not have any idea who you are reaching...bringing closer to Christ...building their faith...strengthening their marriage...helping them be a better mom...connecting with...developing a friendship with or just giving someone hope that their life is normal too. I am an open book pretty much and those who don't blog...don't get it.  And if you are a blogger you know how it gives you a little smile inside when someone tells you they read your blog...or you get a comment. I don't get as many comments on my blog...for some reason you people Facebook me or email me instead which I think is gReAt!!! But thanks all you Mystery Blog Readers like Jamie...You make me smile!! Thanks for coming out of the closet! LOL!! I told you I would give you a SHOUT OUT GIRL!! Jamie...I love your little family...your girls always make me smile and your husband is one of the most ornery people I know and you are a ton of fun yourself!

Monday, January 18, 2010

***PRAISE GOD*** Lori Update

Just wanted to share Lori's GREAT news!!! She had a PET scan on Thursday and if the 2 rounds of chemo hadn't made any difference she was planning on stopping the chemo at that point and just trying to live out what time she had left enjoying life and not being sick from the chemo....BUT...on Friday her Dr. called to give her the news...
Her liver stayed the same which is good because that means it is not growing. Her lung mass went from 10 to 5, her spots that were done with radiation are better. Her one lymph node went from a 17 to a 4 the other went from a 14 to a 5. There are a few new spots on her bones and ribs, but the PRAYERS,VITAMINS and CHEMO ARE WORKING PRAISE GOD!! We want to THANK EVERYONE for lifting her up in prayer! We feel overwhelmingly blessed to see God's healing power! It has given her hope and she knows she can beat this cancer!! We give G0d all the glory!!!
Praise be to the Lord, for he has heard our cry for mercy. The Lord is our strength and our shield; our hearts trust in him, and we are helped. Our Hearts leap for joy and we will give thanks to him in song!!! Psalm 29:7

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The BIG PartAy!

So she wanted to have a big party with all her friends and family this year. We reserved the youth building at the church...there has to be some benefits to being on staff! :) It was the PERFECT location for a bunch of Jr. Highers! Matt and I felt like we were at TAG! He was totally in his element playing with these kid tonight. My amazing sister and husband helped me set up the party. Here are a few pics of the place...the sign is made from green and blue duct tape...:)

I found blue and green paper and balloons for the tables

This is the Giant Ice Cream Sundae table...yep its a gutter...I lined it with trashbags, you will see the how
fun it was in a bit...:)

We played Dodge ball...a game where you had to get rid of all your clothes pins in the dark with a strobe light flashing...another game where these poor poor boys had to clip as many clothes pins as they could to their faces in one minute...OUCH!! Then we made a Gigantic Ice Cream Sundae by using a Gutter lined with plastic.  They had a blast! They dumped all the toppings into it...some ate with their hands...oh was messy...but FUN!! Then we opened gifts...that girl made a haul! I am so amazed! What great friends she has that came to help celebrate her big bday. I loved being around all of them and enjoyed seeing them have fun! Wish we could just hang out with them more often! It really does bring me joy to see how these kids are growing into fun and respectful teenagers. So thanks to all of you who let you kids come hang out with us and make Lauren's day "Extra" Special". She gave out packages of Extra gum to show them how much she appreciate it. (though it has been reported some of the boys took several packages so not every one got a pack...she was bummed about that..oh well)
There were too many pictures to share on my I made a slideshow if you want to watch it of all the fun we had! So enjoy if you have time...

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Lauren's 13rh Bday Party

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Thanks so much to my sister for helping me set up and serve mom for cleaning the husband who just does whatever I ask him to do and headed up all the games with the kids! Bobby, James and Austin for helping Matt! And all my family and friends who cleaned up in record timing!! I totally appreciate you and couldn't have pulled this off without your help! Our family is so blessed!
Lauren Loved her night and that's all that mattered to me....she gave her friends this picture. I took it on her bday...she is just so pretty...I know...I am a little bias.

Krispy Kreme! And Gifts!

Lauren also wanted a KK cake! So we made our way there on her bday!

Happy Birthday to you!

My parents come over to help celebrate!

Here is the one gift she wanted...a furminator! It a brush for the dogs. CrAcK Up..but that's's all about the dogs!

She also got a CASTING CROWN ticket and a I tunes card to download their new CD to get ready for the concert on Feb. 5th! We can't wait to go!!

She got a Target card to buys some workout clothes and a calendar with Labs on it.
So she had a great bday! WOW! Can't believe she is 13 years old! It's went fast!!

Pei Wei

Lauren picked Pei Wei to go to eat! Yeah!! She loves their lettuce wraps!

The 3 Amigos!

She loves to use the chop sticks!

  Yummy Times at Pei Wei!

The Big Surprise! remember one of my goals....HMF (Have More Fun)...this is one of those things I probably wouldn't have done before....but while making the appointment my friend Leslie who cuts our hair said "Come on a fun mom" and that's all it took!
When Matt brought her home from breakfast I surprised her and let her miss 1st hour (which she is the library aide that hour so she didn't miss much). This summer my niece put blue and green in her hair and had to bleach it first and since then Lauren has had this blonde strip in her hair so she needed a little help with it. I dropped her off and went to pick up Starbucks for us all real quick.
First time under the dryer sippin on her strawberries and creme Frap! LOL!

Washing her hair

Leslie...the best hairstylist in the world!! We love her!! Look at those highlights!!

Mom and Lauren! Fun times!

I am glad I took the time to do this with her. She was so excited about the highlights and I think it make her feel pretty and special on her bday!