Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5th Goal

Take a Photography Class
(are you tired of my goals yet? LOL!)

I have a passion for photography. I am not a pro or anything...I just love to take pictures! 2 years ago we bought a Canon Rebel XT camera. My sister gave me her telephoto lens to go with it. I started playing around with it and found that I have a significant passion for taking pictures. I am obsessed with photography blogs and when watching a show or if we are out somewhere...I notice cameras and pictures. I notice the photographer on the sidelines of games...I drool over their big lenses. Really it's kinda sad! Matt will notice me watching the cameras and say...are you having camera envy? :) Yep!
Anyway...I have this dream of owning my own photography business someday. I have been asked by several people to take pictures of their families or Senior pictures...which just makes me a nervous wreak...but gives me the biggest thrill also. One of the best assignments I have been asked to do is to take pictures at the PRC (pregnancy resource center) which helps out young girls who are pregnant and mentors them. It is a fabulous program. They asked me to take pictures of the babies for a Christmas card and I had so much fun doing it.
I have been telling Matt that I want to take a class and he is very supportive of the idea...but I am a little chicken to take a class to be honest. This old 37 year old sitting in a class again! Yikes! But I am going to do it. I will start at the end of January if everything works out. So if any of you are interested in going with me, let me know. I would love to have you sitting there with me!!
I really don't know where this will lead...I might just learn how to take better pictures for my family and that's fine! But atleast I tried!

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  1. I wish you lived closer because I would love to do that with you!!!! I just realized that my old canon rebel lenses would fit a new digital canon. I am such a dork...that is why I havent purchased a good digital because I would have to replace my telephoto lens that I have...and the whole time it would have worked with a new one. Sometimes I just want to bonk myself in the head...anywho going to be purchasing a new camera now and am really excited about it and want to learn all the fun stuff! I am also buying an Elements book...I just go to the bookstore now and read it but I never have enough time :o) Okay...this is the longest comment ever!! I love and miss you!!


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