Saturday, January 16, 2010

Krispy Kreme! And Gifts!

Lauren also wanted a KK cake! So we made our way there on her bday!

Happy Birthday to you!

My parents come over to help celebrate!

Here is the one gift she wanted...a furminator! It a brush for the dogs. CrAcK Up..but that's's all about the dogs!

She also got a CASTING CROWN ticket and a I tunes card to download their new CD to get ready for the concert on Feb. 5th! We can't wait to go!!

She got a Target card to buys some workout clothes and a calendar with Labs on it.
So she had a great bday! WOW! Can't believe she is 13 years old! It's went fast!!


  1. Hmmm, I am thinking.....can we plan an arranged wedding for our two??? LOL They have soooo much in common :)

    Happy Birthday Lauren ~ I can see it was an AWESOME DAY for you!!

  2. Loved looking at all the pictures. :) Sounds and looks like she had a very memorable 13th birthday. Her hair turend out very nice, i think yall look a lot of like it that picture of you too. :) You did good mom. Happy b-day to your 1st born, Lauren.


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