Saturday, January 16, 2010

The BIG PartAy!

So she wanted to have a big party with all her friends and family this year. We reserved the youth building at the church...there has to be some benefits to being on staff! :) It was the PERFECT location for a bunch of Jr. Highers! Matt and I felt like we were at TAG! He was totally in his element playing with these kid tonight. My amazing sister and husband helped me set up the party. Here are a few pics of the place...the sign is made from green and blue duct tape...:)

I found blue and green paper and balloons for the tables

This is the Giant Ice Cream Sundae table...yep its a gutter...I lined it with trashbags, you will see the how
fun it was in a bit...:)

We played Dodge ball...a game where you had to get rid of all your clothes pins in the dark with a strobe light flashing...another game where these poor poor boys had to clip as many clothes pins as they could to their faces in one minute...OUCH!! Then we made a Gigantic Ice Cream Sundae by using a Gutter lined with plastic.  They had a blast! They dumped all the toppings into it...some ate with their hands...oh was messy...but FUN!! Then we opened gifts...that girl made a haul! I am so amazed! What great friends she has that came to help celebrate her big bday. I loved being around all of them and enjoyed seeing them have fun! Wish we could just hang out with them more often! It really does bring me joy to see how these kids are growing into fun and respectful teenagers. So thanks to all of you who let you kids come hang out with us and make Lauren's day "Extra" Special". She gave out packages of Extra gum to show them how much she appreciate it. (though it has been reported some of the boys took several packages so not every one got a pack...she was bummed about that..oh well)
There were too many pictures to share on my I made a slideshow if you want to watch it of all the fun we had! So enjoy if you have time...

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Thanks so much to my sister for helping me set up and serve mom for cleaning the husband who just does whatever I ask him to do and headed up all the games with the kids! Bobby, James and Austin for helping Matt! And all my family and friends who cleaned up in record timing!! I totally appreciate you and couldn't have pulled this off without your help! Our family is so blessed!
Lauren Loved her night and that's all that mattered to me....she gave her friends this picture. I took it on her bday...she is just so pretty...I know...I am a little bias.

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  1. Wow, that seems like an awesome party. wanna come help plan mine in a few months =)


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