Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ritzy Misfit Giveaway...Bachelorette Style I have to admit I have not watched this season of this show, but anyway Jillian was sporting this awesome necklace and we have an opportunity to win one!!!

You can go to to enter to win. But hurry, the contest ends tomorrow night at midnight! Good luck!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Church on the Mountain

I haven't posted these pics yet...but they are precious to me. Last week as we were leaving Yellowstone we stopped and had church. Matt gave us a devo and the kids read some scripture. It was just so cool to be there beside a lake..surrounded by the mountains. As we began to take communion it started to down pour so we made a mad dash for the truck. Jaden took his first communion in the truck...with O J and bread. The kids loved doing it. Yesterday on our way to church I said...doesn't quite compare to last weeks church and they all agreed. I am so glad we took the time to give back to God and get our focus on Him. I don't think they will ever forget this time.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thought for Today

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."
Isaiah 41:10

He is my strength and I give Him all the praise. Saw this and just wanted to pass it along.

Home Sweet Home

Well...we made it home! WOW! Never been so glad to be home...but at the same time...I have to say I could have stayed @ Yellowstone or the Grand Tetons for a week or 2. It is just so beautiful up there. We really enjoyed our time in the 5th wheel and camping out. One thing I hope everyone understands is...we did have a great vacation despite all the truck issues. Our kids loved the experience. Yes it was stressful and not planned and we had to change our plans...but through all of this our faith has been strengthened and we have realized God's love and promise that He always takes care of us. I would like to share with you all the things that happen in a short recap of how God totally took care of us:
1st thing: Bike rack to big for bumper...had to take bikes off and put in trailer because it was bending the bumper
2: Headlight out on truck
3. Massive hail storm as we headed into Flintstone-no damage on truck!
4. Flat Tire-#1
5. truck breaks down on pass:
a. stranger pulls over with us and has a gallon of water ready to put out fire..but looked like it
b. stranger pulls over and tows us out of the road-we were in the middle of the road on a curve on a pass
c. AAA tows us to a park
d. Nicole and I were able to find a place to stay for the night.
6. Truck needs new transmission-$4,000
7. AAA won't tow us to Yellowstone-little did we know this was for the best
8. Pick up dad's truck and realize it can go forward
9. Remember Loewes are coming to South Dakota and give them a call-they will bring us a truck!
10. Nurse Dad's truck to Casper because we think AAA will tow us less than 200 miles to Cheyenne.
11. Get to Casper and truck is in the middle of intersection-strangers pull over and tow us into Burger King
12. Find out AAA wants $1000 to tow us to Cheyenne
13. Lady in Burger King offers to take us to Cheyenne
14. Get to Cheyenne and Loewes have Tim's truck for us
15. Hotel in Cheyenne- Holiday Inn-
16. Loewes follow us to Casper to get trailer-thank goodness
17. my dad finds a guy who will pick up his truck the next day and have it back in Owasso within a day or two!! Praise God!!
18. Flat tire #2-Mike has boards as easy to change tire with!! PTL they followed us!
18. Matt goes to buy tires-guy he buys them from is from Stillwater and give him a discount- in the middle of WY!!!
20. Get to Yellowstone- they saved our spots-didn't charge us for nights we missed and booked us more nights!
21. Next morning-find the Taulmans and spend day with them!! yeah!!
22. Back to Yellowstone and get a spot that is better!
23. Walk up to Old Faithful...have to wait about 3 minutes and it goes off
24. Beautiful weather in Yellowstone
25. Guy hits sit of trailer...Matt just walks out in time to see it...guy give him $20 as we were leaving Yellowstone
26. Flat tire #3...bends up fender on trailer, but all is well- while changing it there were storms all around us and God keep
them away from us.
27. Storms still all around you and I am not kidding you...there was one hole were there was no storms and that is were we
were driving!
28. Ran to low on Gas-truck wouldn't start-stranger helped Matt get it started again with the help of Uncle Tim
29. Decided to go on home and not to YQ
30. Rainbow in Wichita..reminded of God's promise...
31. Flat #4-truck driver told us about it
32. Made it home!!

Now these are just some highlights of things...we watched our kids pray in the truck as it wouldn't start. We had church on the side of the lake with them. Jaden took his first communion up there. We got to see God work in amazing ways. Now that we are home and back to church., we have had so many people comment on our trip. I feel like people just need to know we are so blessed. You know...I planned and had this all worked out for our trip...without the difficulties I would have not given God all the Glory like he deserved...I would have said to myself...great job Steph...but instead it made me realize He is in control and His plans are way better than mine. Daily He gives us opportunities for us to serve him and to see his blessings and I need to pay more attention to those. Thank you to everyone who helped us and loved us thru that week! We will always remember this!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Leaving Yellowstone

We headed out of Yellowstone around 11:00. We stopped at the Store and got a few souveniors for the kids. While we were in there Matt walked Lauren out to get her money...and some guy hit the 5th wheel. He just clipped the top of the bump out. It knocked off the cap. Matt told him to give him $20 and call it good. That guy is lucky my husband is so nice. We stopped and had church. Found a place by this lake and Matt gave us a little devo and the kids read scripture. It was really a great moment for our family to experience it. You know all these years we have taken youth kids to CO and experienced these moments in the mountains...but to experience it with our own kids was so precious to me. It started to rain so we had to head into the truck for communion. Jaden's first time to take it was in the truck. He was baptized a few weeks ago and this was the first time. He was sooo excited. One thing about this trip is we have prayed and came together as a family more than ever. Now...don't think they haven't argued and got in trouble...we are not perfect by any means people! LOL! Matt and keep saying as much as they have been in the car and plans changed they have really done well. I am proud of them. But am I ready to be out of the truck with them...YEA! LOL!

We headed out toward Cody, WY and ate at a Bar-B Q place there. It was soo yummy! After we left there..about an hour later we had flat #3. We are getting good at this. Maybe we should be on a pit crew for Nascar! LOL! But the only thing did a little damage to the trailer. There is a rod that goes to the bump out under there and it got bent so we don't know if we could move it out or not anymore. That pretty much was our decider that we need to just go YQ. Which were all sad about...but know it is the right decision!!

We got going again and driving out in the middle of no where there aren't many Gas stations. We made into Casper..and this is where we left my dad's truck a couple of days before. We got gas and as Matt was backing it up to leave...the truck dies and won't start...I felt like I was going to throw up! And out of no where...I am serious! I never saw this guy until he started to talk to me. He tells Matt he let it get to low on diesel and he needs to drain the line. So we call Uncle Tim and he guides Matt threw it. It finally starts and we are on our way...never saw the guy get into a car or leave. It's like he just disappeared! The truck ran really rough for awhile. I seriously thought we were done again. Finally after about 30 minutes or so it started to run again. So lesson learned...don't let a diesel get low on fuel!

We thought we could make it home...but by 2:00 am we were tired. Pulled into Limon and got a hotel and slept. We are on the road now. I am so ready to be home. I can't even wait to see my house. I love our home. There is no place like your own bed...going to the bathroom by yourself...not sharing a bathroom with 4 other people! LOL! But I would do it all over again. I loved it and I am so thankful for all the people who love us and for God who truly loves us and shows us constantly who He is and how much he wants to be the Lord of my life and wants me to always depend on Him...not others...not trucks...not wheels..not people...just Him.

Yellowstone in a Day!

We got up and made waffles! Our family loves waffles! It was fun to sit outside in the cold morning and eat them with the kids and look around at God's awesome creation! It was chilly in the mornings, but by the afternoon we were warm! it got up to about 82 or so! LOL! Not quite by any means. When the people would's warm today...we would just look at it each other and laugh! Go to OK!! You will feel HOT!! I love the weather up there. I love waking up and being cold and then warm in the afternoon.

Our plan was to cover as much grown as we could today. Yellowstone has 2 loops basically. We decided to do the lower loop. We made it all the way around! Our first stop was Old Faithful. Our kids were so curious about why it was called that. I am telling you...we literally sat down and that sucker went off!! HOW COOL! If we would have been a few minutes later...we would have had to wait an hour or more! You should have seen how many people were there waiting to see this! I bet there was about 800 or more people there! It was cool to watch. I think everyone in their lives should go see this. It's just cool! I love that they try to explain it with all their evolution clueless! Simply God that's all! To God be the Glory for all of that!

Next we headed over to Black Sand Basin. Amazing Geysers and mineral pools. It smells like rotten eggs though! LOL! The colors are fantastic! Something a picture can't even begin to show you. While we were there an Elk was laying in the grass by us and then one walked right by us. They are gorgeous animals. We drove around looking at Geysers and saw all of the mud pits.

One of the last things we did was go to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. We hiked over to the Artist point. Ok...almost made it over it to it until Matt told me we could drive to it!! WHAT????? He knew this information and failed to share it! Silly man! The kids were tired and so we went back and drove over to it. No talk about Breath taking...I wish I could describe to you how beautiful this scene was. The biggest waterfall I have ever seen...and the canyon surrounding us. The colors were so incredible. I hope all of you take time to go see this some day. I could have sat there all day watching this and take it all in.

We made it back to the trailer and found a note from the Loewes. They invited us to dinner...little did they know we were planning on inviting them! I had put Taco meat in the crockpot all day and was ready for them to come! So we hauled our food down there and Mike made fish. It was Alaskan was soooooo good! He had caught it himself! I took my taco stuff and we had a buffet. It was nice to sit and visit with them. I am so glad God had us go to Kelly O'Dells wedding a couple of weeks ago so we could talk to them and find out they were coming out here too. They are a gift from God and a huge blessing for our family. We don't know what we would have done without them. Thanks so much!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big Red @ the Tetons

We drove down to Jackson Hole and rode on the "Big Red" Gondola up the mountain. I have to tell you these things FREAK me out! Why? Because I am a control freak and I can't control it falling and crashing on me! LOL! It is really hard for me to relax on these rides. But I try not to show my fear to the brave huh? Matt totally digs this kind of stuff so I am glad we got to do it! We take it to the top of this mountain and of course the view is so amazing. We ate lunch up there and then went to the top. It was sooo windy and cold! Felt like we were going to blow off the mountain! Then we found some snow and let the kids play in it for awhile. Just so cool to play in the snow in the middle of summer! I love that! We rode the Big Red down and had fun doing that! They had this bungee jump thing with trampolines under it and all the kids took turns jumping on it. We drove down into Jackson and shopped for awhile and got some shirts and ice cream!!! Then we headed over to String Lake and let the kids swim. It was soo cold! Those kids swam and swam in that cold water! They are soo brave! It was fun to watch them swim and freeze. And it was so pretty there. Around 6:00 we were sad to tell the Taulmans goodbye and head on up to Yellowstone. They were heading on home the next day and we needed to get up to Yellowstone before dark. We have really enjoyed our time with them and glad we got to spend this time with them. We are so blessed to have them as friends! We love their family!!

Our family stayed in Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone. It's a great place, just really cramped! We grilled chicken...potatoes and squash, zuchini and onions! It was sooo good! I actually made cookies in the oven too. We had a great meal! We love the camping part of this trip. We love cooking outside and everything about camping. If you take away all the vehicle issues we have has been a great trip. I could see us camping again...maybe when we forget all the other stuff that happen..:) We have camped at YQ and many youth trips and to get to experience it in a 5th wheel felt like a 5 star hotel! And to get to experience it with our kids is a blessing. Our kids have loved this trip!

Friday, July 17, 2009

WoW!! We are here!!!

Well...we have felt all your prayers and out pouring of love that everyone has shown us these past few days! Just wanted to update you and let you know we went Lydia Summers and all the Mexico kids would say...Press On...when she put that on my facebook it made me think of everything those kids went thru when they flipped their van. They went on...I have always admired that! So here we are driving past the Grand Tetons...we have seen many deer and elk to count and just looking at God's great creation. What I love is...when people admire them...whether they are a believer or not...they are admiring our Awesome Creator. He made these beautiful mountains and I am so glad we went on. Now...I do have to tell you...we did have Flat #2!! LOL!! BUt thank you Jesus that the Loewes decided to stick with us...Mike we couldn't have done it without you...and the random hwy guy who stopped and let us use his hacksaw to cut the shredded tire. (um yeah...another angel) So know we were out of spares...THANKS TO UNCLE TIM FOR SENDING US WITH 2!!! YES!!! Matt goes to buy 2 more...the guy notices he is from OK and says...he graduated from Stillwater...WHAT??? So Matt tells him he is from Stillwater and the guy gives him a deal on the tires!! LOL!! Go GOD!!! How crazy is that we would guy tires from a guy in WY that graduated from Stillwater!! But all is well and we are moving on. I am thankful for every mile and every minute on this trip. Maybe I wouldn't have been if all of this hadn't happen, I don't know. But we are having such a great time. Waking up freezing in the 5th Wheel, and the high has been about 79 degrees!! SOrry all my hot Oklahoma people!! It's great!!! We met up with the Taulmans on Thursday and have been hanging out with them for a few days. It has been so nice seeing them again. I just hugged and hugged on them!! We took a boat ride over Jenny lake and hiked up to some hidden falls and Inspiration point yesterday. Today we are headed to Jackson to ride a Gondola called "The Big Red". We will head to Yellowstone tonight and stay until Sunday. Oh yeah...and they didn't charge us for the nights we missed...they heard our pitiful story and let us come back this weekend. And yeah..they were booked so that is a major blessing! So glad we went's been great. We are overwhelmed with God's blessings. Matt's already came up with several sermons from this trip! LOL! Please pray for all the YQ kids that are heading up here today!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

God always provides! Days 5 & 6

WOW! That is all I can say....ok I can say a whole lot more actually! Ok...we had the trailer towed again to a KOA campground on Monday. It was a nice campground. Had a pool and a hot tub! After being on the phone non stop trying to figure out what to do...we decided to go swimming and hot tub it. We had a great time doing that and enjoyed a really long and hot shower!! It amazes me what a shower can do for you! We were waiting to hear from the towing company to see if AAA would take the truck and trailer or just the trailer to Yellowstone. We never heard from them on Monday so we just waited. We picked up my dad's truck and got it to the campground. It would go in Drive, but not reverse or down shift to 2nd or 1st. So my dad being the incredible mechanic told Matt what to do to get it to go in those gears. It would, but it was rough. We tested it out and went to bed.

On Tuesday we got up and heard from the towing go on the AAA taking the 5th wheel to Yellowstone. So we decided to take a chance and get the truck as far south as we could so someone could come get it. One of our friends owns a car lot and said he might be having a truck come thru and could get it if we get it close to a major city. We took the rental van need for it. And took the kids to McDonalds for lunch where they had a huge playground. YOu know, it's amazing how the simple things in life can make your kids happy. Eating at McDonalds...hmmm. I have to brag on my kids, they have taken all of this so well. They have spent countless hours in the truck and been so great. They have sat and waited while we have been on the phone trying to figure this all out and have not complained at all. They have offered to give their spending money to help pay for things so we could keep going...which we wouldn't let them do that! But it just shows their hearts and I have been so proud of them.

So we all loaded up and laid hands on the truck and ask God to get it as far as it would go to get someone here to get it! We were told AAA would come get it and take it to Cheyenne if we could get it 200 miles from there. That was our goal! We had to take it slow...we ran about 50 mph or so. And were glad for that! We stopped several times to fill the transmission fluid. It was leaking it about as fast as we could get it in! At each stop it would barely start going! But with prayer and the will to keep going...we made it to Casper, WY. Which is less than 200 miles from Cheyenne!!! Here is another blessing...when we got off the Hwy...the truck wouldn't go thru the intersection and we were stuck! Matt went running into the convenient store to buy Transmission oil...but as he was in there these guys pulled up and asked if they could tow us to a safe place! Ok! Seriously!! How God is that??? So they whip around and come back to get us and pull us to Burger King. We get to Burger King and call AAA and find out they don't have anyone in Casper that will tow us...unless we want to pay $1000 to have it towed. Yeah right!! So that took the wind out of our sails! We thought we were in the clear if we made it within 200 miles. So I took the kids into Burger King to eat...I couldn't even eat. My stomach was so upset and I honestly had hit an emotional wall. I have cried more in the last few days than I have in a long time. I have planned this trip for about a year and I am having a hard time with how things are going. I am really learning to let God take control and let my plans match His. back to Burger King...I am talking to the manager and of course crying and telling her my sob story and asking if it is ok if we leave the truck and trailer there overnight. She was so sweet. We got the kids their dinner and next thing I know she brings me a cheesecake...must have just looked pitiful! So I start crying again...but little did I know...someone else was listening. As I finish my conversation with the manager...the lady sitting next to us says...I will take your whole family to Cheyenne. I was like WHAT????? She asked what kind of hitch we had and if we had the same hitch she was going to take the who thing! But we didn't, but that's ok! I went out to asked Matt what he thought and while we were gone I guess she was talking to the kids and asked them if they believe in the divine intervention of the Holy Spirit? They were like YEAH!! So that was our sign from God, she was a Godly woman! To top it off...she lives in that town and only been in that Burger King 2 times, had planned on going thru the drive thru, but for some reason felt lead to go inside and eat! Well we know why!!!! So packed up the truck and trailer and jumped in her truck for the 2 and half hour drive to Cheyenne. Learned a lot from her! She was an amazing woman! Tina was her name. She took us to met the Loewes at their trailer and picked up my uncle's truck. Which again is another miracle that they were even coming out here at the same time! Seriously!!! We appreciate them more than they can even imagine!

We got a hotel and stayed the night and go this morning and had a buffet breakfast! It was so nice! We are on our way back to Casper and get the trailer and get my dad's truck ready to be towed home. Which is another blessing!!! One of my dad's buddies is coming to pick it up this week. One of our friends has graciously said they would help cover the cost of the fuel to get the truck out here to get my dad's truck. I am so overwhelmed with emotion right now. I start crying with every conversation almost. I feel so blessed and so loved. I am not trying to get people to feel sorry for us or have pity on us because our vacation has taken a detour and didn't go as planned. I want you to know I know God has a plan in all of this. God has shown our family how he will take care of our every need and how he alone is worthy of our praise. We shouldn't love or depend on vehicles or situations for our happiness...they will steal our joy if we allow them too.

And to Aunt Rhonda and Tim...thank you so much for coming to our rescue and letting a total stranger bring your truck out 2 million miles away! Geez!! You guys are so awesome! It's like a peace of heaven driving it! We love you guys so much!

Now I want to say...I have incredible parents. My dad has been so upset about all of this and just feels horrible. He is one of those people who take such a great care of his cars and he just can't believe this has happen. I hate that they feel bad and wish they didnt' feel responsible for all of this. I just can't wait to get home and hug them both. He has been on the phone trying to figure out how to fix the truck or get someone out to help us. I know he is trying his hardest and I know he wishes he could do whatever needed to help. I am so blessed to have parents who care and love my family so much. And I pray they have peace and know that God is taking care of us so DON"T WORRY!!! And our trip is not has been an adventure and we will have some great stories to tell! We love you SO MUCH Nana and Papa!

Well here we are on our way to Casper...trying to decide if we should go on to the Grand Tetons or turn around and go home. I think we will go on. I think we are so paranoid of car trouble it makes us worried about going. But I guess we will go on faith and just let God handle our trip as we have so far! I will keep you posted!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 4...the news...not so good!

We got up and Matt and Rick went into town to check on the truck situation. They were so nice and brought us back McDonalds! After awhile...the news came...the transmission is blown in the truck...$4,000. Yea..not gonna happen. So we told the Taulmans to go on and we will see what we need to do here. A tow truck took us to a KOA campground and we are resting here. Trying to see what's the next move. We have some friends...The Lowes that are coming up here in a couple of days. I think they are going to bring a truck to bring the trailer home. We picked up my dad's truck and Matt thinks he can nurse it home.So..just pray pray pray. But the main thing is...we are all alive...not injured and it is a fixable situation, just not what we had planned. I am praying for God to reveal to me what this detour is all about. I know he will in His time. Maybe he wants us to met some new people along the way.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 3...the unexpected detour

Well...we were riding along and we hear a loud noise...we blew a tire on the trailer. Luckily my super awesome uncle put 2 spares on it! So we changed the tire and moved on. Thanks Rick for joggin back to help!
Little did we know...that was just the beginning of the detour! We headed up the pass to get to Cody, WY and all of the sudden it looked like the truck was on fire and it will not go anymore!! Matt would push the gas and it would just stay there! So we headed for the side quick! The only problem was if you have ever been on a 2 lane the one we used to go up at Winterpark..not much room so we were sticking out in the road. We all bailed out of the truck because we was going to catch on fire! A nice little family stopped in front of us and ran back with a water jug..thinking we were going to catch on fire too. Luckily it was just steam. A LOT OF IT!!!
After about an hour...God sent another helper and he pulled us out of the road onto the grass. I know he was from God! So we called AAA. They said it would be about 2 hours. How about more like 5 hours! We don't know what is wrong with the truck. We are asking for prayers that it is something that we can fix and move on! I feel so bad. We have such great friends. They are sticking with us. We told them to go on and we would catch up later, but they are here helping us out. Very thankful for them. Rick stayed back with Matt to wait on the tow truck while Nicole and I took the kids and found a camp site for the night. I have to tell you I was impressed with us ladies! We sat up camp...sat up their pop up, built a fire and made dinner. WOW! HOw cool! Finally around 10:30 here they came. This big Ford pulling our truck and trailer. They were the nicest guys too! I was so impressed with their abilities to squeeze us in this site. It was so amazing! So we stayed the night at Conner Battlefield state was a beautiful place actually with a stream along the side of us. Only thing is about 30 trains came thru that night...and blew their whistles all night long!! GEEZ!!! Onto the next day!
Here is a pic of the nice guys who towed us! They were down home good o boys! Thanks soo much! I told them I would put their pics on here! Let me know if you look at them guys! Just make a comment! :) You all were amazing how you maneuvered that truck around those trees!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 2...Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Alpine Sliding!

We arrived at Flintstone around 6 am this morning!! WOW!! It was pouring...I mean to the point I wondered if the window was going to get busted in!! I have to tell you...I was praying the whole time and all at once I said...Please God in your name make this Hail stop and show favor on us! I am telling stopped hailing. So Cool!! As we pulled in it calmed down and we got the 5th wheel all set up.

We tried to sleep in, but didn't manage to sleep long. I was so STINKY!!! I had to have a we headed up to the rock shower house and actually it wasn't that bad! I have taken showers in a lot worse... on those mission trips and YQ!!! We messed around and road our bikes for half the day just taking it easy. I loved just sitting around.

Then we headed to Crazy Horse. That is quite the story. This guy was asked to make this stone carving, he worked on it for 50 years and now his kids are continuing on the tradition. It is absolutely amazing to me! I just dont 'have the brain for that!

Next...Mt. was a very serial moment. You read about it in books and you just never think about really seeing it. It was like when I saw the Statue of LIberty for the first time. Just felt so blessed to live in this country. It absolutely blows my mind to thin about how these people did that! It seems so dangerous!! It is more than just the carvings too, they have an outdoor theater and a museum to look thru. We hung around and then left to go ALpine slidng. The kids loved this! We rode a ski lift up the Mtn and then ate dinner up there. What a great backdrop God gave us! Then we all went down the Mtn. I LOVE ALPINE SLIDING!! We have done it several times in WinterPark, and I just can't get enough. But is was $7 a time, so once was it! The kids loved it! We headed back to Mt. Rushmore hoping to watch the night show, but we were all so exhausted...we headed back to camp.

So here I am blogging outside...the weather is perfect and the scenery is so awesome. It's even alittle chilly...hope it is chilly in OKlahoma tonight!! LOL!! I have loved the trip so far. We head to Cody, WY tomorrow.

Now...I am not putting pics on here...if you want to see my pics...go to my facebook. I just don't have time to do both! Sorry! Maybe a few here and there on here!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Road 1

So we are cruisin down HWY 90 across SD. It's about 1:30 am. Matt's driving now. We have swapped a couple of times. Trying to do 4 hours at a time and then this baby is out of gas!! Our truck is getting about 10 miles to the galloon...yeah..figure that baby!! We are trying something new and using our Gap card to pay for the gas and earn money to buy school clothes! We can use the money earned at Old Navy too. I don't know...we aren't usually credit card people. But we will pay it off when we get back 1st thing!

We are traveling with my BFF and her family. They are the Taulmans...Rick, Nicole, Kyndal (14), Dawson (12), Eli (5) and Brynne is 3. They are pulling a pop up trailer with their Suburban...a little more leg room in that car! But with 4 kids you need it! So when you see my will see them and hear about them often.

I was honestly scared to death to pull that 5th wheel, but I did fine. Of course as soon as I get in the drivers feel like I need to suck in when we go thru them because it is so tight! But all went well. We should be in Custer, SD in about 4 hours. We are staying at the Flintstone RV park! How fun! Flashback!

Tomorrow we will go to Mt. Rushmore! Can't wait!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Count Down Begins!! 4 days until we leave!

I have had many of you ask if I am going to be updating my blog for our trip. YES!! I am hoping to get on the internet when I can. My sweet brother in law is letting me borrow his Verizon USB thingy that is suppose give me internet access wherever there is coverage. I am hoping it works!! If any one has any advice on it...please share. We have been sooo blessed on this adventure so far. So many people are letting us borrow things and use things of theirs so we can focus on having a fun time with our kids. We have a joke that all we need is for a company to pay for our gas and we will be set! LOL! Matt and spent the evening packing up the 5th wheel with things for the kitchen and camping accessories so I am feeling a little better. I can't believe it is already the week of the trip. It has really came fast! I went to Sams and got lost of food for us! You would think we might starve or something with out it!
Well, keep watching for updates...can't wait!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th Of July

Every year we get to hang out at my sister's Lakehouse for 4th of July. There really isn't anywhere else my family would rather be than hanging out with my sister's family on 4th of July. We are so blessed to get to enjoy this place of theirs! I has so many things for our kids to do and my kids just adore my sister's girls. There was way to many pics to put on here so I am trying something new...a Smilebox slideshow. My friend Nicole has one on her blog and I thought I would try it! We will see how it works! Hope you enjoy!
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

PIctures from Jadens Baptism

Here are some pics I wanted to share with you. I love this one of Jaden looking at Matt.

Embracing his boy:

His fan club that came to watch! This is my sister's family with us...Greg, Christy and Kenzie, Danielle had college so she couldn't make it. Then my parents, Danny and Pamela, and then our family...our daughters, Lauren and Brooke and Matt and I.

This is a pic of Jaden with our wonderful children's ministers Aaron and James!

This is one of us praying over him:

Great pic of Matt and Jaden!

Matt, Jaden & I was a great night we give God all the Glory and Honor. Above all we pray that Jaden will seek God first in all he does and love and serve Him daily. We are so blessed to call Jaden our son. We know he is straight from God!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jaden's Baptism

Our son Jaden has been wanting to get baptized at church camp for so long! Jaden loves and adores his daddy and whatever Matt does, he wants to do. Matt was baptized at church camp as a boy and Jaden wanted to do the same. He absolutely amazes us about how much he knows about the Bible and the steps it took to get baptized. Our children's ministers have a 101 class they encourage the kids to take when the want to get baptized. Jaden did that a couple of weeks ago and did great! I appreciate our ministers and how they take this step so serious even with our children.
So we had it planned for quite awhile that Jaden would get baptized at Camp Cyokamo! Yeah! My parents and the girls all went up there on Tuesday night and my sister and her family came along also. Matt got to baptize him in the pool. It was just so amazing to watch. I about cried...I was just so proud of my son. I know God has plans for our son and it just makes me so excited to think about where God will lead him in his life. I pray...just like how Jaden wants to be like his earthly father Matt, he will always desire to be like his heavenly Father in all he does. His journey has just begun and I can't wait to see him grow in Jesus. Here is a video I made of it...ok so I was pretty impressed with myself on this...I have never made a video before, but it is soo easy on this MAC!! I love it!! Be makes you want to cry...shout and praise God all at once!! Before you watch the video, go down and pause my playlist music so you can hear the video better.