Friday, January 1, 2010

P.S. I love you

1st Goal:
Matt & I watched this movie on Christmas Eve. My niece got it for Christmas and I thought...why not? So we stayed up late after getting the presents all out. Now....backing has been a tough year for me and I just haven't seemed to grasp how to express it to Matt. (I will express why in another blog) In one of the letters he writes to her in the movie he says..."I want you to remember who you were when we meet". You see she was unhappy with her job and it spilled into their marriage. When they meet she was this colorful, fun-loving woman. And all the sudden it hit me...I have "forgotten" who I am. I have let circumstances and life strip me of that fun and crazy girl I was...(though not everything about her was good..:) I walk around grouchy and a need for everything to be clean and in it's place...putting expectations on people they can't obtain and therefore...I am not having fun myself.
So...I told Matt...I need to have more fun! I want to let go of some things that are weighing me down and let God lead me! Release those chains! I have let the house go...not picked up or sweeped for a couple days and went outside and played in the snow with the kids! I got the 4 wheeler out and took them sledding...I had a snowball fight with them and then...I did this...all by myself while they were in the backyard playing..

As a kid...I loved making snowmen. I would always make one when it would snow. But I haven't made one in years! While I was making it, I was praying that I would relax and have fun this year. Asking God to fill me with his love and joy...not let circumstances take that away from me. So it might seem simple to some of you, but to is going to effect every part of me...3 words...
and P.S. I love you!!
Are you having fun with your Husband and Kids?


  1. Seriously....I know how you feel. I am a very detailed, organized personality so I tend to get a little psycho of all the details of my home that I need to let go of more often! :) Right there with you.
    I think for us as moms, we are so concerned that our kids are good, happy, healthy, the husbands are good, etc, the home is going just right and then trying to feed our ourselves in the areas we need...that we tend to forget to just have fun! So, our hint to one another can be HMF!!! (Have More Fun) I'll post it to ya every now and then and you do the same for me. :)

  2. Kara,
    I would love that...and I need the accountability!! So let's remind each other to HMF!! Thanks girl!!


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