Monday, January 11, 2010

It all begins with a Period.....

Remember started your period? I think we all do. You remember that dreaded day when it happened...some of us were excited...embarrassed...ashamed...scared...all kinds of emotions spill out of us when it finally happens. 
But I think I will definitely remember Lauren coming up to me at church on Sunday...(she had stayed with my mom b/c we were at Monster Jam) and telling me..."I started my period last night". **GASP** I wasn't with her when it happened! But probably most of us aren't with our moms when it happens. I hugged her and made sure she was ok...she had found some pads that my sister had left there and was using them. We had talked about it a lot and I tried my best to prepare her for how to react. I knew it would be coming soon and couldn't believe she hadn't started yet. I try to be as open and honest with my kids about things. I would rather them ask me then get their info from other sources. 
So there you have it...she is officially growing up on me. She will turn 13 on Thursday...sniff's having a little trouble understanding how she only has 5 years left with her at home. Yikes!!! I went to the store to buy her some supplies...when asked if she wanted to go with me...she gave me a definite NO!! :)  
I sent her off to school today with a cute little bag to tuck away in her book bag filled with pads...wearing dark clothes...and lots of advice and love. I think she will be fine...but I am praying she has a great day with no issues. 

So how about it...any advice you moms of teenagers on this subject? 
Does anyone have a unforgettable story on this subject you care to share? 


  1. Such a hard thing. I bought Ashtyn a book that was really good and helped tremendously with questions she had and may not have known how to definitely opened up a dialog so we could discuss it and make her feel more knowledgeable about everything that was going on with her body. I don't remember the name of the book...I can check when I get home to see if we still have it. It was hard for me too girl! I hated it. The nice thing for Ashtyn was that was when she lost a lot of her baby fat so she felt so much better about herself.

  2. You know me .. I made Kyndal an appointment with my gyno for a talk about becoming a woman. That way, she would know exactly what to expect from a medical perspective. She also talked to her about STD's and other things, and was present in the exam room when I had my yearly exam. More than anything, I want her to have information so she does not have fear about her body.

  3. Haha. This brought back so many memories. I started at Cyokamo, and rather than having my mom to turn to, I had to ask my friends for stuff. And, because it was the Monday of camp, and no one had enough for me and them, I eventually had to ask you for supplies haha. Remember? You probably don't. But it was such an embarassing thing. Kinda like at YQ when I was cramping so bad I couldn't move, and you went up to Matt and said I'm taking Kristina to the van because she's cramping really bad. Talk about being mortified. So thanks Steph, for helping/hurting me haha. Just kidding. Love you.

  4. I started and had no clue what was going on! No one told me it would be like brownish at first, sorry, TMI! So I thought I was dying! My Mom knew right away what was happening, she handed me a pad and off I went. I love that you are so open and honest, I want that with Molly. Aww, what a bittersweet moment.


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