Friday, January 8, 2010

HBTU Jaden!

9 years ago today we were living in a rent house...which we had just moved into on Christmas Eve, while we built our house. That poor little guys first year was spent in a construction zone. Matt and I did a lot of the work on our house and we would take the kids along with us...then a 4, 2 and infant...HOW DID THEY SURVIVE? I really don't know...sometimes it's honestly a blur to me. All I know is I had prayed for a boy all my life and I was so excited to have him in my arms. This is him @ preschool when he was 4 years old and they had a funny hat cute!

He was born around 5:30 pm. I was scheduled to be induced on January 8th, 2001 @ St. Johns in Tulsa. 3rd baby...I kinda knew what to expect...but he came faster than the others. I had saved the name Jaden for him. It means..God has heard us...and "boy" had he! Jaden was the first grandson on my side so this was so excitng for us! Little did we know his BEST BUD Baylor was being born just down the hall from him on that day...sure wish we would have known the Haynies then...that would have been fun!
He has always been "all Boy". He loves cars, dirt, guns, fire, fishing, air planes, legos, football and any thing mechanical. He is a lot like his dad...simple, a thinker,  loves God's word and can take apart anything and rebuild it and make it better. He honestly amazes me with his ability to build things at such a young age. He makes us laugh and I LOVE to hear his laugh! He can be gentle and LOUD and soft and ROUGH! I love that he will still hold my hand as we walk thru the store and in the parking lot. He still gives me hugs and sits on our laps. He is ornery and silly too. One thing I am so proud of him is...all his teachers love him...I think that says alot about him. At church or at school or on any team he plays on...I hear...."what a great boy you have". He's not much into the girl thing yet...which I am totally ok with...but again he is a lot like Matt... a little shy on that subject!
This is a rocket he totally built on his own...out of a 2 liter bottle..wheels from an old truck...toilet paper roll...pvc pipe...duct tape (one of his favorite items) and many other things...noticed he is holding a stick with a match on the end of it so he can light it!

He says the funniest last night..."Mom it's my bday Eve...don't I get to do something special"'s not like Jesus bday! LOL When he gets married he wants to ride in on 4 wheelers...I told him I will add that to the list when I am praying for his wife.
He wants to be in the Air Force and fight for his country...**LORD HELP HIS MOMA** but if that is where God leads him to..than go for it! He can draw great also! He is very detailed and likes things to be in order and likes to know what's coming.
For his bday Matt will take him to breakfast...they always have breakfast with their dad on their bday. He has chosen Waffle house...**GAG** glad it's Matt who has to go. LOL! Then for dinner we will take him out and he wants to go to Los Cabos..yeah! We don't go out much in our family so this is a real treat! Instead of a cake...he doesn't like cake...though he told me when were watching Cake Boss last night he wanted a cake from them for his bday...maybe someday buddy...I go buy Krispie Kreme donuts and stack them up and that is his cake! He loves doughnuts!
On Sat. for his friend party we are taking him and 3 of his friends to Monster Jam! I am telling you this is HUGE for him! He has watched this for years and I couldn't believe it when my dad told me they would be here on his bday! NO WAY! So instead of having a party where I have to do all this work and such...I am getting off easy and going to watch Monster Jam. I grew up in a Race car family so I am actually into this kinda stuff so it won't be a bad thing for me. And the pure joy of seeing him there will be worth it all! I love my kids bdays...I think you should make them feel special on this day and celebrate them! I am so thankful Jesus gave me this boy of mine. I love him so much and I know God has big plans to use him in his kingdom work!
This is the door to the fort that he built in our backyard.

We love you and  we are so proud of you!!
**You should know that all 3 of my kids bdays are within 3 weeks of each other...NO we didn't plan that for Heaven's sake! God did! So this begins Birthday Madness...but it's fun! **


  1. Happy Birthday Jaden! Can't believe you're 9!

  2. sweet sweet boy! Wait until he is looking down at you...grrr. Do you ever get the sense of being torn? On one hand, you can't wait to watch them grow into a man but just as much wish you could just freeze them in time and not allow them to grow a fraction of an inch taller :o) I know I sure am! What a lucky boy he is to have you for a momma!! For sure!! Love you!

  3. Happy B-day, Jaden! Enjoy your BIG day!! Going out to eat twice sounds yummy and fun! What a sweet tribute to your son, Steph! Have a great weekend!

  4. Happy Birthday Jaden! What a sweet, sweet little boy you have!!

  5. Happy birthday to me!! this is Jaden by the way.


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