Monday, January 4, 2010

4th Goal

Healthy Lifestyle

We have made a few changes this past year in our meals. We eat pretty healthy meals, but it's the in between times that we need to work on around here. All the unhealthy snacking we do adds up over time. When we had our family meeting and set goals for each of us this year...each of my kids talked about losing weight and being healthy. Now...with two girls...I try not to make weight a big deal! I don't want them to think their weight determines their beauty or be obsessed with outward beauty. It's fleeting and it inner beauty counts most! But I do understand that how a girl feels on the outside can effect the way they feel on the inside especially at their age. I want them to see eating healthy and exercise as obeying God and taking care of the temple that he gave them and as a lifestyle not a diet.
I have to admit...I have a sweet tooth. I could eat sweets all day long. I struggle with overeating. I love to eat. I think it is a hobby of mine...that I am good at. Sad huh? LOL! So for now we are going to start with portion control among us all and exercising on a regular basis. Matt and I get up every MWF @ 5:00 am and work out...well let's just say...we try at least. This year has probably been one of our most inconsistent years and boy can I tell it! Exercise just makes me sleep better, have a better attitude, it's a stress relief and pretty much affects all areas of my I need to get back to making it a priority. I have a dream...and that is to run a 5k. I admire runners so much...but I am not good at it! So maybe that is something I can do at the end of this year.
I  would love any tips or recipes you might have to help us as a family to be healthier!


  1. I also want to run a 5k this year. And then eventually a 10k. I suck at running and am going to have to take it slow. I'm going to follow this plan called couch-to-5k plan. It is 9 weeks long and then at the end of it you should be able to read for 30 minutes easy. Here's the website if you'd like:

  2. Haha. Run for 30 minutes. Not read for 30 minutes. =)

  3. If you decide to start training let me know ~ I MAY join you :) I used to run and I miss it sooo much. I am just NOT a Y girl ~ don't know Y ;)
    but anyway let me know if you decide to start running and remember I am wayyy older than you !

  4. I need to start exercising in a BIG way! I am 47 and realize that good genetics will only get you so far. Ha!

    I love your post below also my friend. As a pastors wife, I understand the stress that comes with it. It can be such a blessing, but it also can come with high expectations from others that are hard to meet 24/7.

    Love you -

  5. Do it! It'll be like our own P90X group that the other crazies are doing. Except we won't have to kill ourselves to get it done like they will haha.

  6. Carrot juice helps me lose weight and feel better. Need a juicer, and organic carrots are best. We mix raw beets, celery and an apple as well. If I will drink only carrot juice for breakfast and lunch 3 or 4 days a week, I will lose weight. Thinking about starting the routine up again. A lot of work but well worth it.

  7. Great advice from so many. I also do the shred and its an great way to work out with a very busy schedule! It takes 20 minutes and does 3 circuits of training..weights, cardio, and stomach (abs) its julian from the Biggest Loser and we love it. I always feel so good after doing it and try at least 2-3 times a week and the other days walk the dogs.
    Good luck if you start running. I think running a 5K is an awesome goal. Have fun. :)

  8. Sarah and I are about to start training for a sprint triathlon! Ahhh!! You can totally do a 5k, and i've looked at that couch-to-5k thing before, totally doable.


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