Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mystery Blog Readers!

Sunday I said Hello to Jamie Enyart...and said..."I  feel like I haven't talked to you in forever girl" and she said..."Oh I know all about you...I am addicted to your blog...I read it everyday."
***I wanted to shove her like Elaine does on Seinfield and yell "GET OUT"...but I didn't want to scare her...***
I was like....WHAT? I had no idea!!! I felt so loved by her! But then I was like...Oh...she really does know all about me...:) The good...the bad and the down right ugly! And yet she still clicks on that link everyday and reads all the ridiculous stuff I put on here! I feel comfortable on my blog. I have absolutely no idea who read this blog...last week I got a comment that was in CHINESE!! I was like...holy fortune cookie people! LOL!
So I just want to say keep blogging my friends. You might not have any idea who you are reaching...bringing closer to Christ...building their faith...strengthening their marriage...helping them be a better mom...connecting with...developing a friendship with or just giving someone hope that their life is normal too. I am an open book pretty much and those who don't blog...don't get it.  And if you are a blogger you know how it gives you a little smile inside when someone tells you they read your blog...or you get a comment. I don't get as many comments on my blog...for some reason you people Facebook me or email me instead which I think is gReAt!!! But thanks all you Mystery Blog Readers like Jamie...You make me smile!! Thanks for coming out of the closet! LOL!! I told you I would give you a SHOUT OUT GIRL!! Jamie...I love your little family...your girls always make me smile and your husband is one of the most ornery people I know and you are a ton of fun yourself!


  1. LOVE IT! I feel kind of famous now, thank you! Truly I do love your blog, it makes me smile.


  2. Oh, what a great story! I am so glad that you DO blog. I love reading you also.

    Thanks for stopping in my place too. You have been a blessing.

  3. True! I love how you really have no idea who is reading your blog and then all of sudden...you'll have a comment or someone from your small group says, "yea, i read that on your blog!"
    Blogging is so fun and a place to share life. I am thankful for the day you left a comment on mine, its been a blessing conversation ever since.

  4. Well, I love reading your blog and I am so thankful for you putting it all out there for us!!

  5. Thanks Ladies...You are all such a blessing to me!


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