Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eye Reading/Vudoo or Real?

A couple of weeks ago some friends and I went to this all natural herb shop in Sapulpa and at this shop there is an Indian Lady who "reads" your eyes and give you a diagnosis about what vitamins you are lacking or if you have anything going on in your body. She is a that made me feel better. Now...first let me say I am a skeptic. I don't believe in any hocus pocus stuff or anything like that. But I do believe in trying to take care of my body with all natural products. So I was very curious about what this lady would say to me. Of course my friends that were with me were chickens so I went first. She explains that she is just going to do what they did 100 years ago to diagnose people. I sat in this chair and she looked in my eyes...not up close or anything...just sat in a chair across from me. She asked to see my tongue and while she is looking...she is writing 2 pages of stuff. I am like..woa nellie...stop writing! After she is done...of course I am still skeptical at this point...she starts asking me all this stuff about my health and body. And by golly if she didn't pinpoint everything I am dealing with! I about fell out of that chair! And she did it for free! Of course they want you to buy the vitamins there, but you don't have too. Now my other 2 friends Tracy and Kenna went next...and their diagnosis was totally different than mine and it was stuff they were dealing with too. She even guessed Tracy's blood type...FreaKy!!
Here is my list:
Lower back needs strengthen-yep...been dealing with that for a long time
Colon-didn't know about that
Right Adrenal Gland-didn't know..but after looking at the symptoms I might have it checked
Liver-big one for dad had a liver transplant
Right and left lung...she asked me if I live with a smoker...WHAT? no...never have..that freaked me out!
Right ovary-had a cyst on it last year that burst
Headaches-BIG one...always have.
Stomach Digestion-yes...I always have stomach issues.
Left foot or leg- yes...hurts after I have subbed and been on it all day
My heart needs minerals-
So as you can see she listed several things. She told me to stop taking YAZ..the birth control they put me on to help with my fibroid cyst and my ovarian cyst...which I was already contemplating anyway with all the side effects it I did that. I don't know how serious to take all of this of course. I try not to freak out about things. But so much of it made sense to me. My sister in law uses a lady in Joplin that is a Christian also and she has helped her so much. I am really working on improving my health this year. We are eating better than ever and taking lots of vitamins. With proper care you can take care of a lot of your health issues...I strongly believe that!!
So tell me how you feel about this? Have you ever done it before? Heard of it? Do you think it's out there?  And please don't think I have went over the edge and such! :)


  1. Steph ~ I have visited Phyllis. She is absolutely legit!! MANY PEOPLE I know have seen her and she "reads their mail" everytime! I know it is freaky but she really does know her stuff and she loves the Lord. They are awesome people and truly care about you and your health. Our lifecoach recommended her YEARS Ago and she helped us alot. Now, I will tell you that I was like you with MANY issues and had to decide which one I felt was most important and start there. Some things can be helped with diet and others need that plus the supplements so pray about which ones are most pressing and don't feel overwhelmed. If you have any questions call me ok! Or if your friends want to know anything call me okiedokie!

    Love you

  2. Oh, wow. So interesting! Not sure I want her to see me!!! Might be better off not knowing what is wrong with me. Ha!

    Love you - Beth

  3. i think it's cool....God blessed us all with different gifts and who's to say one is better than the other...I WANNA GO TOO!!! hope you had fun at the extreme home makeover! did matt go too? i wanted to go....but i chickened you!


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