Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Count Down Begins!! 4 days until we leave!

I have had many of you ask if I am going to be updating my blog for our trip. YES!! I am hoping to get on the internet when I can. My sweet brother in law is letting me borrow his Verizon USB thingy that is suppose give me internet access wherever there is coverage. I am hoping it works!! If any one has any advice on it...please share. We have been sooo blessed on this adventure so far. So many people are letting us borrow things and use things of theirs so we can focus on having a fun time with our kids. We have a joke that all we need is for a company to pay for our gas and we will be set! LOL! Matt and spent the evening packing up the 5th wheel with things for the kitchen and camping accessories so I am feeling a little better. I can't believe it is already the week of the trip. It has really came fast! I went to Sams and got lost of food for us! You would think we might starve or something with out it!
Well, keep watching for updates...can't wait!!


  1. Just plug it in and if there is a satellite then you should get reception. :)

    Your doing good and it will be here before you know it....Gods favor and blessings are awesome and so happy, you all deserve them!!

    Love you and thank you for the prayers and support! I sang that song all day and it washed over me with peace and made me smile!
    Your a gem Steph!

  2. Thanks Loren...You always make me smile and feel God's favor!


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