Saturday, January 9, 2010

Donut Cake and Gifts!

***Next 3 blogs are about Jaden's Bday***
Jaden doesn't like cake so we always make a Krispie Kreme Cake instead!

Ta Da! All stacked up with Candles! Still has the hat on!

My parents joined us for the fun!

They gave him a remote control Mustang that had to be built! So my dad, Jaden and Matt put it together in not's a fast Car!!

He got remote control cars, some transformers, a guitar strap, picks and a music stand some of his favorite things!  I'd say he had a pretty great bday! Tonight we head to the Monster Jam Truck Show! So excited!!!


  1. So you may be a little redneck with the monster jam, guns, and 4 wheelers, haha! Hope you all have a great time!! PS-that cake looks delicious!

  2. What a great are a good mom! :)


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