Monday, January 18, 2010

***PRAISE GOD*** Lori Update

Just wanted to share Lori's GREAT news!!! She had a PET scan on Thursday and if the 2 rounds of chemo hadn't made any difference she was planning on stopping the chemo at that point and just trying to live out what time she had left enjoying life and not being sick from the chemo....BUT...on Friday her Dr. called to give her the news...
Her liver stayed the same which is good because that means it is not growing. Her lung mass went from 10 to 5, her spots that were done with radiation are better. Her one lymph node went from a 17 to a 4 the other went from a 14 to a 5. There are a few new spots on her bones and ribs, but the PRAYERS,VITAMINS and CHEMO ARE WORKING PRAISE GOD!! We want to THANK EVERYONE for lifting her up in prayer! We feel overwhelmingly blessed to see God's healing power! It has given her hope and she knows she can beat this cancer!! We give G0d all the glory!!!
Praise be to the Lord, for he has heard our cry for mercy. The Lord is our strength and our shield; our hearts trust in him, and we are helped. Our Hearts leap for joy and we will give thanks to him in song!!! Psalm 29:7


  1. Oh, that is just awesome news and I am praising right along with you!

    Will be posting update on the prayer blog.

    Love you - Beth

  2. Praise the Lord for the good report! He is a miracle-working God!!

  3. Praise the Lord! Awesome news!!

  4. Awesome news! Praise God. :)


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