Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monster Jam!

The boys came @ 5:00 and ate McDonalds and opened gifts and had some cookies:
Sam Dykes, Hayden Peterson, Jaden and Baylor Haynie

We piled into the Windstar and headed to the BOK Center in Tulsa...only to find out we were to late to go down into the pits to meet the drivers!! The website said an hour before the show so we thought we were good to get there a little after 6:00, but it was actually an hour before set up we were too late...That's the Pits! :)
We had great seats, even though we were way up there...we were on the first row in the balcony and we could stretch out and had a little ledge for our drinks! I think they were better seats anyway because we could see everything so good from up there!

NOW I have about oh somewhere around 200 pics from last night! But I won't totally bore you with all of them ok? OK! But here are a few highlights for you. It was so much fun watching the boys react to the Monster Trucks jump and smash the cars. I just enjoyed that more than anything. They wore ear plugs at first(thanks Jaden)...the trucks were loud when they started up!

They started off with 4 wheeler races...of course now Jaden wants to do this!

Here is Iron Outlaw (red) and Bounty Hunter (blue)...Guess WHAT? They are married! And she beat him at several events! Oh I beat that is fun to go home and talk about! Hehehe!

They had cars that transformed into Robots...this was the good one...he could throw flames out of this was cool!

This is the Evil Transformer...naughty! The Good one shot him! 
And their favorite Monster Truck...Grave Digger...he's cool.

These guys blow my mind...I don't think the Windstar can do this! :)

And here is the whole Gang...with my dad and Matt!

Notice how the cars are SMaSHed!! I have to admit...the smell of the exhaust and the rubber burning brought back so many memories of my childhood of hanging out at the race track with my dad. He owned a race car for years and I remember that sound of the engine revving up and it took me back. If I would have been a boy...I promise I probably would have been a race car driver. I always say...I don't speed...I just get to the speed limit QuiCk! For now I will have to settle for driving a Minivan around Owasso... and I am fine with that! It was a great night and I am so thankful we had the opportunity to take the boys. One night they will always remember. Too view all the pics you can go to my facebook.
Happy Birthday Jaden!

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