Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 3...the unexpected detour

Well...we were riding along and we hear a loud noise...we blew a tire on the trailer. Luckily my super awesome uncle put 2 spares on it! So we changed the tire and moved on. Thanks Rick for joggin back to help!
Little did we know...that was just the beginning of the detour! We headed up the pass to get to Cody, WY and all of the sudden it looked like the truck was on fire and it will not go anymore!! Matt would push the gas and it would just stay there! So we headed for the side quick! The only problem was if you have ever been on a 2 lane the one we used to go up at Winterpark..not much room so we were sticking out in the road. We all bailed out of the truck because we was going to catch on fire! A nice little family stopped in front of us and ran back with a water jug..thinking we were going to catch on fire too. Luckily it was just steam. A LOT OF IT!!!
After about an hour...God sent another helper and he pulled us out of the road onto the grass. I know he was from God! So we called AAA. They said it would be about 2 hours. How about more like 5 hours! We don't know what is wrong with the truck. We are asking for prayers that it is something that we can fix and move on! I feel so bad. We have such great friends. They are sticking with us. We told them to go on and we would catch up later, but they are here helping us out. Very thankful for them. Rick stayed back with Matt to wait on the tow truck while Nicole and I took the kids and found a camp site for the night. I have to tell you I was impressed with us ladies! We sat up camp...sat up their pop up, built a fire and made dinner. WOW! HOw cool! Finally around 10:30 here they came. This big Ford pulling our truck and trailer. They were the nicest guys too! I was so impressed with their abilities to squeeze us in this site. It was so amazing! So we stayed the night at Conner Battlefield state was a beautiful place actually with a stream along the side of us. Only thing is about 30 trains came thru that night...and blew their whistles all night long!! GEEZ!!! Onto the next day!
Here is a pic of the nice guys who towed us! They were down home good o boys! Thanks soo much! I told them I would put their pics on here! Let me know if you look at them guys! Just make a comment! :) You all were amazing how you maneuvered that truck around those trees!

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