Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Remember Him? And a 2 toned Orange

Ok Remember my snowman I made back on December 30th? This is what he looks like just makes me laugh everytime I pull up into my driveway! 2 WEEKS LATER it is still standing...kinda. That is un heard off in Oklahoma! That's how cold it's been...Mr. Snowman lived for 2 weeks! He will probably be gone by tomorrow...but it has reminded me...Have More Fun everytime I look at you can blame me for the freezing weather if you want...I needed a good reminder! Notice the hat and sunglasses on the ground...

So I was buying oranges the other day and just had to pick up this one...I have never seen anything like this! I know sometimes they spay apples to make them more colorful...but I didn't know they did it with Oranges. Or maybe it just grew this way...I don't know. But my kids have all declared they are eating it. So tonight...we will break open the sacred 2 toned orange and eat it.

Looks like a ball kinda?

Have you ever seen an orange like this?
Anyway...the snowman made me laugh and the orange has been fun around our house so I wanted to share!


  1. Nice snowman! Our neighbors made one at the beginning of Dec, maybe end of Nov, and he is still going strong! What an odd orange!! Hopefully it tastes okay!!

  2. what a fun post!! I love your snowman picture and I've never seen an orange like that before. :) glad it's kept you smiling! :) and it made me smile too. :)


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