Monday, January 25, 2010

Neti Pot...

Have you ever heard of a Neti Pot? Well I hadn't either until my friend Kenna told me about it last November when I had a sinus infection. Kenna told me she rinses out her nasal passages as soon as she feels something coming on. I was put a little pot in your nose and let it run out the other side...NO WAY! I didn't like the visual on that. But I got desperate PEOPLE...I was going to Dallas with Matt to a conference back then and I needed to get better ASAP if was going to be spending a night alone in a hotel with him ALONE! **wink...wink** and having a stuffy nose...well you know. So I did it...I bought a Neti Pot....Matt laughed his head off at me the first time I leaned over the sink and used it...and he was alittle grossed out too. But Girlfriends...I am TELLING you...I feel like I need to shout sorry for all the capital letters...I could breath through my nose as soon as I did it!
Ok...ok...let's be real...and if you have a weak stomach...just don't read the rest of this...because I am a girl who likes to tell it how it is so you know what to expect and I am not afraid to use the word..BOOGIE! You fill it with a little bit of warm water and it comes with these packets of saline wash you put in the pot. Put it in one side of your nose...if you are will build up and then come gushing out the other side...and know...some of the boogies will come out too...Sorry...I know! It takes about 30 seconds. SO simple!
Last week Matt was all stuffy and complaining for about 2 days and I it hit me...THE NETI I made him do it a couple of times...oh and he gaged like a baby...bahaha...yea...I laughed at him too. But Girls...he was better by the next day!! I promise it works!
Now...this morning...we made Jaden do it. Oh My WORD! He was screaming and crying and carrying on like a crazy man...gagin and all of it. WE got thru it and he blew the nastiest stuff out of that nose. (sorry) But you know what...he was stuffy again tonight...and asked...can I do that neti pot before I go to b-ball practice...HA!?!?! And he did it like a pro...all clear again.
So try it if you want...just wanted to give you some info on it. If it saves you a trip to the Dr. and a copay...then this was all worth reading. :)
Have you tried it? Let me know if you do...:)


  1. I love a Neti Pot! They really do work great!

  2. You've inspired me. I've always wanted to try it because I get stuffy congestion crud all the time. So I'm going to just do it. But is it really gross? Like can you feel it in your throat and stuff?

  3. Oh my gosh... my youngest brother got me one for Christmas last year. (yeah ~ sounds like a great gift huh??) I had never even heard of it. We all tried it (even Lydia~ lol!)

    Needless to say, now even some of Alan's family owns one too.

    You are crackin' me up with this post girlfriend, but it's true! Gross, but works.


  4. you are hysterical, but thanks for the tip!

  5. I use to use a neti pot but honestly hanging over a sink with a twisted neck is not fun. I use a Navage Nasal Hygiene System that just ROCKS! Easy and clean.


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